Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza coming soon to Spire Midtown

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Z Pizza to reopen as New York style pizza joint at Midtown’s
Spire Condominiums

As cheesy as it sounds, Midtown’s getting a self-proclaimed “slice of New York.”

Vinny’s N.Y. Pizza, with a location in Duluth, is taking space previously occupied by the now shuttered Z Pizza at Spire — Z Pizza closed late 2009.

Signage for the New York style pizza joint was posted on the restaurant’s entrance Tuesday, announcing their arrival.

Vinny’s will join Fresh to Order, Firehouse Subs and the recently opened 5 Guys Burgers and Fries inside the condominium complex at 860 Peachtree Street.

What Now Atlanta learned that Vinny’s will also open a “sister store” in Cumming, Mia Ristorante Italiano, upon discovering an advertisement seeking applicants for hire on the restaurant’s website.

Vinny’s was not immediately available for comment and opening specifics have not been confirmed.

Vinny’s NY Style Pizza
860 Peachtree Street, Suite D
Atlanta, GA 30308

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

20 Responses

  1. Looks like the Duluth location has good reviews. Being from NY, I welcome a quick service, NY style pizza joint to Midtown. Not every new restaurant in Midtown needs to be “trendy” and “cutting edge”. It’s not like that in NYC anyways. If you want more foot traffic from the current population of people in Midtown, there needs to be more good, quick, affordable options to walk to.

  2. Vinny’s NY Pizza, a NY style pizza joint…..from Duluth.

    Is Spire trying to set the record for the number of crappy fast food joints you can fit into one building?

  3. I don’t care if it’s NY style pizza from Kabul; I welcome any relatively tasty, quick, and affordable option that I can walk to for a bite. Sometimes I don’t want to deal with the rigmarole of a full service restaurant, and if that means that slightly less interesting places then I can deal with it.

    At least something else is trying to make it in that space, too. Urbanist, would you prefer all those store fronts to be empty instead?

  4. Im passing every day buy Five guys burger it always empty,what you think will be with Vinny’s Pizza.

  5. Urbanist – I read your complaints with an open mind. This, I have to disagree with you. I’m a NYer, thus a pizza snob. But I can’t form an opinion about a place until I try it. You should do the same. So what if it’s from Duluth.

  6. I can already imagine myself gingerly patting the surface of the pepperoni pizza with a napkin to remove the copious quantities of orange oil.

  7. @ Boby – No, I empty storefronts aren’t a good thing. However, within a 2-3 block radius of this place you have: Five guys, Firehouse, Evos, Little Azio, Noodle, Jimmy Johns, Dressed, Pie, and Ray’s. Don’t you think that’s enough “quick, affordable” options? Not to mention that 3 of those places are pizza joints. I’m not even saying I want this place to be some sort of upscale restaurant, I just want it to be something different than the barrage of crap-for-food joints that are all over the place. How about a nice lounge/place to get drinks (absent of tv’s), or how about a concept store, or how about a boutique, or how about a bookstore…anything.

    @ AJ – I don’t disagree with you, but multiple repetitions of the same practice tend to produce a bias. I spent many years in NY myself, and have yet to find a place in Atlanta that can offer a slice of pizza even remotely close to a NY-style pizzeria, in Atlanta. Of course, I’m sure I’ll try this place at some point, and it would be great to have my mind changed, btu I just don’t see it being likely.

  8. So excited! This twist on pizza is unique for the area. Pie is terrible (I actually walked left, the service was so bad), and Azio is ok but their crust has no chewiness. Hope Vinny’s is tasty and does well!

  9. I think that it is great that they are opening up a NY pizza place in Midtown. However, that is a lot of restaurants for one building. It only takes a few critters to ruin the building for all of the residence whom bought a condo. There should of been a limit to the amount of restaurants that could rent a space at any particular time.

  10. I actually work near the Vinny’s in Duluth and have been many times for lunch. It is actually quite good and does great business. The family that owns it looks like they know what they are doing (e.g. are from Italy, or at least New York).

  11. @ Urbanist – There you go again…wanting it both ways. In the same post you imply that Vinny’s needs to be “something different than the barrage of crap-for-food joints that are all over the place” and then go on to state you “have yet to find a place in Atlanta that can offer a slice of pizza even remotely close to a NY-style pizzeria”.

    That’s GREAT! By your own logic, if we give Vinny’s a chance and it turns out to be “remotely close to a NY-style pizzeria”, then by your definition it will be “different” and therefore good!

    Hooray for choice, free market, and people who have the balls to open a new business in this economy.

  12. It’s so strange that Spire is piling up the quick, cheapo restaurants, while 1010 Midtown and the Loews are looking for high-end stuff for the Midtown Mile like STK.

  13. For sure filling up the Spire and Viewpoint retail spaces is good news. Even if it is Vinny’s Duluth Pizza. As others have noted, city living is not all about fancy sit down options. Walkable places (mediocre and otherwise) are an important part of a good social fabric. Yes I would prefer a Sal’s, a Joe’s or some of the other great by the slice places in NY, but we are in Atlanta and I fully wish Vinny’s well and welcome it as an option. I would love it if they stayed open all night. Atlanta lacks all night quick food options. Buddah gets old, and the crowd is totally lame.

    Also, I would take a mediocre pizza joint over a california “Healthy gluten free slice, ie- Z Pizza, any day.

    I live at the Viewpoint when I am not leasing my unit and I hope Novare might get a solid dining destination there. it has been 2 1/2 years since I moved here and large prime spaces remain vacant. Come down on the rents guys, get someone in there for God sake.

  14. People, the reason NY pizza is so much better is the water. Look it up. I spent many years in NY myself and everyone knows that secret to great NY pizza.

  15. “It’s so strange that Spire is piling up the quick, cheapo restaurants, while 1010 Midtown and the Loews are looking for high-end stuff for the Midtown Mile like STK.”
    When Spire first opened they had much higher ambitions for their retail and then the economy got in the way. I think they’ll take just about anything now….the same will happen with the others as the storefronts sit empty for 1, 2, 3 years.

  16. Why does everything need to be trendy, etc? The same people that complain about all the high end condos ruining Atlanta are the same ones advocating for high end trendy lounges and restaurants. It doesn’t make sense. Everything in NYC isn’t high end and trendy. There’s plenty of quick service crap restaurants, chains and pizza joints too. We need a mix of everything. Midtown is currently lacking a lot restaurant/retail wise so I see this is a positive.

  17. As a resident of the area, I am glad to see that they are trying to fill in these empty retail locations that have been vacant for months or even years. It will only help draw people to the existing establishments so they are also able to survive. Most business owners in the area are struggling. I welcome anything that will help our economy and help reduce unemployment; crappy restaurants or whatever it takes.

  18. STK is not opening, that has been abandoned for months.

    Any NYC style pizza place will be welcomed with open arms in midtown.
    If it’s good – awesome.. and for those that say “from Duluth” – maybe the owners are originally from NYC….

    Antico is close to NYC style, but that’s about it. Fellini’s is palatable… but not close to NYC and Little Azio ain’t pizza, just sayin’.

  19. Just tried vinnys last night and was pleasantly surprised. We tried the veggie, which was loaded w toppings-I had to use a knife and fork. We usually head to fellinis for our thin crust pizza fix. But now we will take the short walk to Vinnys! Yea!!

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