OK Cafe Hangs Cryptic ‘Lives That Matter’ Banner Amid Black Lives Matter Movement

Atlantans are taking the signage to mean 'All Lives Matter,' are showing their disgust on the restaurant's social media.

A large, cryptic banner hanging on the exterior of OK Cafe, at 1284 West Paces Ferry Rd NW, is turning a lot of heads.

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“Lives That Matter Are Made With Positive Purpose,” the banner states.

The banner was put on display at the restaurant as Black Lives Matter (BLM) organizers are leading protests worldwide to shed light on police brutality and systemic racism.

BLM’s latest re-energization was spurred by the in-police-custody-death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday, May 25.

BLM was founded in 2013 after George Michael Zimmerman was acquitted of charges related to fatally shooting Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida.

Many Atlantans are interpreting OK Cafe’s banner to mean “All Lives Matter,” a slogan that has come to be associated with criticism of BLM, implying that all lives are equally at risk when in fact they are not.

“It is common knowledge that White Lives Matter, you live that life every day,” Gifford Chris Jones posted on Facebook Sunday in response to the banner.

“Black Lives Matter is a reminder to those that either don’t know or don’t care that, OUR LIVES matter just as much. So stop feeling butthurt over a campaign to remind the world of what it has apparently forgotten.”

Luther Maloney was among the commenters, asking, “what in the name of all that’s holy is that ‘slogan’ supposed to mean?”

Others pledged to never patronize the restaurant again like Nicole Peete who said the “food is unseasoned anyway!”

“Yeah they’ve always had a racist history,” Claud Aguirre wrote.

“I’m pretty sure they still keep a confederate flag in the dining room of OK Cafe.”

OK Cafe late-Sunday disabled the ability to view “visitor” posts on its social media pages as negative comments and reviews grew. Only messages posted by the restaurant are now visible.

What Now Atlanta reached out to OK Cafe Sunday for the meaning behind the message but the 50s-style diner did not immediately respond.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

21 Responses

  1. “When a person or company tells you who they are or who they represent, you should listen!

    This company displayed the Confederate Flag for years. All lives are not being taken by police.

    The folks in Atlanta should note the movers and shakers- business people and politicians who still dine there after this latest bigoted display!

    1. It is not a racial display to encourage people to have a positive purpose! There are black and white people that have turned an entire movement into a reason for destruction, looting, rioting, assault & murder. It started with abuse of power over a criminal In a drug induced altercation that has now been celebrated. There has been very little mention by the media about how he actually died because the fact that it wasn’t actually by asphyxiation doesn’t serve the purpose of the powers actually trying to divide us further as a people and the culture most hurt by the negative activities that followed his death have been black people. As for the mention of the confederate flag that used to be outside the restaurant, it was a depiction of the flag, it was the flag from the war of that time fought by brave men and although slavery was an issue of that time, it was not the primary reason for the war. Look up the meaning of the confederate flag. I encourage people to actually research the symbols and statues that you criticize: blood of Christ, protection of god, St. Andrew’s Cross, and the 13 states of concession; that’s what the stars & bars stands for.

  2. Every group has been mistreated over the centuries, this is not new. The Christians were thrown to the lions.

    1. Irrelevant comment. But the ideology of this country has been and still is based on Christianity.
      What is relevant is racism in this country. We’ve fixed Christians being mistreated centuries ago. Now it’s time to focus on the current injustices that anyone with an ounce of decency should be fighting for. Literally the least you can do is stop silencing people by bring up irrelevant issues.

    2. Barb – We’re not talking about over the centuries. We are talking about NOW. Get over your white self and take a moment to understand. When the Boston Marathon was bombed and the phrase “Boston Strong” was going around, did you post on social media, “well Atlanta is strong too!!”. No you didn’t. BLM is not saying that White lives don’t matter. If were at a funeral for a friend’s mother and during the eulogy they said “my mom was the best”, would you counter and say “no, my mom is the best.” No you wouldn’t. BLM does not negate that other lives matter. BLM is a reminder or a teaching moment.

      1. The problem is the statistics and data don’t support what BLM is saying. They are focused on a problem that is very small when compared to the reverse of those statistics. Black people aren’t being hunted down by police. Black people also are not being hunted down by white people. The statistics do not bear that out it is a myth and one that I once bought into but when looking at the actual data its a lie. Just like hands up don’t shoot was a lie.

        1. Midtown Mark, I’m more than happy to destroy your weak argument, but I need your quoted statistics first, and any other verifiable facts you can present. If you have non, I’d prefer On sit on the sidlines until we need comic relief or senseless dribble.

  3. I’ve never understood why businesses feel the need to make social, political, or religious commentary.
    There will always be people (possible customers) that won’t agree with your stance.
    But the upside is– at least we know where to spend our money, or not.

      1. Businesses are run by people.
        I manage to run my business without feeling the need to run my personal feelings through that business.

  4. OK Cafe used to have an artistic rendition of the old Georgia state flag that included the Confederate flag. After the restaurant renovated following a fire several years ago, the flag was not replaced.

  5. Caleb, agreed. Thank you for speaking plainly and not mincing words. I respect you very much for that.

  6. I’ve been asking this company for years to take down the confederate flag so I could eat there again. I had pledged not to do so until it was gone. There was always an excuse and claims of no ill will or intent to offend. All doubt has been removed with this latest stunt. I am done with Bones too as I have learned the owners are one and the same. While I once found the old school vibes of both restaurants charming, now it looks more like segregated South cosplay. I’ve lost my appetite.

  7. Ok, so I just watched snippets of the GF funeral.
    It’s not like this guy is MLK, Prince, or Michael Jackson.
    He was a drug addict, and a home-invader. He stuck a pistol to a woman’s pregnant belly FFS.
    His gold-toned casket has done a three state tour. Who is paying for this? His family?
    I’m guessing not.
    Rev Al was there, of course.
    Sleepy Joe couldn’t make it, yet he made a video for it.
    This is obviously pandering.
    Do y’all not see you’re being used?

    1. I.P. ….you live inside the perimeter I thought y’all were all liberals ITP? Your comments are sadly culturally tone deaf. Symbolism my friend….and lets hope that his and 1000s of other deaths lead to change we can all benefit from.

      1. His death was awful, I think we’re all clear on that.
        I’ve always thought of myself as a reasonable person.
        I gave up the “progressive, liberal, democrat” label in 2016.
        I’m creative, and a free thinker, and I can’t follow the pack anymore…

  8. So they took their time, money, & energy Into making this banner to encourage people to have a positive purpose in a time where people are dividing themselves and being destructive… to the point that the original point of peaceful protesting is getting lost and you find that critic and racial????
    Dear media, this story is not only the problem they spoke of but the reason I will drive all the way there just to have a meal in support!

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