5 Napkin's replacement scrounges up $48K to remodel $1.5 million space

'Ten' plans minor renovations for its new Midtown space.

Ten, the restaurant replacing Midtown's 5 Napkin Burger, isn't spending much to remodel the burger joint located on the corner of 10th and Piedmont.

To be exact, $47,500 has been scrounged up to make minor renovations at the space.

Sounds cheap for a new a restaurant concept, but who can blame Ten? The space is beautiful as is (and it should be, considering 5 Napkin spent $1.5 million on it's buildout).

According to a building permit application Ten submitted to City of Atlanta Friday, the nearly $48K will be spent to remodel the restaurant's bathroom, install new lighting and renovate its bar.

Ten opened briefly in October during Atlanta Pride, but will not comment on when it plans to officially open.