[Renderings] There’s A Tiny-House Village Planned For East Point

'Eco Cottages at East Point' calls for a 40-house community of 250 to 700-square-foot homes.

‘Eco Cottages at East Point’ calls for a 40-house community of 250 to 700-square-foot homes.

UPDATE (November 21, 2017): Planned East Point Tiny House Village Gets Big Rezoning Win, Is Moving Forward

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Home-builder Jim Chapman Jr. is looking to transform a 7.69 acre parcel in Historic Downtown East Point into a 40-house community of 250 to 700-square-foot homes.

The development, Eco Cottages at East Point, would be a self-sustaining community of tiny-houses complete with amenities like a community garden, walking and bike paths, fire pit, picnic space, and a yoga area.

“The Eco Cottages at East Point is a new type of community that is a culmination of sustainable structures, new urbanism and micro agrihood,” according to the development’s website.

“We are redefining the idea of a neighborhood by encouraging relationships between neighbors physically and socially through the design of the neighborhood layout and the engagement through community activities.”

The Eco Cottages at East Point would be the first “tiny home community in metro-Atlanta.”

“The careful orientation of structures and creative use of porches and gardens creates privacy while maintaining closeness with neighbors, with a varied landscape including preserved century old hardwoods to planned edible landscaping ranging from vertical gardens, potted herbs, a community garden, we aim to incorporate sustainability throughout.”

Champan Jr. will work alongside Kim Bucciero of Tiny South Development with advisement from Will Johnston of Tiny House Atlanta. Mary Bairstow is the project’s realtor.

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Could you live here? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

  • Hi,

    I am a resident of Egan Park, neighboring community to this new design community, and am interested in learning more about this development. I am submitting my information for this purpose in hopes of possibly referring new individuals to this community as I learn more about the overall initiative of this new community.

  • Absolutely, finally some innovative development that is in line with helping our planet survive. I am so sick of these clear-cut developers who just took down 300+ trees in my neighborhood to put up these gargantuan energy vampires for $600,000+…I have read recently of several cities who have built “tiny house villages” for the homeless.

  • Having grown up in East Point, this is wonderful news. I am glad there is an interest to make East Point a pleasant town to live once again. Good luck with this idea and may it flourish.

  • I am definitely interested in living in this community. I live in Chicago where there are no tiny home communities and would love to see what you have to offer.

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me for this tiny house project in East Point, GA. I have never owned a home and I was just speaking with a co-worker yesterday regarding tiny homes for someone like me. I am definitely interested and would like to know the cost of such home. People who are getting older or people who live on a budget or people who are single or people with no kids are looking for the perfect space as such. You have answered my prayers and I look forward to the information on this project.

  • I am VERY interested in this development. As a tiny house enthusiast, I’ve begun the downsizing process & look forward to a tiny house (eco cottage) being my next step. SUPER excited !!! Ü

  • I own a small company here in Phoenix, As, that sells building materials to all if the large homebuilders here. I am very interested in introducing your tiny home communities to a few of our home builders here, rather than these huge master planned communitiexz we have now.

  • Good for you! We have been interested in Tiny Houses for some time now. Its time Georgia is finally letting these cottages be built. Please let us know the cost of these cottages and any other pertinent information.

  • I would love more info as soon as possible.
    Are lots being sold first.
    I am planning on moving close to my son who lives in east point. Your development is perfect.

  • I am interested in learning more about this community, costs, amenities, design plans and timeline for when homes will be ready for purchase.

  • I grew up in East Point. I’d move back in a heartbeat is this idea comes to fruition. Interested in the 600-700 sq ft sized homes. Keep us updated!

  • I would love to have more info on the cost of one of these homes. The renderings are gorgeous. Finally an inovative idea and an alternativeto the mega homes being built in this city.

  • Absolutely cannot wait to hear more about this tiny house community! I have been patiently waiting for the movement to come to Atlanta! ???

  • I live and work just a few miles from this tiny house village. I would love to live and serve in this community. Several members of my healing arts collective also want to live here. Let’s do this. love & light!

  • We are very interested!! Time to downsize and this is a perfect solution for us. I am especially interested in community garden and would love to help in its organization. Cant wait for more info!

  • My daughter is moving to Newnan and I have an interest in tiny homes. These homes would be close to there. I would love to receive costs and layouts for these homes and when you expect to start building and any additional information you could provide. Thanks

  • Please send me more info such as floorplans, pricing & whether or not the homes will have attached covered parking. I grew up in EP & would love to “come home”. Also would like to have a small private yard. Right now I live in the Newnan area & there is a lack of small affordable homes unless you buy one that’s 50 years old & needs a ton of work. Thanx !!!

  • Yes I am truly interested in this Tiny House Project and would appreciate additional information about it. I would need a 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms with a great kitchen. So please send me floor plans and pricing Thank you

  • Please send floor plans, pricing and information regarding utilities. What type of parking will be offered with a home purchase? Would it be a deeded property or a land lease arrangement?

  • Its time for something like this. I would be interested in this community as long as there are strict rules governing how it is kept up; aesthetics, home design, paint colors, landscaping, etc. A substantial maintenance fee is necessary to maintain the roads and common areas. Many people want to downsize and live a minimalist lifestyle, which saves money, resources, and is better for the planet. I would want to know that this community is as interested in maintaining a standard of quality that is reflected in its upkeep and presentability over the years as they are in downsizing and saving money. Steps must be taken to ensure that this does not become simply a cheap place to live.

