UPDATE: Billy Streck's Pizzeria To Be Called Atwoods Pizza

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UPDATE: Billy Streck's Pizzeria To Be Called Atwoods Pizza

The concept from the Cypress Street Pint and Plate team to open soon in The Biltmore Hotel.

Billy Streck, co-owner of Cypress Street Pint and Plate, and his partners, are very close to opening their pizza concept in The Biltmore Hotel, at 817 West Peachtree Street Northwest.

What Now Atlanta (WNA) learned Wednesday the pizzeria will be called Atwoods Pizza, and an insider close to the project suggests Streck's newest venture should open in the second week of March.

Atwoods Pizza will replace The Biltmore Cafe And Grill, just down the street from Atlanta favorite Cypress Street Pint and Plate.

Streck and his team were not immediately available for comment, but WNA did uncover a Facebook page for the restaurant.


Atwoods Pizza

Are you a salesperson who wants to contact Billy Streck? Click here.

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Atwoods Pizza

817 West Peachtree Street Northwest
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