Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads Files Plans For Poncey-Highland

Concept to join Atlanta's first Trashy Divas boutique at 675 N. Highland mixed-use project.

Concept could join Atlanta’s first Trashy Divas boutique at 675 N. Highland mixed-use project.

UPDATE (November 7, 2016): Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads’ First Location To Open Nov. 7.

Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads, a recently formed casual Italian concept, may be coming to Poncey-Highland.

On May 11, the company filed plans to alter a first-generation restaurant tenant space at 664 Seminole Ave NE, in a roughly 3,600 SF space at the forthcoming 675 N. Highland mixed-use project project.

Rize has every intention of going above and beyond in being a unique, quality concept in the upscale pizza world, according to the company’s website:

“As hospitality experts with relentless spirit and a true love for our craft, we created this unique concept that will disrupt the fast casual dining world. An experience that is artfully crafted, personalized and truly memorable for each guest.”

Additional details imply that the concept is looking at opening more than one location in the future:

“This is not the typical fast casual assembly line or one-off pizza joint. We have a strategy for the demand that will follow once the world gets a taste of what we have to offer.”

Recently, the company filed plans for a “restaurant support center” in West Midtown, which is also listed on the “contact us” page on Rize’s website.

Though a planned opening date is not known, 675 N. Highland earlier this year announced that the mixed-use project would be completed this summer.

The restaurant would join Atlanta’s first Trashy Divas boutique at the mixed-use.

How do you think the concept will do in Poncey-Highland? Tell us below…

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