VOTE: What Should Open At Inman 870?

The landlord wants your opinion.
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UPDATE (August 26, 2015): Tabla Owner Planning Yet-To-Be-Named Inman Park Restaurant

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What do you think should open at the Inman 870 space: a restaurant, a bar, your favorite retailer? Leave your pick(s) in the comments section below.

Weinstock Realty, the landlord of Inman 870, has partnered with What Now Atlanta (WNA) to seek the feedback from our foodie and fashion-forward community on what concept(s) should open at the prime Inman Park space.

“We want the community’s input on what we should bring to Inman 870,” Shaun Weinstock, founder and principal at Weinstock Realty, told WNA.

“In the comments section below, tell us what type of concept you think would make your community better.”

Deets to help form your opinion:

The space:

8,120 sf that has yet to be rented (pending your opinions.)

  • 4,800 sf (smallest possible restaurant space.)
  • 1,400 sf (smallest possible retail space.)
  • Patio available

The situation:

Located in Inman Park less than 100 yards from the Beltline at the Inman Park Village with approximately 3,500 residential units and directly below 108 condominiums.

Surrounding Businesses:

Parish (directly across street), Inman Park Coffee, Barcelona Wine Bar, Pure Taqueria Sotto Sotto, Fritti Highland Bakery, Kale me Crazy, King of Pops, 280 Elizabeth Project, Ford Fry, BarTaco and MF sushi.


Eight (8) full-time dedicated spaces plus fifty-nine (59) dedicated striped parking spaces (nights); non exclusive right to use 59 spaces during day on weekends. Valet possible.

For all of the property’s specs, visit!

This is your chance to influence what businesses will serve your community. So, leave a comment below and tell us what you think should go in this space. The landlord will be reading these comments on a daily basis to understand what residents like you want to open at Inman 870.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc. Check out our publications in your city: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa.

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  1. A quick food spot- something like Bell Street Burritos or Yeah! Burger. Parking is already going to be a mess (luckily I live within walking distance) and it would be great to have a more “to-go” food option in the neighborhood.

  2. I live in the apartment building across the street. In my dreams that spot would have a drugstore and/or pharmacy. And a Redbox! Maybe an urgent care. Everything else coming to the neighborhood is trendy and exciting. I really would love to see something more practical.

    Quick-food is also a good option. Bringing Bell Street back to the neighborhood would be cool. Retailer wise, I think something like Lululemon or Athleta would do well in that spot.

  3. No more restaurants or bars please. We have plenty of those nearby. Some sort of entertainment venue. A dinner theatre or standup comedy club maybe.

    1. Agreed, a place that hosted some sort of entertainment. A place to showcase local talent, singers, comedy, bands. Laid back, with bistro tables.

  4. A Co-op similar to Daily Groceries in Athens, GA
    A Cheese/ lunch shop similar to Star Provisions
    Tender Greens
    Protein Bar (national, but not in Atlanta)
    A Beer Bar
    Fast Casual Spring Roll Place
    A Lebanese Cafe
    A Vietnamese Pho place

  5. Orsmby’s Inman Park
    The Porter (they should leave the dump that is L5P)
    The rebirth of Hector Santiago’s Super Pan
    A general medical clinic (pediatrician and family practitioner)

  6. beer bar similar to porter or cypress street pint and plate
    small music venue
    pho restaurant
    tender greens
    jewish deli
    co-op grocery

  7. Something that neighborhood residents could easily access by walking or biking. Bike shop, table tennis emporium, arcade, general store, or an organic foods market.

  8. I agree with Nicole. A co-op grocery store would be great. Tender Greens, Protein Bar, other fast casual healthy Lunch option. A bar supporting the burgeoning local craft beer scene.

  9. PLEASE consider the residents above you and refrain from any type of bar establishment. A restaurant is a stretch, but the right concept might work. Traffic is already going to be a significant challenge once Inman Quarter opens, and this space should not add to that. With Inman Quarter and Krog Street Market, we don’t need any more “destination” retail in the area. The space should accommodate the neighborhood residents and NOT just bring in more visitors from Buckhead, Gwinnett, etc.

