Ormewood Park QuickTrip files permits despite neighborhood backlash

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“No QuickTrip Here” — a Southeast Atlanta neighborhood group — challenges planned Ormewood Park QuikTrip

Monday, QuickTrip filed two building permits for an Ormewood Park location — one for the construction of a new structure and parking lot and the other for a marquee — which are “routed for review.”

The construction site at 731 Moreland Avenue has been leveled, readying the new structure.

Adam Brackman and other “No QuickTrip Here” group members don’t want the gas station to open there.

“We believe that QuikTrip and other corporations should help build our neighborhoods, not break them,” Backman said in an email to What Now Atlanta.

Here’s why Backman and other neighbors are “up in arms:”

  1. High numbers of car and truck trips on neighborhood side streets to and from this location will increase the risk of accidents for adults and children who are bicycling, walking or pushing baby strollers.
  2. A 24-hour gas station at this location is not in keeping with the plan for a pedestrian friendly, walkable, and traffic-safe Moreland Avenue. This plan was developed by the neighborhoods along the corridor and was adopted by the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Regional Commission just three years ago.
  3. More suitable locations for the proposed gas station can be found in the Moreland Avenue corridor. Using one of these alternative locations would help build the community and would not deteriorate the current quality of life in a residential neighborhood.
  4. A City of Atlanta zoning regulation loophole has allowed this proposed redevelopment to bypass a required 100 foot separation distance from the nearest residential property. The separation distance is meant to protect against increased health risks to adults and children. This loophole, unless closed, will allow this tactic to be used in neighborhoods all across Atlanta.

East Atlanta Patch wrote a thoughtful piece about the laws involved with this dispute before QuickTrip filed any permits — check it out here.

Live in the area or have an option about this dispute? Fuel the fire with a comment.

CORRECTION: The proposed construction site, 731 Moreland Avenue, has not been leveled. When construction does begin, we will update this report.

731 Moreland Avenue SE
Atlanta GA, 30316

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

I agree with Bachman. This city doesn’t need more gas stations. We need more infill residential and urban commercial development.

BP, Chevron
9 years ago

Please do not put a QT on Moreland!!! I have enjoyed YEARS of overcharging this neighborhood for gas.

A clean, safe, well lit station? NoooOOOOOOO.

The neighborhood needs dark, dirty, overpriced gas stations. Its breaking tradition! An “intown” QT?
What, is $4.30 a gallon too much? I think not.

9 years ago

WTF people, you should be clamoring for a QT. Here’s what it gets you over your typical sketchy intown gas station:

1. Lower-priced gas.
2. Clean well-lit stores.
3. You won’t find them attracting lowlifes by selling glass pipes and ‘jewelry scales’, nor will you see electronic slot machines in there.
4. Open 24 hours!
5. A variety of ready-to-eat foods, some of which are actually healthy options.

QT, if they don’t want you, please come to the west side!

9 years ago

After looking the proposed location up on Google Maps street view, I totally agree with the neighbors. One thing to remember about some gas stations in Atlanta: they attract panhandlers. For example, go to the Exxon at 486 E Ponce De Leon. You will have an instant beggar encounter either at the pump or when entering the store. Quick Trip may be a lovely company, but I wouldn’t want a large gas station’s foot-traffic crowd around my house. And, by the way, I really do like Quick Trip. I’ve never seen one get as bad as that Exxon. They’ve just… Read more »

9 years ago

I love quick trip too and their food but i dont know why gas stations have to be so HUUUUUGE. the ones right by the east atlanta sign are smaller. i’d rather not have it there on that corner next to the cute little azio complex. just doesnt go well.

9 years ago

I live in the neighborhood. Not sure what you mean, that the site has been leveled. Jiffy Gro & Liberty Tax are still there & open (Sun, 5/22 9 pm was last time we drove by.) There’s a lot that’s a portion of the site that’s been empty for some time.

Please read the Patch articles for more info about the replatting of the site to get around the normal setback requirements. We’d love to have QT nearby, but believe there are other sites close that would be more appropriate.

Not Worth It
9 years ago

Hi, I love QuikTrip. As long as it’s not right next to people’s homes. This project would be about a mile or so south of I-20 right next to two historic residential neighborhoods – East Atlanta and Ormewood Park. Most homes in these neighborhoods are from the 1920s – 1930s with small lots and front porches. A few things: 1. The Kroger on Moreland – diagonally across from the BP – is much cheaper than $4.30 a gallon, especially with a free Kroger Plus Card. It is open 24 hours a day, well-lit and has a health food section with… Read more »

Octane Annie
9 years ago

There is a Quicktrip at Briarcliff and Shepherds lane in Dekalb county right in the middle of a residential area and it is pretty harmless. You’ll come to love your new gas station…and you won’t be able to stop it.

check your facts
9 years ago

Ummm…. “construction site has been leveled…” (?) I’m not even sure what this means. That Jiffy Grocery (which stands on the location) has been leveled? Not when I drove past it a hour ago. Please correct, update or retract this “article,” because the lack of veracity in that sentence calls the rest of the article into question. If you have insider info and the site WILL be leveled today, that’s a real story.