  • I am much interested in tiny house living. I am a NYC resident wanting to relocate to the state of my birth to be near my son.

  • May peace and blessings be upon all whom are seeking a brighter tomorrow. I have dreamed of owning a tiny house for years. I really need one because I pay for college out of pocket, no financial help. Therefore I really need a place to live that would be mine someday, and at the same time, would not have a large monthly payment for 10, 20, 30 years. A tiny house is something that you could always pass along to your children or nieces and nephews, so they can save money while they are paying for college as well. A tiny house could actually help someone to decrease the amount of money a person has to borrow for their education and could help someone put money towards retirement also; as politics are always changing as to what we will all actually have in our older years. I am 51, no children, divorced, Sincerely wanting and waiting for a place that has authorized zoning for a tiny house.

  • I want to downsize and remain in the Atlanta area. I’ve come to realize, less is definitely more! Finally, I find an eco-friendly community and a community garden appeals to my urgency to save the planet.

  • I’m a novelist, working on a book in which my heroine has a tiny house. She lives in a community in Sugar Hill (fictional community). I was curious about the layout of the community, how big the lots were, etc. This has been helpful. Thanks! I plan to come view the community as soon as I can.

  • I am so interested in this community I would love love love to find out when it’s going to be available I’m in the process now of just doing research and I want to get to the point where I know I can sell my house and know that I’ll be able to build a tiny house and know where it’s going to be

  • This looks fantastic! We are close to retirement and looking for a home that is new and small. This looks exactly as I have been thinking. Would like more information, pricing and floor plans. I love it!

  • Ive been looking for a tiny home community here in GA. Please forward info on pricing and any news as this project moves forward.

  • love to move there. When will it be started of should i say when will it be ready to move into. Look like where i what to live. Not a tiny home but at 600 to 700 sq ft sounds perfect. Keep me informed .Thank you Marjay



  • Please keep me informed about your tiny house Village I’m about to retire in 5 to 6 years and I want a small quiet community with a house that I can own that’s reasonable and that I can afford to live in please contact me as soon as you have information

  • I would move into this community immediately and would love to see it built. This has been my dream come true. Especially becoming a senior, I do not want to move into a high rise because I love working in a yard keeping it beautiful. Please let me know as soon as applications are being received.

  • Great News,
    I will love to live in the tiny home community in East Point Ga. Please contact me with information regarding prices and listing. I work in East Point and this will be great!

  • I would love to live in this community. Any help needed to make this a reality please reach out I would love to assist in the planning efforts.

  • I would love in a community like this. I have been looking for this kind of tiny village with homes 700 SF.Im am a single person not retired and i live in a apartment, Dreaming of my own little house. Can i please have some Information.

  • I would love to live in a community like this. I have been looking for this kind of tiny village with homes 700 SF. I am a single person not retired and i live in a apartment, Dreaming of my own little house. Can i please have some Information.

  • Like another person leaving a comment, I too have never had my own home; something all on one level, 700 square feet in a cottage, arts&craft bungalow style sounds like a dream.

    I am an ecologist, whole systems designer and practicing naturopath aware of the potential for building period-featured kit homes for as little as 28K but finding suitable places to build them is another matter. Your conscious desire to re-create community where its been lost is commendable. How much existing ecology can be saved in the process? See if you can also incorporate some new building materials made from recycled products and alternative sustainable energy systems as well. please keep me advised. Thank you for your time and consideration..

  • I think the tiny house community concept is wonderful for those like myself who are single and close to retirement age. I hope it will grow and expand into the Marietta GA area.

  • I live in Toledo! Ohio right now but will be moving to Atlanta the first part of August. I have to say I think this is awesome! I would love to find a tiny
    home to rent in Atlanta that is at least 400 sq ft and affordable. I am struggling right now and this would be perfect for someone like me!

  • Wow! I am planning on retiring from teaching in 2019. This would be perfect for me! I was just reading about Tiny Houses come to Georgia. I would be very interested in any information on these Tiny Houses!

  • Tiny homes- live minimally and grow my own food… as a graduate from Farm School in NYC… I hope it will be eco-friendly place… A life that will be a model to other developers to bring sustainability full circle… I’m all in…. And would love to do workshops for growing organic food vertically and horizontally… Kudos to you!! Looking forward to living there and being part of an amazing green community…. Peace!

  • Will you create 1 bed 1 bath 1 story homes? My email said it’s $50,000 cash but no info on the homes, can not live in a home with loft due to disability only a one story home, I’m selling my home in Fl and very interested in this community, Lakeland Fl is building a community of cottages as well for low income and the plans look so beautiful, howwonderful will it be to have communities with one big green house of food of the earth to eat and work in, truly believe this will manifest all over the world so that beings will not work thru life but truly live it, we forget that we are life and life is love and joy and it’s all that exists, there are no strangers in my eyes, all that exists in the countless variety of forms is the one life manifested and it has to change so that beings. Can have peace and joy in life and stop working g thru it with no rest of mind, a peaceful mind is our true nature but how many truly know this? It’s a waist of life to work thru life when we can change it to these kinds of communities, life is a gift and it has much to reveal to us

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