    I think the best option would be a bodega concept where you can grab anything from a Gatorade to a breakfast sandwich to flowers, on the go, at a reasonable price. I think it would easily compete with Savi and keep the neighbors happy. There are enough residents in the immediate area to create demand.

    If not a food concept, perhaps a boutique shop of some sort. Something low-key, please!!!

    1. I agree. I live directly above this space (on the 2nd floor in 870) and would prefer not to have a full service restaurant, much less a bar in that space.

  10. A really fresh, local, organic deli that has in-house, pre-made foods and sandwiches to order; b’fast/brunch on the weekends.
    A wine and cheese bar
    Fresh Asian or Mexican restaurant
    Spin and pilates studio
    A small Brick Store Pub
    Not anything CHAIN, please, only locally owned businesses.

  11. A fast-casual restaurant would be a superb addition to the neighborhood. I’ll second the suggestions of Bell Street Burritos (it would be great to have them back in the vicinity after they lost their spot at the Irwin Street Market) and/or Souper Jenny.

  12. I would say more retail. I was just over there Sunday after eating brunch with a friend and we wanted to stick around and boutique shop. Lila was the only option.

  13. Greg, A seafood market is already coming to Krog Street Market.

    I see a Lululemon on a small pharmacy. Something for the neighborhood. There are plenty of new bars and restaurants opening up nearby. (I can’t believe I just said that)

  14. Somewhere fast and casual. The neighbor is crying out for something like that. Bell St. Burritos would be ideal, it would make a killing!

    1. I dont understand the need for another Mexican/Spainish joint here. Ford fry is opening a Tex Mex place at Krog, Pure Taqueria, tapas at Barcelona, and they are also opening a Bar Taco in Inman Quarter. Burrito’s would just be redundant! A restaurant is such a bad idea in every way shape and form. This must be something practical! Parking is so limited already that it must be something for the residents of the neighborhood. I hate to say it but a Walgreens would even be better than a locally own restaurant.

  15. I second (third, fourth, twentieth) the idea of a burrito joint. Really, though, I don’t care what it is so long as it serves beer. Also, if we could have a small stage for local bands, that would be nice.

  16. I agree with Nick, JoeInAtlanta, etc….
    Everyone wants something like Bell St. Burritos.
    Give us the food!!!! All the food!

  17. I agree that a fast and causal restaurant would be perfect for the space. Especially given the limited parking. It would be great to have an easy place to walk to in the neighborhood- there are tons of fancy new restaurants and bars opening up- Inman park needs something causal. BRING BACK BELL STREET!

    I also think that some kind of retail store would be good, we have lots of salons and restaurants but only 1 retail store.

  18. I like Lauren’s idea the best. A one stop shop bodega similar to savi would be great! There are enough people living in the area to support both places. Also be sure to sell doggy treats because so many people waking by this spot with dogs. A sit down live music venue would be great as well. A couple red boxes for DVD rental. And again like Lauren said, No need for more destination restaurants or bars to attract from other parts of Atlanta. We have plenty already and will have more with Inman quarter and Krog market.

  19. I would also like to see a Pho restaurant. A concept that is fresh unique, simple and delicious. Like Lee’s Bakery but designed similar to Chai Pani. Add a little culture and flava to Inman.

  20. Please do not put a chain or anything commercial that would have a red box! Inman Park is known for being trendy and special! Do not mess that up! No chain restaurants or bars. How about an independent clothing boutique like Bill Hallman.

  21. I would love to see a fast-casual dining establishment in the building to off-set the higher price points of the surrounding venues; I also am a fan of of Bell Street potentially returning to the space. Other options like a sandwich shop or asian restaurant would be great. Alternatively, I like the idea of adding a spin studio to the neighborhood.

  22. As a resident in 870 Inman (the condos above), I’ve been hoping this space would be filled for years and am excited to know that something is finally happening. That said, given all of the restaurants that have sprung up and continue to open, we don’t need another restaurant. I love BellStreet, but I don’t even think that would be a good idea for this spot. The Albert, Victory, and Ladybird serve/will serve as local beer spots.

