With Addition of Independent Mail Center Edwin Jarvis, Pinewood Forest Feeling More Like Its Own City

Community mailroom and concierge service facility will be situated in the mixed-use development's Town Center.

Pinewood Forest this week announced Edwin Jarvis, an independent mail center and concierge service, will open in the community’s growing Town Center later this year, one of the last-needed amenities to give the mixed-use a city-like vibe.

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The storefront will connect to the community mailroom and be within walking distance of Pinewood Forest residents and movie industry professionals at the adjacent Pinewood Atlanta Studios facilities.

Edwin Jarvis opened its first location in 2016 in Avondale Estates (pictured above) as a mail and co-working center.

The newest iteration will still offer next-generation mail services but instead of co-working space will include “second-mile” concierge services designed to “make life easier for customers.”

Features such as securing a dog walker, setting up appointments for home repairs, and booking music lessons will be available.

Mail services consist of accepting and processing mail on behalf of residents, taking secure delivery of packages, and other traditional conveniences such as notary services, printing, scanning, and tech support.

“The thoughtfully designed Town Center is part of what makes Pinewood Forest such a great place to live, work, and play,” Allen Kim, owner of Edwin Jarvis, said in a prepared statement.

“We are absolutely thrilled to provide Pinewood Forest residents and surrounding businesses with essential mail, print, courier, and concierge services designed to make life simpler and easier.”

Other concepts already announced for Pinewood Forest’s Town Center include Sugarcoat NailsNative Beauty Bar salon and boutique, and The Skin Society, plus cuisine from Apple Butter BakeryHoneysuckle GelatoHop City + Barleygarden, and Braise.

Plans also call for a nine-screen movie theatre expected to open in 2021.

Bill Lynch of Pace Lynch Realty and Todd Semrau of Oakhurst Realty Partners represented Pinewood Forest in the transaction.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

8 Responses

  1. I love our business center here in Inman Park.
    Particularly since the PO yanked up all the mailboxes several years ago.

    1. I didn’t even know independent mail centers were something that existed… I wish there were more. The post offices in town are absolutely abysmal. Long lines, awful service, one office covering waaaaay to many people.

      At this point, if I have something that says “pick-up at USPS facility” I just re-order it since it’s not worth it to drag my ass in to Midtown for a package that they most likely can’t find anyways.

      1. Yeah, it’s very convenient, and I can walk there.
        They sell stamps, do passport photos, notary, packing, shipping, faxing,
        printing, shredding, etc.
        There’s rarely more than 3 people waiting in line.
        Intown Business Center.

          1. Ah…
            Ralph McGill is mine, and I hate it.
            There was about two years that they absolutely all of a sudden couldn’t deliver my mail for some unknown reason. It wasn’t everyday, it was just random. Mail was sent back to the sender, or I would get a notice to pick it up at Ralph McGill, or it would wind up in my neighbor’s mailbox.
            I spent every other week going to that damn PO. And since I don’t own a car it made it a royal pain in the butt!
            I’m typically a pretty calm, cool, and collected kinda guy.
            I hate to admit it, but there were several times I literally went off on the employees/managers at Ralph McGill!
            So out of the three of us, with three different PO locations, it sounds like we all have had the same general experience. SMH…

            1. Yep. That Intown Business Center is excellent. When I lived in the area, Ralph McGill PO totally screwed up the mail.

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