5 Napkin's replacement scrounges up $48K to remodel $1.5 million space

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5 Napkin's replacement scrounges up $48K to remodel $1.5 million space

'Ten' plans minor renovations for its new Midtown space.

Ten, the restaurant replacing Midtown's 5 Napkin Burger, isn't spending much to remodel the burger joint located on the corner of 10th and Piedmont.

To be exact, $47,500 has been scrounged up to make minor renovations at the space.

Sounds cheap for a new a restaurant concept, but who can blame Ten? The space is beautiful as is (and it should be, considering 5 Napkin spent $1.5 million on it's buildout).

According to a building permit application Ten submitted to City of Atlanta Friday, the nearly $48K will be spent to remodel the restaurant's bathroom, install new lighting and renovate its bar.

Ten opened briefly in October during Atlanta Pride, but will not comment on when it plans to officially open.



990 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA
Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

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25 responses to “5 Napkin's replacement scrounges up $48K to remodel $1.5 million space

  1. Your snarkiness in the story seems out of place. You talk about the owners "scrounging" up money, but in the same breath, you mention that since 5 Napkin spent $1.5MM, who can blame 10. To me "scrounging" up money is a sign that the owners needed more money and this was the most they can get. Maybe that is so, but that's clearly something you don't know (or else you surely would have reported as such).

  2. ^ Agreed. That logo is possibly the most ugly thing I have ever seen. Judging by its poor design, I assume the owners to be amateurs in the F&B industry and by extension I predict this place will be unsuccessful and be open no longer than a year.

  3. I believe the new owners also own Gravity Fitness ... and it would be a first in terms of owning a bar / restaurant space.

    Despite its shortcomings the location is perfect. Zocalo's doesn't have the best margaritas (or food for that matter) but still captures a large patron following simply because of where it's situated on 10th.

    I think this bar will be just fine ... unless poor management plays into the mix ... and then it will close and someone else will jump on it.

    Circle of life, I suppose.

  4. Financially, it's probably a smart move. The interior of Five Napkin was nice. No reason to reinvent the wheel, if it's not needed.

    But I'm in the "change the logo" camp. It's terrible. You can't read it.

    Come on Ten Pen (!). You still have time to change the logo before you open. You can't have that much invested in building brand awareness. Especially since nobody can seem to pronounce the name of your brand!

  5. How long does it take to redo a bathroom? (and why - the ones in 5NB were perfectly fine) And I can't agree more about that ugly-ass logo!

  6. This is going to be lame. Sorry, but no optimism here. I loved 5 napkin. Friendly staff, good burgers with sophisticated alternatives. That logo makes my eyes hurt.

  7. While I agree the logo and name are not very good, the rest of the silly, negative, amature comments above on this new business really put the Midtown community in a bad light. Really people, are these comments the best you can do? Putting down someone trying to open a new business, bring jobs and services to this corner? I for one hope that this does well in bringing another alternative to the neighborhood, and hopoefully a new logo name.

  8. I heard a rumor that their opening during pride was unlawful, as they had not yet secured their liquor license....lord knows rumors can be unfounded, but this would certainly be an explanation for the limited renovation and the TBD opening date.

  9. Oh, that logo. I agree with everyone about how horrible it is. If they're not taking their branding seriously (and didn't take their liquor license seriously) I can't help but question how long this will last. I wish Hamburger Mary's had gotten the space!

  10. I'll add just one more observation even though this thread is old by now 🙂 You look at what Gilbert's is doing with their new space (big signs, Facebook page, regular updates, generally building a huge sense of excitement in the neighborhood) and compare that with what-ever-this-place-is-called. I hope this place is successful, it's a great location with outdoor seating and the inside was already cool looking, but whoever is responsible for marketing it is doing a poor job. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is really successful and we won't need to look back and think "i told ya so"

  11. It seems like it is already going to be a failure, unfortunately, due to lack of marketing buzz. Is there any way to find out if the liquor license rumor is true?

  12. If any of you would take the time to stop into 10, you will see the temporary liquor license displayed on the wall dated from October 2012 to February 2013. They were in complete compliance when they opened. For the uneducated, this is common until the permanent is issued. Also, they have stated the logo is being cleaned up so that there is no more confusion. It will be a more contemporary look. These guys know exactly what they are doing. One last thing, as far as "scrounging" for money, that could not be farther from the truth. They love the space as it is but fell it is important to add an additional bar and expand the bathroom to accomodate their customers.

  13. You've gotta love "Informed"s unique combination of ignorance and arrogance.

    Nice use of condescending tone and words like "uneducated".

    Candidly, if you represent the bar, I hope they fail. I don't care to give my money to angry, annoying bitches.

    If you don't formally represent the bar, the owners may wish to constrain you a bit. Because you're losing the PR war.

  14. Hope this place does well...great location and sounds like they are being smart about spending money. Hopefully they will not make the same mistakes that 5 Napkin did concerning quality and pricing. Bringing another option to Midtown - thanks!

  15. So when in the heck are they going to open? Gilbert's has done a total gut and rebuild of the old Outwrite space in less time than the "Opening Soon" sign has been up across the street.

  16. @ Informed - how can one "stop into" an established that's not open and has covered its windows? Are you connected to this establishment?

  17. Scrounged up sounds pretty negative, like its a small sum of money. I wish I could scrounge up 47k from somewhere.

    Until this place opens, the judgement should just be put on hold. Looking forward to seeing what they have to offer, and if it sucks, then you move on.

  18. Sorry if I insulted anyone with my comments. I'm not "connected" to them, I was there Pride weekend and stop in every now and then to check on the progress. They seem to be there most days, they are nice guys, I just want them to succeed. It's a great space and we need it for the community and neighborhood. Just give them a chance. They are hoping to be open by the end of the year. Everyone should be more concerned about 10th and Piedmont, as I understand it, the owners Sean and Gilbert are threatening and trying to bully 10 into changing their name, but they are fighting a loosing battle, those guys were way ahead of 10P with the name. But anyone who knows Sean and Gilbert, knows this is how they treat most people.

  19. I noticed yesterday that the "Opening Soon" sign has been taken down - is that a good thing or a bad thing.

    Informed - if you are telling the truth about not being connected to the business, then perhaps you should stay neutral about a name change - unless you have spoken to Sean and Gilbert as well. At least they have been able to get their new place open in a reasonable amount of time (despite having to do a gut renovation of the old Outwrite space) and have two well established restaurants in the neighborhood. Sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder.

  20. Renovations my a$$. 10 is 5 napkins without tables with an extra bar made from a high school wood shop class. The drinks are weak and the bartenders are kinda cute but slower than molasses. And the reason why it took so long to open is cause they had to pay off a hefty fine for being ILLEGALLY open during pride operating under 5 napkins liquor license. Shady shady shady. Rather go across the street to Blake's or 10th and Piedmont.

    1. I agree. Doubt that this place will last. I live around the corner and it looks like Siberia in there each time I walk by. Still hoping that Hamburger Mary's will move in once Ten goes bust.

  21. Tyler your comment is about as ignorant as you! You are spewing lies. Call the city of Atlanta and ask them if TEN was fined, that is ridiculous. TEN is blowing the competition out of the water, the food is excellent, the staff is hot and I am always waited on very quickly. Maybe the problem here is you!!

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