    What we do need is more services for residents of the area, existing and future. Savi and the new organic market (directly across from the space) do a fairly good job of providing incidental grocery needs and TJ’s, Kroger, and Publix are just a short bike ride away. We’ve got 3 dry cleaners, 3 nail salons, and 3 gyms within 2 blocks. A couple more boutique shops similar to Lila would be nice. But what we absolutely lack is a pharmacy. So my vote is for a small pharmacy.

  23. Agreed on a “for the neighborhood” spot. We have Savi, but it’d great to get another kind of bodega/deli or a place that sells liquor (going to the liquor store in L5P is always a pain). A healthyish spot for quick to-go food that’s open for dinner: a MetroFresh location would be a dream!

  24. NO chains of any kind! Please, only locally owned businesses.
    Getting Bell Street Burritos back would be fabulous.
    Simple, quick, casual restaurants. No more hi-brow places. We have enough of those right now.
    Liquor store but something nicer than the one in L5P.
    Maybe something like Ale Yeah!
    Revolution Doughnuts

  25. How about a Sephora cosmetics? There’s plenty of restaurant choices already, we need other types of retail.

  26. I live in IPV Lofts and agree that our neighborhood needs a pharmacy/general merchandise store. We are also lacking a veterinary clinic, and it seems there are more pets than people here.

  27. I agree that our neighborhood needs a pharmacy/general merchandise store. We are also lacking a veterinary clinic although it seems there are more pets than people living here.

  28. In my long history in this neighborhood, I can tell you the neighborhood will fight tooth and nail against any live music venue. As a resident of the building I would be with them. We love the urban life but that would be too much for a residential building. The noise ordinances may prohibit it anyway. Things I find I have to get in a car for that I’d rather walk to? Gift shop, shoes and clothes, pharmacy, hardware store, REI … a place like Festivity in Va Highlands would be great, as would a place like Half Moon Outfitters. ALL FOR LOCAL-OWNED not chains. A chain store would stick out like a sore thumb around here. Nothing to attract more suburbanites to drive here and clog up our streets even more.

  29. With all the expansion that Savi is trying to do in that small space they have over there, they should move to this location to meet their needs and demands for becoming a market/bodega. Then a small restaurant with a very large patio should move into the Savi space. Regardless of that scenario, neither a bar or a restaurant should go there. Those things will kill the parking in this section of Inman even after it is horribly suffering already.

  30. While there is a Snap Fitness and X3 gym nearby, it would be great if there was a spin studio like Fly Wheel or Witzlib in the area. The closest spin studio is Urban Body or LA Fitness in Midtown. There is no spin studio on the east side or near Inman Park. The Belt Line brings a lot of cyclists and it would be great to take advantage of the active audience in the surrounding area(s).

  31. This is great feedback and exactly the type of input we were hoping to garnish when we had this “outside the box” leasing campaign, to determine what the community wants. Ultimately, this space is an amenity to the residents in the area and we want it to reflect some variation of your direct input. KEEP THE IDEAS COMING; the more specific the better. We will reach out to operators in the recommended specific categories, or even specifically named operators (ie: Bell Street (fast casual idea), Alons (grocer idea), Cypress Pint (Gastro Pub idea).

    Keep in mind, due to parking constraints associated with this specific property (specifically during the day), some of these ideas are great, but may not be realistic due to certain retailer requirements. In addition, the master association does prevent us from certain uses – liquor stores, Wine specialty shops, massage parlors, head shops, bar only (no food) concepts.

    Nevertheless, we appreciate you taking the time to provide your input and we hope to bring a concept or two to the space that can be enjoyed by the community, and replace the eye sore of the vacant building.

    1. YES! Alons!!! Draft up the lease, no further discussion needed. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ps. thank you for asking for feedback. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  32. No chains if any sort- even pharmaceutical.
    Living on the Beltline it would be great to have a running store. There are NONE along this stretch and with all these new residences I am sure it would do quite well.

  33. Cru summarized the situation well. The neighborhood has plenty of existing and new bars and restaurants. Address the neighborhood needs. Seems like we need a pharmacy and minute clinic. Also, I’d put in a vote for an independent bookstore and additional independent boutiques like Lila. Please anything that does go in should be an independent and NOT a chain. Please, no Walgreens!

