[Photo] Aerial shot of SkyHouse Luxury Apartment’s future Midtown site

Aerial Photography Inc. captures the location for Novare Group’s planned 23-story apartment high-rise.

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Photo courtesy of MikeChase Eaton | Aerial Photography, Inc.

For more of  Eaton’s aerial photography, click here.

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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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8 years ago

Glad to see the parking lot go – sad that Novare has a history of building schlock.

8 years ago

The other apartment tower at 12th and Crescent has already started pre-construction. The old bank has been torn down and fences are up. Progress!

8 years ago

This is essentially no longer “planned” as this project has financing and they intend to start construction “immediately”. Immediately meaning as soon as all their ducks are in a row.

Jason Killen
8 years ago

More garbage design from Novarre. So sad to think that these buildings will be an eyesore on our beautiful skyline for decades to come for the simple reason that we don’t have a city government willing to reign in greedy developers.

8 years ago

Novare builds crap! It’s such a waste of real estate and I agree… another scar on the skyline!

7 years ago

Caleb, I have been going through Novare hell at Spire for the past 4 years and was really surprised that I just came across your posts. Here’s my sob story. As a young professional in 2005, I was lured away from a great job in Washington DC by an even better job in Atlanta. I liked midtown and jumped right in and bought a place at the hot new Spire building. At the time it didn’t bother me that the prior owner of my condo was a realtor who had bought the unit a few months earlier for $30k less.… Read more »

Urbane Optomist
7 years ago

HOA666- First, let me say that I empathize with your predicament. You’re not the only person to get caught up in this trap. However, as a former board member of a very well run HOA in Midtown I can say that there are very good reasons to cap rentals at 25%, chief aong them being that it reduces the value of the other properties in the building. The harsh reality is that you made an investment, and all investments have risk. You’re experiencing that downside right now, but another owner in your building doesn’t care because he is looking out… Read more »

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