Midtown’s Controversial Vision Nightclub Is Probably Re-opening As A Gay Bar

vision nightclub reopening as club reign? ~ what now, atlanta?
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Will This Change Atlanta’s Acceptance For This [Mostly] Unwanted Club?

If your going to come out of the closet, nothing says, ‘hey girl, hey’ more than Atlanta Pride, so do it then, right?

And they did. What is know by most as Vision Nightclub or SPI Club, located at 1021 Peachtree Street across the way from the newly opened Loews Hotel, was in full swing this past Friday, October 8.

But it wasn’t called Vision, rather Club Reign, Friday.

Celebrating their unofficial grand opening party to coincide with Atlanta Pride, Club Reign was open for business and pulled out the stops: red carpet, velvet ropes, and every queen’s favorite: water to drink at their liquor lacking bar (they’re so close to securing that liquor license).

At first glance, it would appear as if the club was never opened. That’s because the windows are once again covered with brown paper from floor to ceiling and Friday’s party was premature. The club’s official opening is a mere two weeks away, with or without the liquor license.

Considering the owner’s history with securing building permits and other permissions, we were a bit curious about the legitimacy of their little shindig Friday.

We have it on good authority that Club Reign had undergone the necessary inspections to operate and most importantly, the party was a bust (nothing says dud like still or sparkling as the only bar options).

That same source says confirmation on whether or not Club Reign will be a Gay bar or not will come from a board meeting this morning with Midtown Alliance. We will have those details as soon as they’re confirmed.

Creative Loafing does list Club Reign as a “Gay/Lesbian Bar” at 1021 Peachtree Street, the address for Vision.

Club Reign
1021 Peachtree St. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309

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  1. I think it was “gay” only during the Pride event. I’m sure the club will be open to straight and gay patrons considering it’s in Midtown. I also know they are trying to keep the ghetto element away by 1) the design 2) how expensive it will be 3)I believe they will have a large security presence. As a Midtown resident I don’t mind it as long as it doesn’t become ghetto… we’ll see…

  2. I dont think many blacks will come due to the high cover then add parking to mix. Most will still drive along Peachtree with the music blarring as usual. Some will try to hang outside and be seen until shwwwshed away.

  3. Well I guess I don’t need to blog about this as you seem to have it covered very well. thanks for posting this.

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