  34. A shoe store like Abbadabba’s would be great for that location.
    There is also a paucity of children’s stores in the area.

  35. Some mid-price restaurants. Places to go on a Tuesday night that are reasonably priced.

  36. Second, third, fourth the fast casual healthy option. I come home wanting to walk to get a quick inexpensive salad – where do I go?
    Souper Jenny

  37. We need a good sandwich shop like a NY deli, or even a Goldbergs would do well. A quick and causal lunch spot. If you work at home there is not much in walking distance for a quick lunch. Would Urban Cannibals want to move from East Atlanta?
    A real massage business (not the one at IPV right now) would do well, maybe a
    Massage Envy.
    I agree that a general store would go over well also

  38. I live on Inman Village Parkway. Our streets are privately owned. Outsiders are already taking up our street parking. I don’t want any businesses that will bring more outsiders to OUR streets. No more restaurants, bars, clubs,etc. A spinning facility might be a fit. A vet/grooming/boarding business would do well.

  39. Alon’s is a good idea, but almost everything they sell will also be at Krog Street Market and currently at Savi. Also there will be a lot of fast casual places at Krog Street Market as well in their market stalls.

    My vote is a pharmacy or an athletic store.

  40. Megan, I grabbed a salad to go at little organic market the other day and it was really good. And large portion. $9. Ok, let’s talk about this Bell Street Burrito thing. I love them as much as everybody, and miss them dearly at Irwin street Market. But you guys are crazy! If you want a fast causal burrito, order a takeout burrito at pure taqueria, bartaco, across the street by jacks, or the new ford fry tex mex place at Krog street market. That is 4 places within walking distance. And you want another one? If you don’t like any of those places, Chipotle on ponce is only a 4 min drive. Jeesh.

  41. ORMSBYS Would KILL IT!!!!!!


    Road Runner or Big Peach
    Cooks Warehouse

  42. It would be great to have a walking destination for something practical – like a specialty grocery store or a very casual restaurant. We really are overloaded with high-end restaurants. This neighborhood is filled with children; 90% of the time we have them with us, so please keep that in mind.

  43. I think a small pharmacy would be ideal for this location and help serve the surrounding residents. A bodega would be almost irrelevant with Savi, the organic market, and ATS Market all walking distance from that location.

  44. A running store. There are none along the BeltLine. Maybe even an intown multisport retailer. All3Sports? Big Peach, New Balance, Fleet Feet? I think this is a no brainer. I would say a bike shop but BeltLine bikes is too close and too cool.

  45. A really well done spa not the Buford type foot massage not another nail salon but a non pretentious yet upscale spa, calm relaxing and zen like with rooftop dining offering locally sourced spa food under umbrellas

    1. Anything on the roof would be extremely intrusive to the residents above. It would be like they were dining in our living rooms with us! It would probably also require structural reinforcement which I’m sure isn’t cheap. Please, when commenting, consider the residents of the building – owners, not renters – and imagine yourself living above this space. You get to go away when you’re done but we don’t.

  46. We need a thai restaurant in inman park. I’d kill for take out thai. And damn…all the love for bell street, it was marginal at best.

  47. Shaun – could you contact me? I would be interested in the details on the location. I may have a potential retail tenant.

    As for ideas, I think anything food or drink is already saturated. And the CVS off Boulevard is just as close as the Publix – and they both carry the same products anyway.

    For the area to be something more than just a place that picks up after 5pm it needs retail – and not just weekend shopping retail. It needs practicality. My vote would be for something kid related – a day care / after school kind of spot. While there are tons of 20 somethings packing into the condos, there are tons of elementary school aged kids nearby – just ask any neighbor who has been involved in the fight to keep Mary Lynn Elementary in the district.

    I guess my point is that the area needs diversity to be a real spot. I lived in NYC for a long time and its the diversity that makes a small area (3 blocks) into a neighborhood vs. just a dining destination.

  48. I agree with the comments of having a Running store,spinning facility or a pharmacy.These are more needed than any more restaurants in the area.

