Floor and Decor To Anchor Paces Properties’ The Atlantic Shopping Center

The flooring products company this month filed plans for an 84,332-square-foot showroom in the forthcoming 'adaptive-reuse' project.

The flooring products company this month filed plans for an 84,332-square-foot showroom in the forthcoming ‘adaptive-reuse’ project.

Paces Properties is moving forward with plans to revitalize The Atlantic Shopping Center, at 1599 Memorial Drive.

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The developer—known for Krog Street Market and the forthcoming Atlanta Dairies project—this month submitted a building permit application with City of Atlanta to improve the center’s “shell.”

An estimated $5,100,000 could be spent overhauling the existing 103,832-square-foot strip center structure, according to the filing.

Floor and Decor with anchor the development.

The flooring products company around the same time as Paces submitted plans to buildout Suite B of The Atlantic Shopping Center for an 84,332-square-foot showroom.

An additional $3,446,108 could be spent building out the new Floor and Decor, according to the official filings with the City.

Paces’ overall plans for the revitalization are unclear but in mid-2016 told Curbed Atlanta the property will become an “adaptive-reuse.”

The developer could not be reached for comment.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

14 Responses

  1. A disappointing choice for an anchor on a rapidly improving in-town corridor. Hopefully some more useful tenants join. I’ll be happy if this just spurs more blight in the area to be bought up and revitalized.

  2. How did they jump from great designs and the mixed use development concepts of Krogg St. Market and The Dairies to…Floor & Decor?! What a waste. Pure laziness in creativity and design if you ask me. All we can hope for is that this is a stop-gap solution while the Dairies and Larken are completed. Come on Paces, you can do better than this.

    1. Because it’s at the dead center of a high risk, very expensive to insure flood zone. Literally nobody else wanted it. A Floor & Decor is far better than it still sitting empty.

  3. My first and only experience at Floor & Decor was recently in Birmingham with my mother… It was at a sad desolate strip mall… kinda like this is now. Not sounding good Paces.

  4. As a 14 year resident of the area. I am disappointed and heartbroken that they are choosing not to provide the community with development that is valuable to the area.

  5. This is disappointing, I’m with Jo Dyna. How did it go from something interesting to strip store central again. 🙁

  6. This is extremely disappointing. No disrespect to Floor & Decor, but an 84k+ Sq Foot showroom is not what the neighborhood wants or needs.

  7. I agree that this is exactly what the area doesn’t need–a single tenant that will take up much of the space, retain the general strip-mall look, and only serve a very limited population–people wanting new floors or kitchen counters. I’m not even sure that Floor and Decor can succeed at this location. Just how much demand is there for their limited set of products in this area, given the competition with the nearby Lowes?

    We need a good market and good restauarants in this area. Good apartments or even good condo’s could do well in that large space. What we do not need is a strip mall that will probably fail, since the high price paid for the property will require high rents that many businesses will not be able to afford.

    Very bad move ,Pace.

  8. The plans submitted were for suite “B” 84k sf. That leaves close to 20,000 sf of retail space for suite A perhaps??( maybe 10 + businesses @ 1000-2000 sf each? ) lowes (and Kroger+ Publix ) up the street serve the area too. I like floor and decor -prices and selection and renovation demos are way better than lowes so can’t compare. I too hoped for something way more cool or innovative from the makers of Krog street market, no less. Some construction is in full effect currently

  9. This is the worst choice! I can not believe this what will be built here. It would have been better leaving it vacant with the thrift store than having floor and decor. Those stores are located along side roads with other types of manufacturing or furniture stores like in lindberg area, not in the middle of a major city with thriving neighborhoods and communities. I just know I will not be going there for ANYTHING, and sadly I hope it fails. What an absolute waste of money.

  10. The whole parcels is in the AE flood zone( Sugar Creek). This prevented anything major being developed

  11. Flood zone, very robust area development, multiple mixed use/heavy retail grocery and entertainment complexes going in minutes away. This is a logical and thoughtfully planned next, early step in local community development! It’s growth of the kind that signals progress, local self sufficiency and quality of life improvement… there are agrguments to be made against increasing property taxes and gentrification, for sure, but as the tide rises in neighborhood pride, appeal and property value, all boats lift..

  12. Yeah, I’m not sure how a Floors & Decor and a vacant 5k sqft vacant store is indicative of upward mobility, growth, and investment into the neighborhood. I live here and look at that “shopping center” every day with the 5 cars in its massive parking lot, probably those of Floors & Decor employees. I would think, well maybe Paces is waiting to finish The Dairies then move on to this section of Memorial to develop something as great as that or Krog Street Market. Then, I read Floors & Decor signed a flipping 15 year lease and Paces is looking to offload the property. In summary, they invested in the property with much buzz and excitement throughout the neighborhood, perform minimal restoration, proceed to sign on a tenant that nobody wants or needs here, and are now trying to sell the property and abandon its investment. Our taxes go up for this? Great, thanks Paces Properties… for nothing.

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