Contemporary Muslim Women’s Fashion Retailer Adara Going Brick-and-Mortar

The Beacon Atlanta will be home to the online apparel and accessories retailer.

Adara, an online “contemporary Muslim women’s fashion” retailer, is going brick-and-mortar.

Wife and husband team Jahara Kelly and Nashced Sabree are in the throes of permitting with the City of Atlanta to open the retail store in The Beacon Atlanta.

After running the business online for four years, Kelly finally “took the leap” to open the storefront, the entrepreneur Friday told What Now Atlanta in a telephone interview.

“Adara is my way of sharing how modern Muslim woman dress,” Kelly said.

“But we’re not just for Muslim woman.”

Out of the quaint 538-square-foot space at 1039 Grant Street, Adara will retail “modern open Abayas” and other woman’s clothing including jeans, skirts, and scarves.

“Our unique selection provides women with clothing that is meant to conceal rather than reveal, and allows a woman’s true essence, style, and tastes to shine through.”

Adara The Beacon Atlanta
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