  49. CVS or Walgreens!!! savi is WAY too expensive for the average joe. sometimes you just need some shampoo that isn’t $17.

  50. Many of these are great ideas – I’d be super stoked if there was simply a Bank of America ATM outside of it. It’d be within walking distance, which would be sweet.

  51. Star provisions or Dean and Deluca style market with quick grab sushi and salads and made to order sandwiches. I live in 870 Inman as well and would love more easy lunch and dinner options when I work from home.

  52. My lawd the NIMBY’s are coming out strong! OUR streets…where’s MY parking…people are too noisy?! Holy geez people, get over yourselves. This is how an actual city functions, and how you know that you actually live in a decent area. Please find me a plethora of parking and a lack of traffic in a major city, and I will show you a neighborhood with a lack of available services and lack of housing density. Of course you will also find, none of the bars, restaurants, and services that you so selfishly enjoy as a neighbor.

    Also, almost everything mentioned is already / soon will be available within the Inman Park / L5P area (particularly if you extend slightly north to Ponce City Market), except for the appropriately noted pharmacy. Retail would be a good alternative, but let’s face it other than some location specific retail (running store, yoga, bike shop, etc), Amazon has effectively killed the economic feasibility of most retail operations, boutique or otherwise. They just can’t justify the price per square foot required for a prominent location such as this.

  53. I agree that a small bodega general store would be a nice fit. There are so many restaurants/bars popping up in the area & that market is very saturated. A small music space would be nice, but due to the residences living there that would not be ideal. The ideas for a spin studio or nice spa would be great for the area as well. In Cabbagetown we have Little’s – serves great sandwiches/burgers and is a general store, too. I love walking down to pick up a few groceries and craft beer! This concept could work for the space.

  54. It’s hard to make a suggestion without knowing why it stayed empty for so long. Was the rent to high? I’ve been walking past this place for almost a decade and wondering what was wrong with it.

    I think a bar would suit the space well. A lot of residents seem to be asking for a small bodega but what about Savi just a block and a half away? The looks of that spot can be deceptive. It doesn’t get as much foot traffic as you might think.

  55. I second (third?) (fourth?) the request for a pharmacy. I live down the street and we have tons of dining options; not so many choices for Tylenol, sunscreen, milk, Cheerios, and so on.

  56. – Would live to see a QSR burrito place again, like Bell Street but, KSMarket may fulfill that need soon. So maybe a great NY style deli.

    – Or a Specialty Store / Spice Market, Selling herbs (dried & Fresh), rubs, sauces, salsas, etc.

    -Rreally like the idea of a local drug store/ pharmacy (with an ATM as a bonus!) something practical and more mainstream then Savi.

  57. I would love to see a market that has fresh foods, including vegetables, meats, seafood, etc. – think European market. A retailer would be fine by me as well.

    I’d really like to avoid a restaurant and especially a bar. I live on the second floor of 870 directly above that space. I’m sure noise would be an issue – in the winter, my floors are actually a little cool from the space below (since it’s been unoccupied), so I’m very concerned about noise.

  58. They should try and get American Haircuts to open their men’s barber shop. We need a barber shop closer that midtown.

  59. A pharmacy is definitely needed here. I’d love to not have to drive down always-clogged Highland to get to the CVS in Vi-Hi. Especially when you’re sick, you just want something close by.

  60. A healthy inexpensive casual to-go food place like metro fresh please!
    I use Little 5 Pharmacy and find it extremely convenient so feel no need for additional pharmacy space, especially w/so many chain drugstores a short drive away for back up.
    We don’t need another sit down restaurant or bar. If it’s not a metro-fresh type space, then I’d rather see a retail store of some type, maybe an outdoor gear/sports store, a kids clothing store, or a great shoe store (not abbadabbas–we already have that). Thanks for asking our opinions!

  61. Think you could convince the Yumbii folks to have a bricks and mortar location? Yum – sesame fries!

    Also like the idea of more retail boutiques – if we could get more shops like the existing Authentique (wonder if they would be interested in more space?) and Nandina – or more boutiques (particularly jewelry/accessories) Would be lovely to have more great walkable destinations for shopping for the home, or to pick up gifts, etc….

