Taffer’s Tavern, From Host of ‘Bar Rescue,’ Expanding To Metro Atlanta With Five-Location Franchise Deal

Curry Up Now Franchisee Hemant Suri is bringing the new restaurant to the local market starting in Alpharetta next year.
Taffer's Tavern - Bar Rescue - Alpharetta
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Taffer’s Tavern, a new restaurant concept created by Jon Taffer, the host of Paramount’s Bar Rescue, signed its first multi-unit franchise agreement to bring five locations to Georgia.

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Hemant Suri of Five Guys Taverns, LLC is the franchisee bringing Taffer’s Tavern to the local market.

Suri, once the owner of Midtown Tavern, most recently became a multi-unit franchise operator with the opening of several Atlanta-area Curry Up Now restaurants.

“We were immediately drawn to the idea of ‘tavern dining’ and creating a gathering place for people that provides unique, superior menu items at an affordable price,” Suri said in a press release announcing the partnership last month.

“Jon has managed to engineer a restaurant concept that streamlines operations without compromising the food quality, and we are thrilled to be the first franchisees for this break-out brand.”

The first franchise location is expected to open in Alpharetta by summer 2020, at 33 South Main Street, Suri in an email told What Now Atlanta Friday.

Taffer’s Tavern will specialize in sous vide preparation where items are cooked in a bag and then rapidly cooled down and refrigerated.

The procedure is meant to streamline the cooking process and eliminate the need for a culinary team onsite.

“…We can’t afford to count on an individual to cook these burgers,” Jon Taffer, the founder of Taffer’s Tavern, told Fox News when the restaurant was first announced earlier this year.

“I believe seven years from now, there could be machines cooking these hamburgers.”

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

3 Responses

  1. Hey, this sounds really appetizing now, doesn’t it? Pre-cooked sous-vide meats hanging around just waiting to be ordered by throngs of half-wits who simply cannot stand to follow everything pop-culture tells them to. The only reason I’d go would be to see John Taffer scream at the top of his lungs at the staff of hamburger-cooking machines–but since this is a franchise, it is likely he’ll never be seen there again after opening. That is, of course, during the six months these places will be open. Bon Appetit!

  2. Seth Chandlee – CEO of Chandlee and Sons Construction, along with Hemant Suri brought this concept to Atlanta.
    Seth built the building whereas the location is going to start with it’s first location.
    It was this relationship that secured the ground floor of Alpharetta’s Tallest Downtown Building ” Liberty Hall”!
    Together, Hemant and I founded ” Five Guy’s Taverns” – signed the franchise agreement and have five locations coming soon. All to be built by Chandlee and Sons Construction Company out of Alpharetta.
    Hemant is actually a client of Chandlee and Sons Construction, which is how we met. C&S builds all of his new ” Curry Up Now” locations. After negotiating the first of five locations with Hemant- we completed the first location while becoming friends. It was this relationship that brought us together for the newly released news of ” Taffers Tavern’s”! Once i shared interest, Hemant and myself flew to meet Jon in Vegas ASAP!!
    Upon return to Atlanta- we finalized the deal within weeks- officially becoming the First Franchisees for ” Taffers Taverns”!!! A Very Exciting Honor that gains direct attention to Jon Taffer and his team.
    We are excited to be the FIRST …. All hands are on deck to make this the most successful venture in modern restauartant/bar history… No details left untouched….

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