Larkin On Memorial Has Its First Tenant

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Larkin On Memorial Has Its First Tenant

Grant Park Market is slated to open in the first quarter of 2017 and will feature natural and organic groceries, beer, wine, and deli.

Sure to appeal to locals' hopes of more community-oriented development, Larkin On Memorial's first tenant is a grocery store.

According to a press release Tuesday morning, Grant Park Market, from the team behind Candler Park Market, will feature "all of your favorite provisions" including natural and organic groceries, local produce, select meats, beer, wine and the grocer's award-winning deli. The outpost plans to host in-store beer and wine tastings after its opening in the first quarter of 2017.

The market will take up 5,556 square feet, which is larger than Candler Park Market and will feature some upgrades, including a take-out window, hot bar and a "more expansive" lunch counter.

Greg Hutchins, Partner of Candler Park Market, believes in the "back-to-the-future concept that Paces has for the Larkin on Memorial project," and believes that they both "share a common vision of an In-town Atlanta populated by local merchants that support and share in the success of a community."

Kronberg Wall Architects, the team behind Folk Art and Virginia Park, will be designing the market.

Grant Park Market
Grant Park Market

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Grant Park Market

519 Memorial Dr SE Atlanta, GA, 30312
Julia Sirb
Julia Sirb

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