  62. Definitely a casual deli type shop with gourmet Sammie’s and plenty of picnic friendly to go options (single servings, locally made, no glass, etc.) – perfect for the beltline.

  63. This area ABSOLUTELY needs a cheaper dine-in / take out place just for a casual dinner under 10 bucks. We have mexican (pure), italian (fritti), and yuppie (barcelona) but there’s no chinese/asian fusion place! With what other cuisine can you get the perfect combination of carb, veggie, and protein? BRING IN PANDA EXPRESS PLEASE! I WILL EAT HERE EVERYDAY! ORANGE CHICKEN FOR THE WIN! (or pho, lee’s bakery, chow bing, chow baby….)

  64. Great company for the 1400 square feet space an interior design firm I recently visited at Enso 770.912.5316

  65. Reading the comments it sounds like the neighborhood is populated with people raised on cul de sacs in the suburbs. Outsiders? Really? Let me tell you that this a neighborhood that is part of a larger city and not a subdivision. Diversity from all socioeconomic backgrounds is what makes a great city not private enclaves. Drop the attitude or move back to the suburbs from whence you came.

  66. The neighborhood is crying out for the first combination Burger King/Tim Horton’s!

    (That was a joke).

    Also, for you people that live in 870, stop crying about the potential for noise if a bar moves in. 1) You knew the space would eventually be something, and 2) if you want to live in peace and quiet, go back to Gwinnett.

    1. And where exactly do you live, Inman Parker? They asked for our opinions, so we gave them. I think that, as owners of the building, the residents of 870 Inman SHOULD have a major choice in what goes there. And we thank the landlord of this new space for considering our thoughts. And further, there are noise ordinances in place in the neighborhood/as part of the master association, so it’s not just whining. All we want is a useful amenity and not another venue that will not serve the residents of the neighborhood, but only the suburban “tourists” …from Gwinnett. A restaurant or bar will not only cause noise, but traffic that YOU will sit in on a daily basis as you navigate the neighborhood. The infrastructure in this area (roads, parking, etc.) was not designed to accommodate high volumes of transient traffic. Now that it has grown, that will become more evident as the infrastructure funding lags the private development. So, Inman Parker, I encourage you to think a little bit harder about how it could affect YOU as well, even if you’re not a resident that lives in this building. We bought our right to “whine”.

  67. Clothing Retail: UNIQLO. Inexpensive basic but chic clothes for men, women and kids. Been to the one in SOHO NYC and Atlanta needs one.

    I agree that this area is overwhelmed with restaurant and bar options.

    Entertainment venue (since Ddd’s Garage is gone) or a practical (and cheaper than Savi) market/pharmacy is the way to go.

  68. Child jump place, pharmacy, Kroger small market ( like the one in dwtn Decatur), Starbucks, vet clinic and grooming, Target!

  69. I really think it needs to be a fast casual restaurant open later than Savi. There really isn’t an option in the area to grab a quick bite except for Jack’s Pizza. I’d love to see a Thai/Asian place. I also like the idea of Bell Street Burritos, but as others have said there is a lot of Mexican and Mexican-style food in the area. Maybe a Zoe’s Kitchen? Savi is right there I don’t see any need for another small grocery store. Just PLEASE not another expensive restaurant

  70. I agree that the more local and resident centric the better. Not a destination for other parts of town. Inman Park is already blowing up and losing some of that community feel. NO CHAINS!

  71. A bakery! Local tenants could pick up donuts/pastries for breakfast, sandwiches to eat in house or take out, desserts for late night cravings as they leave local restaurants. Something like this could serve many purposes including your laid back cocktail at the end of the evening.

  72. How about a new spin on the old timey pharmacy with a soda bar. Have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner bar. A small stage area to show case local talent/a venue for teachable moments and enrichment.

  73. I like the bodega concept. Somehwere you can get a salad, sand which, drinks from the fridge to go or eat on a bench outside. The grab-n-go concept is great for being so close to the Beltline. Sort of like a deli but also with some nice, healthy food options.

