Beacon Atlanta Developer To Revitalize Three East Atlanta Village Storefronts

Crossfit gym OxFit and new co-working concept OxWork will open in two of the spaces.

Philippe Pellerin of Pellerin Real Estate, the developer behind The Beacon Atlanta, recently acquired three East Atlanta Village (EAV) storefronts on Glenwood Avenue SE.

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Pellerin has leased two of those spaces—1342 and 1358 Glenwood Avenue SE—to Ant Oxley, the founder of CrossFit Grant Street.

Oxley will open OxFit, a CrossFit gym and OxWork, a new co-working concept that “functions more like an incubator,” in the two spaces respectively, according to Pellerin.

OxFit will offer CrossFit training in a 2,300-square-foot space and OxWork will offer co-working in a 6,500-square-foot space.

Both concepts are expected to open Q1 of 2019.

“We’re amenitizing EAV,” Pellerin in a telephone interview told What Now Atlanta in September.

“The demographics have changed dramatically but the historic landowners have not made the necessary investments to keep up with the changes.”

An adjacent space to OxFit will bring a 1,000-square-foot “food and beverage endcap.”

Pellerin is working with Oxley to identify a concept that ties in nicely with OxFit, ideally a coffee shop or health and wellness brand.

“We’re trying to create a more curated, better-capitalized version of what EAV has been,” Pellerin said.

“I don’t want to gentrify or drive out the weirdness or coolness. We want to keep EAV weird and cool. I want to give the EAV folks what they want and what they ask for.”

The third space, a former dental office at 1336 Glenwood Avenue SE, is under contract.

Pellerin and his team are “still evaluating market options for that building.”

Other storefronts along Glenwood Avenue in the EAV have recently received a similar fate.

Paces Properties, the original developer of Krog Street Market, has acquired and redeveloped a large portion of the street encompassing 20,000-square-feet including the recently-opened Banshee and Emerald City Bagels spaces.

Thrive Homes is developing a townhome community called Ironside right off the Glenwood Avenue strip.

OxWork Glenwood
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Rendering: Official
1358 Glenwood Avenue SE
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Elevation plan for OxFit: Official
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

15 Responses

  1. If you actually cared about what EAV needs you’d ask. Come to community meetings, talk to neighbors. We have a gym. Adding another gym down the street is not what we want or need. A Crossfit gym is the epitome of what we could do without. What we need is a market like Grant Park, Candler Park, Little’s, Bennett’s. Why don’t you look into that instead of another gym?

  2. Please do not open a coffee shop. EAV already has a wonderful coffee shop. The owners are very neighborhood oriented and reside in the neighborhood. What we need is a neighborhood market!!

  3. EAV already has an amazing coffee shop that is very active with community events. It makes little sense to open another coffee shop a block away.

  4. For the entire 15 years I’ve lived here, in countless forums, residents have been begging for something like a Little’s Store or a Candler Park Market. Specifically in the space you’re turning into a CrossFit because they hold one of the only licenses able to sell beer and wine. What’s next? A Starbucks? I really wish you people paid attention to the folks already living in a neighborhood, instead of catering to the people who are going to buy in at 650k and run all the diversity out.

  5. A gym/CrossFit is not something our neighborhood wants or needs. Please reconsider your development. if you would like to serve our community please ask us. We are in desperate need of a neighborhood market/deli/wine shop. There are many other options you could bring to our community.

  6. I live nearby & would love to see a concept like “Upbeet” or even “Salata”. I’m sure salata can adapt to size restraints as their Peachtree center location is on the smaller side.

  7. Wasn’t there an organic market on Gresham? Why couldn’t it stay open? I popped in once and the produce wasn’t particularly fresh. The little market/deli/wine shop in Oakhurst also closed down. Maybe those things are just hard to keep in the green? CrossFit is a low inventory subscription model. Same with co-working space. I’ll never be in there but I get it. You could totally do a worthy Littles type thing with 1,000 sq ft, as the end cap, no?

  8. You “amenitizing” isn’t providing the amenities that current residents of the village want. If you really want to keep our neighborhood “cool” and “weird,” you’d cater to the people already living here. The lip service you pay to keeping the culture of the neighborhood is eyeroll-worthy. We have an excellent coffee shop in the village, and another not far away. We also have a gym. We don’t want or need another of either.An overpriced “wellness brand” is probably not our style either. There are like 100 things the residents of the village would happily spend their money on, but a competing coffee shop or another crossfit gym aren’t on the list. How about a little market where we can buy essentials and beer–a choice current residents _and_ the rich folks buying $500,000 condos down the street can appreciate. A bakery? and ice cream shop? Or how about creating a spot affordable for a local entrepreneur to rent? Any of these things would be 1,000 times more “cool” and “weird” than a crossfit gym.

  9. If I was opening a business and I saw all these remarks I would adjust to fit the needs of the people. Why risk going into the red? Be smart and listen to your consumers, they will decide if the business thrives or not!! The whole concept of supply and demand. Not much demand from what I am reading, hope you guys have a good back up plan. The village has spoken!!

  10. Did the guy really say “endcap,” “wellness brand,” “incubator,” “curated,” and “amenitize”? That would be a crashingly cringeworthy accomplishment for an entire lifetime, but to do it in a single interview is noteworthy indeed. LOL @ more Crossfit gyms. Didn’t that thing jump the shark a half decade ago?

  11. Glad to see this development coming to the neighborhood. The current coffe house and gym are dumps. Maybe with the increased competition, the owner of Joe’s will fix up the place… a good cleaning would go a long way. The gym cannot even compete with the Snap Fitness in Glenwood Park, so I’m glad that another option will be available.

  12. My wife and I have watched the construction in hopeful anticipation of getting a true amenity like a place to buy bread, wine, cheese, meats, beer, etc… Last night I found out it’s going to be a damn branded crossfit gym with a coffee shop?!! Ugh!

    Please jesus, listen to the people who live here and develop a real corner store with things we buy! It’s clear that having to drive to Publix or Kroger or Kroger is something the folks in the village don’t want to do.

  13. I was close to tears when I learned that these spaces were turning into office space and a gym. Using the terms ‘incubator’ and ‘crossfit’ do not make these amenities weird nor do they reflect the needs of the community. I am deeply saddened by these choices, as you are clearly not prioritizing the needs of the existing community. If you actually did your homework you would know there are gyms and plenty of spaces to work from home (for free) nearby (I.e., Joe’s and the LIBRARY), but there are no markets. For the person disparaging Joe’s, I ask you to be a bit more conscientious of our neighbors and small business owners.

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