Peachtree Hills Next In Line For Savi Provisions

Multi-unit franchisee opening latest outpost of the fast-growth neighborhood market in winter 2022
Peachtree Hills Next In Line For Savi Provisions
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Atlanta-based gourmet market concept Savi Provisions is adding another location to its never-ending roster of new franchised locations.

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The fast-casual market will soon be open in Atlanta’s Peachtree Hills neighborhood, according to a recent announcement. Slated to debut in winter 2022, at 365 Peachtree Hills Avenue, the Peachtree Hills location will serve its community much like other Savi Provisions stores, aiming to provide an affordable, gourmet, and healthy market experience. It will be owned and operated by Moez Hasni who is also behind the Brookhaven location, a spokesperson tells What Now Atlanta.

News of Savi’s entry into Peachtree Hills follows the announcement of several locations opening soon throughout Georgia, including the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and a new market entry in Nashville. Founded by owner Paul Nair in 2009, Savi Provisions is currently in an expansion boom thanks to its successful franchising model.

Savi offers prepared foods and local produce, charcuterie options, specialty coffee and teas, a bakery, desserts, gourmet food items, and a collection of wines, spirits, and artisan beers.

The first Savi Provisions location opened in Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhood and was inspired by New York City’s beloved delis and bodegas.

“Nair created Savi Provisions to act as an integral part of the neighborhood that each location serves, aiming to provide an affordable, elevated market experience and combine it with today’s demand for convenience and local sourcing,” according to the announcement. “The intention is to revisit the role of the original purveyor who built generational relationships with farmers, vineyards, and distilleries to serve their local communities.”

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

One Response

  1. On Thursday, May 12, 2022, I entered the Savi Provisions located at 365 Peachtree Hills Ave., and was asked to bring an Ice Cooler inside the store which had been delivivered and left outside because neither the delivery person nor Savi Provisions employees possessed the tools and skills to partially disassemble the cooler, maneuver it inside the store and reassemble it.
    I completed that task, but when it came time for me to be paid, I was told that the company they’d bought it from said they were sending someone to install it and they mistakenly thought that someone was me, and so Mr. Moez Hasni refused to pay me. But an employee of his offered me a sandwhich, small potato chips, $20.00. Which brought me to tears, because I was not being compensated for the work I’d performed but snubbed because of my being a 59 year old homeless african american.
    I did not have the proper tools to do the job so I improvised with the tools available in my book bag for cleaning car rims, windows and shining tires, and in the midst of the job speed walked a mile to the Home Depot and back to buy a phillips head screwdriver.
    To get the ice cooler into the store I had to remove the door, by disassembling the spring loaded hinges to get to the screws fastening the door hinges to the ice cooler, and remove a device located on the back of the cooler that evaporates water form the cooling system, and an awning type apparatus located over the ice cooler’s door.
    I disassembled, installed, and reassembled the ice cooler and should have been paid at least $150.00.C

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