    Or bring a Maoz to Atlanta. It barely requires and space, and I’d eat there every day! Yum.

  74. A wellness center, Preferably a chiropractic office in the smaller space along with a competitor to Savi, which is waaayy too expensive. I live in the building above and we have no supermarket or wellness options close by and convenient for residents. I wonder how parking is going to be managed. We don’t have enough spaces as it is.

  75. Why does everyone keep asking for a Pharmacy? The CVS on Highland Ave. is literally 0.8 miles and a 3 minutes drive per Google Maps!

    Starbucks would do well. What about a crepe place? Viva le crepe!

  76. Bill,
    Inman Perk coffee is pretty much across the street. Also Julianna’s Crepes is on Lake Ave. A pharmacy is something everyone needs and does not have to drive to.

  77. A small Patagonia store would be awesome. It would add a little retail to the area and it fits nicely with the ethos and vibe of the neighborhood.

  78. Retail would be a great addition for brunchers or another restaurant/ bar would be great. Maybe VICTORY should consider this spot over the old parks edge. Something with a versatile menu. We are set with Italian, Mexican foods…

  79. There are so many families in the area and not enough things for kids to do in town. Plenty of jumpy places exist, but what about a space where kids and their parents can hang out, play, be creative, etc. a place that would have drop in play and classes. There are lots of great concepts like this in Chicago that are super.

  80. A Child Care Facility.
    Where in the world are the 8 fulltime dedicated parking spaces? Surrounding the dumpster?
    Where are the 59 “dedicated spaces”? Jimmy Carter Library parking lot or the Spaces used by the Residents?
    As shown by the continued unoccupied status of 870, and uncontrolled escalating congestion in the area, a Child Care Facility with a short Que line for vehicles would seem to be the only viable alternative.

  81. An AT&T store. The new concept similiar to their Michigan Ave. store in Chicago, The store of The Future. This would probably bring a lot of benefits to the surrounding area and the building. Also, great reliable tenant, no smells, odd hours or loud drunks.

  82. A music hall similar to Eddie’s Attic with good food and a place to listen to good music would be great. Atlanta is also lacking a location where you can buy nice art and craft work at reasonable prices- an affordable gallery of sorts.

  83. Danny,
    First off the people that live in the building of 870 Inman would fight a musical hall pretty ferociously. Second there would not be near enough parking to support it.

    However, there is a music hall/restaurant in the same vein as Eddies Attic currently being built down the street. It is called Venkmen’s and is located over on Ralph McGill across from Bantam Pub. It should be up and running this Fall. Here is a picture of the current state of construction.

  84. – a proper diner, open late!
    – seconding on a great deli
    – a Sephora would be amazing but then I would go broke

  85. Several ideas – first NO MORE SALONS! I just counted four already within walking distance. In the small space a pharmacy would be great. In the larger space a fast casual would be key for the area. Something with to go and pickup options such as a Zoe’s kitchen type. Or a willys or something along those lines.

    I would also see a flywheel location being highly successful in this area!

  86. No more restaurants! We need more retail. Like the hair/blow dry idea. Other ideas include a drug store or a butcher

  87. A pub that shows soccer matches on the weekends. Also like the fast casual restaurant idea, and cvs/Walgreen ideas.

  88. A good neighborhood bar. Casual, good food, room for a small band. There’s a lot of upscale/trendy in the area. I’d like a place that you can throw on jeans and a ball cap and go grab some drinks and good (real) Italian grub.

  89. I also like the idea of a fast casual restaurant (Willy’s, Newk’s, Jimmy John’s, etc) and a pharmacy or mini grocery store. A really easy-going, casual neighborhood bar also sounds great. No more salons or medical/dental offices. I think a boutique clothing store (not high end) could be a good option too.

  90. With snap fitness, X3 and the belt line walkers/bikers close perhaps something that appeals to the fitness-minded? Retail or market with fresh fruit/smoothie and options you can grab after a workout. Also very much like the fast casual idea like Zoe’s Kitchen or Jason’s Deli, for quick, easy dinner options.

