Dolce Group’s Ten Pin Alley to close at Atlantic Station

Ten Pin Alley at Atlantic Station ~ what now atlanta
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Photo credit: Coop The Truth

California-based restaurant & nightlife company scores its last gutter ball in Midtown.

Ten Pin Alley, a high-end bowling alley and restaurant is closing in Midtown.

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An employee at Ten Pin told What Now Atlanta on a trip to the space Wednesday that its closing Sunday.

The bowling alley is located adjacent to Regal Cinemas and is owned and operated by California-based restaurant and nightlife company, Dolce Group.

Dolce Group had three tenants at the Midtown development, two of which have already closed.

The restaurant and nightlife company’s Pan-Asian restaurant, Geisha House, shuttered in March and its high-end Italian restaurant, Dolce Enoteca E Ristorante, closed earlier this week to be replaced by Yard House.

What Now Atlanta predicted Dolce Group at Atlantic Station would close. It topped our DeathMarch list and was added more than a year and a half ago — hate to say we told you so.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

7 Responses

  1. All these changes, what will be left? Are they trying to move the stalled “Rodeo Drive” vision from Buckhead to Atlantic Station?

    I admit that the majority of my visits to AS are to the movie theater….and that experience leaves a LOT to be desired most of the time. Is that being addressed as well?

  2. No big loss. Ten Pin Alley is overpriced and their lanes are terrible. You couldn’t get through a full game without something breaking and needing to call maintenance.

  3. I live in Atlantic Station and moved to the area because of the nitghtlife. I’m single with no kids and this was a great place to live and to be 15min from work. They are closing all of the entertainment venues and making it more family/kid oriented. The kids should be in bed by 10:00 :). Atlantic Station and the remaining businesses will loose money. It’s starting to sound like crickets when the sun goes down. I’m done venting………

  4. “Moved to the area because of the nightlife” – You mean the beat restaurant that tried to act like a nightclub, or the throngs of people standing around idly in the streets?

  5. Fox Sports Grill…your next!!

    BTW, I am barely sentient and this arithmetic is hard to do with my raging hangover this morning!

  6. wow what a prediction what now atlanta! do you also want to predict that gas prices will rise and maybe even be bold in saying that it will be light outside tomorrow morning then get dark in the evening?!

    if you want to boast about your clairvoyance at least put some sort of window on your predictions because you can predict any restaurant will close any time and eventually end up correct 70% of the time in this city.

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