905 Memorial Development Plans Include Sprouts, Cinebistro, and Thoroughfare

Plans for the 17-acre site take Reynoldstown's vision for the property into consideration.

Plans for the redevelopment of the 17-acre site take Reynoldstown’s vision for the property into consideration.

Jeff Fuqua has revealed some details for his redevelopment the 17 acre Leggat & Platt property at 905 Memorial Drive.

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Sprouts Farmers Market and Cinebistro are in the works, along with a large-scale fitness center, restaurants, apartments, senior housing and condos.

Parking decks would stand along Interstate 20, and the project would feature a street grid, resulting from an extension of Holtzclaw and Gibson streets. Fuqua plans to rezone the property from industrial to mixed-use, close on the property by the end of this year, and end construction in 2018.

Fuqua's proposal for new thoroughfares at the property
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Fuqua’s proposal for new thoroughfares at the property
905 Memorial Currently
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905 Memorial Currently

Towards the end of last year, the Reynoldstown Civic Improvement League sent a letter to interested developers advising that the Leggat & Platt site be divided up from its current “superblock” state.

Fuqua is currently in the process of rezoning the property from industrial to mixed-use.

Sprouts may be welcome to the area, where the residential population is growing but still devoid of substantial grocery store options. Just two days ago, Paces Properties of Larkin on Memorial, a few blocks away from the Leggat & Platt site, announced that the first tenant of the development will be Grant Park Market, from the team behind Candler Park Market. Currently, the closest grocery store to the site is Edgewood Kroger.

The property is located close to the end of the Beltline’s Eastside Trail expansion. In addition to Larkin on Memorial, Atlanta Dairies will also join the Memorial Drive party by redeveloping a former Habitat For Humanity site.

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