  91. A Zoe’s kitchen would really do fantastically – Inman Park needs more “to go”/fast casual options. Would also support another FlyWheel location – no spin studio in the area but lots of active residents.

  92. Chinese! There’s no chinese food in Inman Park, and Atlanta is lacking in good Chinese food in general (all the good stuff is on Buford Highway or in Sandy Springs). The store would make a killing with deliveries to the surrounding apartments…

    Also seconding a diner or local music venue. Open late is always good.

  93. I am really jazzing with a few of the ideas here and I suppose stand against a few ideas here.

    First is a neighborhood bar/restaurant. Pretty much everything available in Inman Park right now is over my standard price range for grabbing a bite to eat and having a few beers with friends. It would be SO awesome to have a standard neighborhood pub/bar with a pool table or two, some darts, a nice beer selection and some burgers that I would be able to frequent a few nights a week for a casual drink (a la The Independent). Jack’s is great for wings and a cheap drink, but doesn’t quite give off the warm, welcoming vibe to stay for a few drinks that sometimes you’re looking for when you scoot into a booth with your three buddies.

    In that vein, I think a casual quick bite would also be a solid option since “Kale Me Crazy” doesn’t totally appeal to everyone. Jimmy John’s would be a great combination of open late + delivery and walk into sit and have a sandwich. I would also be into the idea of a Panera. Inman Perk is an awesome coffee shop, but I think a few more study-spot options for the students in the area would be a good compromise, and the food would double as a quick bite that appeals to everyone!

    My last push would be for a pharmacy. There are no “walking distance” pharmacies that offer the day-to-day needs of someone that lives right here. I’m always walking to and from the Snap to work out, but get frustrated when I need something pharmacy-ish quick to pick up and end up having to drive to the grocery store. The smaller Market down on Elizabeth is a great “bougie/expensive” option, but a more standard pharmacy would be a nice compromise.

    Definitely don’t put a music venue. That sounds absolutely crazy. The parking and traffic is already insane right there. The last thing needed is a huge slam of cars all at the same time. Oh and definitely no more salon-type things. Dang, there are already an abundance of them – I don’t even know how they all stay in business.

  94. Snap fitness. They need a larger location. This is a community business with little requirement for parking. We don’t need more businesses requiring parking.

  95. I was in the neighborhood last Sunday and forgot to look. Pretty sure it’s still empty though and this article is six months old. There has to be an inside story about why this place has sat empty for as many years as it has. It’s never had a tenant. Why not just divide it up into two or three loft condo/apartments and be done with it.

  96. As a current resident of Inman Park, I think we have a lot of bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to choose from, especially with Krog Market that just opened up. We also have plenty of exercise facilities, with X3 sports (my personal gym), snap fitness, and barre studio. All of my doctors are in the neighborhood (dental, eye, and pcp). We even have Savi, with their too expensive grocery items. The one thing it lacks, the one place I have to leave the neighborhood for, is pharmacy items. I’ve seen a couple requests for a sephora and a pharmacy – I think a high end pharmacy selling beauty products as well as prescriptions and toiletries would be perfect. I’d never have to leave the neighborhood again!

  97. Newks please. Honestly, how bad must the landlord be to have a vacant location like this? Just put SOMETHING in!

  98. I would rather the landlord take their time and find a concept complimentary to the neighborhood rather then just lease it up to shitty tenant like the massage parlor across the street.

    Anyway, I heard last week it’s been leased.

  99. Sports Bar please, a real one – lots of TVs and craft beer and good wine and quality food – is this too much to ask?

  100. Something casual and laid back, perhaps a more casual italian…love fritti and sotto sotto but need something we can watch games and have a beer in the neighborhood.

  101. I really miss Amici…I went to UGA and it was a Saturday and Sunday ritual to pop in and grab an amazing dinner and wine! We need something like this in the Inman Park area!

  102. Pizza joint with a stage would be perfect there–give smaller bands a chance to be heard, liven up a typical pizza parlor experience! Oh, and yeah craft beers and good wine.

  103. This space would be a great location for Trader Joe’s; perfect for the surrounding condensed living communities and neighborhoods! #TraderJoes #InmanPark #Atlanta

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