9 years ago

The QT on Briarcliff does not immediately back up to a residential area, as this one would. That QT has a wooded buffer to an industrial area. The closest housing is further than 100 feet away. That is a very different situation than this one.

9 years ago

I’m not sure where you people think you live… Moreland Ave. is pedestrian friendly?
Has anyone ever felt safe walking on Moreland? “Gee I’d love to go for a walk. Oh I know! I’ll walk down Moreland! Sounds lovely!”

I can’t wait to have a QT in town.

Not Worth It
9 years ago

“Octane Annie” and “Seriously” are clearly trolls, writing inflammatory posts to “fuel the fire.” Quite amusing – I’ve enjoyed it.

QuikTrip at that location would clearly be bad for the people who live in Ormewood Park and East Atlanta; that’s why the residents – like me – are against it.

If you live in these areas and want to learn more about what you can do to help, go to


9 years ago

QT is fantastic. Moreland Ave. is one of the most active roads in this area. It’s a four lane. I do not understand the backlash here.

PS I live in Avondale Estates a few houses behind a gas station much less nice than a QT. Everything is fine. Seriously.

9 years ago

Ok, so a dissenting opinion means I’m a troll. Hmm. Ok.

9 years ago

Traffic already gets pretty backed up in this area on weekends and evenings, adding a huge gas station would only add to the madness. I live on the west side, but I would be equally outraged if this were to happen in my community. Good luck to the neighbors on fighting this. I like QT, but their use of this loophole with disregard to the people who live in the area is very disappointing. Also, a large, well-lit gas station may seem nice in theory, but it won’t be clean and new forever… just look at some of the newer… Read more »

9 years ago

You “people” have already put the kybosh on Cell Service in EAV as least let us have a clean non-ghetto gas station. I love the dudes in statue of liberty outfits as much as the next person but jesus christ how could anyone prefer the run down shit that is there to a quick trip?

Black hole
9 years ago

First I’m denied late night booty calls due to the lack of a cell tower in EAV. Now I may be denied my 3am Buffalo Chicken Bite? Noooooooo.

You can take my cell signal, but you can never take my taquitos and buffalo chicken bites!

9 years ago

Those residents are idiots…so would rather have a dingy, dark, crime-ridden neighborhood instead…Intown Atlanta needs more gas stations…more have closed than opened in the last 10 years…intown residents get ripped off from those that remain.

The Gentleman Masher
9 years ago

Wow – this is just stupid. QT is the best run, best maintained gas station concept in this city…and driving down Moreland, all I see is Mrs. Winners, Long John Silvers, McDonald’s, and a few places that serve fish and wings…you guys act like they’re sticking this thing on the corner of Virginia and Highland.

Newsflash – you live in the ghetto, I don’t care how cute your house is. You’re lucky that a company like QT even wants to invest in your neighborhood. Typical intown douchebags.

tea partier
9 years ago

In the future people might want to refrain from saying things like “you live in the ghetto,” “I don’t care how cute your house is” and “intown douchebags” because, aside from two of the three not being true (it is pretty clear you don’t care how “cute” anyone’s house is), the words you used are could be (falsely, I’m sure) associated with racism, homophobia and class warfare. 25 years ago Virginia-Highland and Inman Park could have been called “ghetto.” Through hard work and not giving in to whatever development project that came along, the neighbors there were able to build… Read more »

9 years ago

I am quite surprised that QT even CONSIDERED such a run down, dilapidated neighborhood. It’s the HOOD, for goodness sakes! They need more than a QT to bring life to that area! You ask me, the whole area should be leveled!

Hey QT, come to the Stonecrest area, we’ll welcome you!

9 years ago

Charles, it’s apparent that you’ve never even been to Ormewood Park. One of the top 10 ice cream places in the country is here (Morelli’s), right across Ormewood Avenue from this location. Update on this story: The replat has been recalled by the city of Atlanta because it did not follow the regulations for street frontage on the Hall St. side. The story continues. (See East Atlanta patch for more details,

Parkside Walk Rez
9 years ago

I for one would welcome a QT somewhere along the Moreland corridor south of I-20…. QT is a wonderful company and does not allow vagrants, dealers, loiterers etc… They offer lower priced but quality gas and excellent snack options… It would finally be a store that I would feel safe going in after dark.. I am sorry but people who live here know that all the other gas stations on Moreland up to 20 are a little sketchy once the sun goes down… I will also agree that I know absolutely nobody who lives in the area that feels safe… Read more »

9 years ago

I have been living “intown” since I relocated to Atlanta 5 years ago. I have been looking at buying my first house in the East Atlanta and Ormewood park neighborhood. A QT at this specific location, in my opinion, would negatively impact my opinion of the neighborhood. It would deter me from buying any property within a 5 block radius. As far as Moreland being pedestrian friendly, I agree that it is not. But, this particular intersection has two beautiful new commercial properties that have greatly increased the appeal of that area. A QT, while convenient, does not help the… Read more »

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