Yard House Restaurant to replace Dolce at Atlantic Station

Yard House ~ what now atlanta
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California-based eatery to open first Georgia location at Midtown development.

Yard House will open its first Georgia location at Atlantic Station, according to Walter Woods, a spokesman for the Midtown development.

The California-based, American fusion restaurant, is slated to open in Midtown, April, 2012.

Yard House will replace the now shuttered Dolce Enoteca E Ristorante, which closed its doors earlier this week.

The restaurant posted job openings on Monster.com seeking managers late last week.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

21 Responses

  1. Should be a good addition. Will get good pre & post movie business. Nothing wrong with simple nice American Fare. Is it a local concept? No. But at least it’s not something that is already all over Atlanta.

  2. sounds kinda like fox sports grill… I’ve never been to either one, so I could be wrong, though, but interesting that they would both flank the same block. I wonder if Fox is expected to stay?

  3. Yard House is just a big brew pub, so, hate to burst your bubble AJ, but this is all over Atlanta.

    Maybe it’s just me, but this is a huge disappointment. I really thought that the next new restaurant was going to be something new and unique – which means, not a sports bar, not a pub, not a place with a wall full of beer selections, and most certainly, not a chain.

    Getting CL’s offices here was a great move, but adding YardHouse does nothing to get away from the cookie-cutter restaurant presence.

  4. Caleb… where is the press release that mentions about Fox Sports Grille being replaced???

    Can you please link to it?

  5. Urbanist – you are so annoying. Every restaurant that opens has a similar concept. Believe it or not, there are restaurants similar to everything, no matter how unique one person deems it. What I was saying is that it’s not a Chili’s or a Taco Mac. It’s a concept that isn’t in Atlanta. If Yardhouse is a major disappointment to you, then I’m sure it’ll be a success.

  6. Great, another chain restaurant! So much for turning Atlantic Station into something of a unique destination. It seems like we are just swapping one California chain (Dolce) for another. Trading a sports bar for a brew house……Where is the new concept? Painting the columns in the parking deck is not really changing the “feel” of the place.

  7. You people have no patience and no idea how to market and turn around a property like this. This is all part of the process in getting more local tenants. Local restaurateurs are going to be hesitant to invest in AS until places like Yard House sign on.

    Because of the type of development it is, the majority of AS tenants will never be local – it will never be Virginia Highlands or Little Five Points. The problem with AS was that the old tenant mix attracted the wrong demographic. It needs a good mix of local tenants and better “chains”. The changes they are making now will make a difference and you can already start to notice it (they have done more than just paint the garage different colors). Also, at least they are adding chains that are new to the market/more interesting than before.

    The people managing AS now have a proven, successful track record. I’m not worried about.

  8. Well said Mike. There are too many people who think you can just blink your eyes and everything has changed. There are also many people who have such horrible lives that they need to be negative about everything. If their life sucks, they need to make everything around them suck. But that’s the nature of anonymous internet posting.

  9. @ AJ – seriously? every restaurant that opens has a similar concept? Outside of serving food to paying customers, restaurants have all the opportunity in the world to distinguish themselves and do something different. Take the Top Flr team for example. First, they opened Top Flr – they focused on craft cocktails, a unique menu, late night crowds, and a great scene. It is, in my opinion, one of Atlanta’s first truly urban restaurants. The same group then opened sound table – the craft cocktails were there, the great menu was there, the late dining was there, and the great scene was there – yet somehow they managed to make it feel entirely different than Top Flr. I have no doubt the Lawrence will be the same. Point is, these guys actually put some thought into their concept, and have managed to create something unique every at bat. Yardhouse-esque restaurants do the opposite. They find a boring, stale, mediocre formula and they follow it, period. 200 plasma tv’s; check. 100+ beers along the wall; check. Boring ass food; check. So, while there was no concept like Top Flr, Sound Table, etc. in Atlanta, and what those guys brought here was unique, there are plenty of concepts identical to Yardhouse in Atlanta, with the only difference being the name. Perhaps Yardhouse will be a success….which just says a lot about the city’s typical patron.

  10. OK Urbanist, so there are like 30 Yard House restaurants in the LA
    area and probably hundreds of other similar concepts, so what does
    that say about LA’s typical patron?? I don’t see how this is specific
    to Atlanta when NYC, Chicago, etc have just as many “mediocre” places
    with 200 plasma tv’s, 100+ beers along the wall, and boring ass food.

    I mean yeah, cities larger than us have more places like Sound Table
    so I guess that helps even it all out, but Atlanta is not as bad as
    you and others make it out to be. Top FLR and Sound Table are always
    crowded, and the owners feel confident enough to open a new spot in
    Midtown. Yeah we could use more, but every single restaurant in this
    city cannot be like that.

  11. I visited Asheville, NC this week and all I think was wow, this little city in the mountains is rocking. Downtown Asheville was this extremely cool urban sophisticated spot. The kinda spot that Atlantic Station could be with the right mix. I agree with some posters that there really isn’t anyting new under the sun, but attracting the restaurants and shops that will only be unique to the area is key. A good brunch spot is a needed and a tapas bar. The Beehive and other indie boutiques would be nice. Is there a spa in there? (It has been a while since I;ve been there). What about a roof top restaurant? I love dining high in the air. Management needs to act soon otherwise this will be nothing more than a glorified Underground Atlanta.

  12. @ Mike – I’m not suggesting that every place in Atlanta act like and look like what the Top Flr guys do. I’m suggesting that we start getting some more variety. This city is littered with crappy pubs or burger joints, with food as exciting as it’s patrons – Taco Mac ^ 99, Hudson Grill(s), Gordon Beirsh(s), whatever that new pub coming to midtown….from McDonough is, and the countless other random restaurants that run under the premise of abundant beer, cheap food, and places you can dine without sleeves, in this city.

    I want to see some more unique concepts, or places that fill the current voids – like late night eateries, healthy urban markets, something molecular, a good tapas bar, etc. I’m tired of seeing the same old thing.

  13. I agree w/ Urbanist. A little variety might’ve been nice, BUT, could a unique concept have survived in Atlantic Station?

  14. Give the restaurant a chance before you decide to turn your nose up at it. Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t like it, you just don’t like it…but at least experience it before hating it.

    It seems like a good replacement that will attract a lot of folks, which is a good thing, no?

  15. I would guess no one here is a restaurant person. So a successful restaurant that people love is able to grow past one, then maybe two, then if all goes well 3…the next thing you know a guy/gal who had a great idea has a bunch of raving fans all over the place and people demand what he/she has.

    So according to the self-righteous foodie gurus they are a “chain”. Under foodie law if you have more than 3 restaurants that are the same you are a “box”. The people of any city are the same way. Check out yelp, a bunch of wanna be food critics with average palates at best. People food & drink are meant to be enjoyed! If your sole purpose is to be a critic and not enjoy yourself then stay home. I promise your life will be less stressful

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