New, Compact Dollar General Planned For Hanover Midtown Tower

Forthcoming store could be the discount retailer's new DGX format.

Hanover Midtown, a 29-story mixed-use project at 881 Peachtree St NE from developers Hanover Co. and Atlanta-based The Loudermilk Company, could be getting a Dollar General, or perhaps the company’s new DGX store.

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Permits have been filed with the City of Atlanta seeking approvals to begin an interior finish for the discount retailer in Hanover Midtown.

Details are still being hashed out and the lease hasn’t been signed yet, a representative at The Loudermilk Company shared with What Now Atlanta over the phone.

At an estimated 4,191 square feet, and a construction price tag of $800,000, the soon-to-come Dollar General in the highly-dense Midtown-area has the initial specs of the chain’s new, smaller-sized DGX store format.

Dollar General Corp. first rolled the compact concept in 2017, following findings from the market researcher NPD Group, which tracks consumer receipts, that a quarter of the chain’s sales come from millennials earning more than $100,000 annually.

Seeking to further penetrate this demographic (loosely bracketed by the years between 1980 and 2000), the company unleashed a concept specifically designed for growth in dense, intown markets, a pivot from its staple rural and suburban markets and in-town food deserts.

The DGX store format provides shoppers with a focused selection of consumable items and immediate consumption options in a compact format, scaled down to roughly one-half the size of a traditional Dollar General (roughly between 7,300-9,000 square feet).

Now in its leasing phase, Hanover Midtown includes 350 apartment units, 11,000 square feet of retail and more than 35,000 square feet on floors two through four of the office part of the project has been set aside for co-working giant WeWork.

Dollar General currently operates more than 15,836 stores in 44 states as of August 2019.

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Hanover Midtown
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Example of a planned DGX | Rendering: Official
Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.
Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker

Kamille D. Whittaker is an Atlanta-based journalist, editor and researcher.

23 Responses

  1. Great! More loitering panhandlers for the cops to ignore.
    We to keep the neighborhood “klassy” Hanover

  2. These stores are an abomination. The products they sell are trash, and we already have a QT for that. Anyone who hasn’t realized the influx of homelessness at the 24hr QT and doesn’t get these stores will certainly attract them are in denial. Hello property value, my old friend.

  3. This idea is fine. The concept is great. The location is horrible. The QT is already there; one of these will not succeed. The panhandling situation on the block is out of control. (Note: panhandling is NOT the same as homelessness.)

  4. This is a horrible idea. Like the above comments state, we already have a QT and CVS and they attract a massive amount of panhandling. I can’t even go to the atm without people bombarding me expecting me to hand them $20. There is food, trash, and feces everywhere every morning and people sleep wherever they want. It’s a safety and health issue. I really hope this falls apart somehow. I will NOT be offering this store any of my business. I understand these people have nowhere to go but this is too nice and expensive of an area to turn into a homeless camp more than it already is.

  5. Please don’t let this go through Hanover. This is a terrible idea. We already have a QT and CVS and they attract a massive amount of panhandling. There is food, trash, and feces everywhere every morning and I can’t even go to the atm without being bombarded. It is a safety and health issue. We pay a lot of money to live in this area to be scared to walk outside and have to avoid stepping in human feces and kick through their trash.

  6. Take this idea out of Atlanta and open up another Dollar General perhaps in rural Georgia. This place doesn’t fit in Atlanta!

  7. Completely agree with the other concerns posted. This is a very recent review of the DGX location in Nashville and it validates all of the concerns above:


    What initially thought would be a positive addition to the growing SoBro neighborhood has turned out to be a dangerous nightmare.

    Over this past week, I personally witnessed an intoxicated homeless man reek havoc in this store, break bottles on the floor (resulting in the only employee working to have to mop up this mess). The intoxicated one proceeded to verbally harass me.

    Two days later, another intoxicated homeless man (loitering in front of DGX with his friends), pulled a knife on a woman passing by and threatened her with bodily harm (thanks to a good neighbor, he has been arrested).

    And, on Sunday, a few more homeless people got into a scuffle which resulted in a bottle being broken over someone’s head (and another arrest).

    DGX, by selling single can and bottle beers, has singlehandedly created an unsafe neighborhood. They have made it unsafe for their employees and customers (and the innocent people who happen to walk by).

    We were a wonderful neighborhood before DGX moved in just three short months ago and now we have become a haven for panhandling drunks who are bringing violence to this block on 3rd Avenue between Demonbreun and Korean Veterans Highway.

    I do not feel safe going to, in, or by this store and will walk the extra mile to Turnip Truck in the Gulch until DGX Corporate does something about this nightmare that they have created.

  8. Let’s face it though, it’s not just the homeless shopping at QT. It’s the neighborhoods fault if we shop at these stores and support their business. I never shop there. Plus…….roller food. Really???

  9. Another reason why not to renew my lease at the Hanover midtown. QT, CVS & now DG while paying over 3500 … NO THANKS

  10. This stretch of Midtown already significantly struggles from aggressive panhandling and litter. Especially after the QT went in, it’s tough to walk by without aggressively being accosted for money. I’ve even been chased by one drunk and rampaging man when I wouldn’t pull a $20 from the ATM for him. The product offerings a DGX offers only overlaps with the existing QT and CVS, but will attract more vagrants as it provides another easy access point for single can/bottle alcohol. Unfortunately, APD and Midtown Blue can’t be trusted to prevent this. Makes me wonder how Hanover expects to fill up their units at such high rents with this sort of move…

  11. With the cost of living in this city and the prices we pay to live in our condos and apartments, we should have more say over what comes in the neighborhood. There is no sign of any law enforcement and we are not protected in any sense of the word…Our investments And our personal space and from some of these comments our lives. For these property developers, it’s all about them. Between 6th and 7th street it is like a dumping ground in every sense Of the word and on a Main Street like Peachtree. Its a shame. We need to clean it up and not add to the problem. How about hiring midtown law enforcement that can control the Riff raff and keep them moving. My two cents. Thanks

  12. Shocking! Midtown is dying … what will happen to our property prices! Let alone the impact on the people who just moved in to Hanover, paying $3,200 a month to live above this kind of store…

  13. I own a condo in this neighborhood and I strongly object to a Dollar General or similar business in the neighborhood.

  14. You whining elitist get over it. Go to the suburbs. This a a major metro city. I hope it goes through and thrive which I have no doubt it will.

  15. I think this is going to be more of a grocery store than another QT, and will not be open all night based on what I have read about their other stores. Dollar General may have a good basic concept in today’s tough retail market. I hope Dollar General will make this more of a neighborhood store for the residents and office workers, rather than for the homeless. DGX could accept debit credit only and be a cashless store, and also not sell single serve beers. I do not patronize the QT but last time I went in the panhandler’s were bad around the ATM machine just inside the door. I hope DGX will stock quality fresh produce and not just junk.

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