Gino’s East Shutters its Poncey-Highland Pizzeria After Less Than Five Months

Memorial Day was the pizza joint's last day in the 675 N. Highland corner space.

Gino’s East Pizza has shuttered in Poncey-Highland.

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The Chicago pizza joint’s last day, at 675 N. Highland Ave. NE, was Memorial Day.

The closure was “abrupt and unexpected,” a leasing representative for 675 N. Highland, the apartment community where the restaurant was housed, told What Now Atlanta (WNA) over the phone Tuesday.

Gino’s East has been in business for less than five months.

It opened at the end of 2018 as the first and only outpost in the Atlanta market.

Signage Tuesday came down at the space and several WNA readers spotted moving trucks removing furniture and equipment.

The restaurant has since been marked as “Permanently Closed” on Google and Yelp, and its telephone has been disconnected.

Gino’s East Poncey-Highland is also no longer listed on the company’s website.

A representative for parent company Bravo Restaurants, Inc. would not comment on the closure when reached Tuesday by (WNA) over the phone.

Gino’s East is the second pizzeria to close its doors in the 675 N. Highland apartment development in the same space.

Rize Artisan Pizza was Gino’s predecessor.

Origin Investments, the real estate firm that acquired 675 N. Highland last year, confirmed the news with WNA Wednesday.

“We can confirm that Gino’s East has closed,” Ken Lodge, associate asset manager for Origin, said over the telephone.

“We were surprised and disappointed. We never want to see someone close their doors but we are in lease negotiations with another tenant.”

Lodge would not disclose the forthcoming tenant.

Origin at the end of 2018 completed construction of Phase II of 675 N. Highland.


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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

3 Responses

  1. this was the absolute worst pizza I have ever had in my 35+ years on this earth. i was relieved to see that others shared my opinions and experiences as well on the reddit post regarding the closing because for a while I thought I might be crazy as I wondered how anyone could ever eat at this place. well, apparently they didn’t.

    i also have no sympathy for a business that opens up in a location where the exact same business already failed. good riddance Ginos.

  2. If you liked blackened pizza, you would have loved Gino’s.
    3 weeks ago, we ordered 2 pizzas to-go.
    Both were burned BLACK on the bottom.
    I had high hopes that were immediately dashed.
    Too many very good pizza places in the neighborhood to boo hoo over this one.
    Try Nina and Rafi’s or Ammazza.
    Fritti is overrated.

  3. Unlike others posting here I found this Gino’s location deligthful, and without a doubt the best of the Atlanta “Chicago-Style” pizza shops. Only made it here once during it’s short tenure, sad to see it go.

    Bring on Lou Malnati’s, the best of all “Chicago-Style” pies. Nancy’s is pretty good, and we’ll continue to support their locations around the ATL. Already WAY too many wood fired/coal fired pizza joints, let’s get a Lou’s down here. 🙂

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