Newk’s Eatery Metropolis Literally Kicked To The Curb

Quick-service eatery's furniture and fixtures were put on the street as part of eviction process.

Newk’s Eatery earlier this week was evicted from its Shops at Metropolis home, at 933 Peachtree St. NE Suite 921, according to an email obtained Tuesday by What Now Atlanta (WNA) that was shared with residents of the Midtown condominiums atop the retail. The quick-service eatery’s furniture and fixtures were placed curbside as part of the legal process.

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“Dear residents, we received notice this morning that the retail landlord is in the process of evicting one of their retail tenants, Newk’s,” according to the memo. “For the next few hours, items from the restaurant must be moved to the sidewalk while the process is completed. Everything will be moved back into the restaurant before the end of the workday.”

The space housing Newk’s Eatery earlier this year was listed for lease. Josh Wulz, the Skyline Seven Real Estate leasing associate who holds the listing, told WNA, “We have multiple [Letters of Intent] trading at this time, one of which is very far down the road. We should have a replacement signed soon.”

Newk’s was planning to open back up originally while Wulz and his team searched for a replacement but were “unable to for a variety of reasons,” according to Wulz. “They’ve been cooperating with us throughout this unfortunate process.”

Newk’s has been a longtime tenant in Midtown having opened in the glassy condo tower in 2013. “The retail landlord apologizes for the inconvenience; however, they must complete the eviction process as required by law,” the email states.

[Editor’s note: this article was updated with comments Wednesday from Wulz.]

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

8 Responses

  1. The entire city is emptying out due to the Trump Pandemic and the Trump Great Depression. Pretty soon they’ll be nothing left. Downtown and Midtown is a ghost town right now. It’s the Trump Apocalypse. The psychopath owns all of it for lying about the virus. Lock Him Up

      1. Most people who are brainwashed by the fake news and lies and racism and sexism from Trump and FOX Noise that have destroyed our democracy are I’m afraid to say

    1. Yep. Empty for the most part for several months prior to the shutdowns and they had scaled back their hours and stopped opening on the weekends.

  2. “They’ve been cooperating with us throughout this unfortunate process.”

    Um, yeah right. Why didn’t they get their sh*t out of there then instead of having it put out on the sidewalk and having everyone see and ruining their business reputation in the process. Would have been better to empty it out, take down signage, and post something saying this location closed. The way it played out makes you wonder how the company is ran.

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