Pure Denim at Lenox quare Mall Leading the Deathmarch

Who’s dead or dying in Atlanta’s businesses?

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Pure Denim (Lenox Square Mall)

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Added January 2, 2010

Pure Denim is a high end boutique located in the luxury wing of Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead. Selling apparel that includes $500+ denim and $1300+ hoodies along with other overpriced items, Pure Denim has missed the memo about the recession.

Insiders within the mall (one young lady went in and asked one of the employees where the nearest Ross and T.J.Maxx were located) suggest that the only visitors to Pure Denim on a daily basis are their employees and the armed guard, who stare out into the empty mall.

Interestingly enough, their website, shoppuredenim.com, just recently went live.  It sat as a “coming soon” site for upwards of a year.  You would think that a boutique pushing outrageously priced merch would be able to afford website hosting.

The best part, however, is the lettering on the awning in the picture to the left.  Nothing says high-end more than a stenciled paint job! Unless Pure makes themselves more approachable and affordable, expect them to wind up like eModa which recently closed in Midtown.

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  1. who buys this crap….wanna be rappers and the real house wives of atlanta…these people deserve to go out of business

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