Massive Midtown Promenade Overhaul Won’t Include Richard’s Variety Store, Tuesday Morning

Both tenants will be gone from the Beltline-adjacent shopping center by mid-2020.
Midtown Promenade Renovation Rendering 1
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Midtown Promenade is set for a massive overhaul, the Atlanta Business Chronicle (ABC) Wednesday first reported.

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Recently minted marketing materials for the Beltline-adjacent shopping center, at 931 Monroe Drive NE, confirm the news.

Richard’s Variety Store and Tuesday Morning won’t be sticking around for the renovations, a Midtown Promenade leasing representative confirmed in an email to What Now Atlanta (WNA).

Those tenant spaces will become available mid-2020 and after Christmas this year, respectively, a project insider said.

Combined, the retailers occupy more than 30,000 square feet across suites 113 A and 113 B.

UPS is also departing the center making its 1,552-square-foot space sandwiched between Mellow Mushroom and Poke City available for lease.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Asana Partners earlier this year acquired Midtown Promenade, and as with its Plaza on Ponce development, is spearheading the renovation.

It looks like Asana could also be adding fresh tenant spaces connecting the Beltline to Midtown Promenade in addition to updating the center’s storefronts, greenspaces, and parking.

It’s unclear when the renovations could commence but the ABC is reporting an early-2020 kick-off.

Asana on Wednesday did not immediately respond to WNA’s request for comment.

Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema has already started the process for its renovation.

The independent theatre filed permits in 2017 to overhaul its interior to the tune of $2.5 MM.

When reached by WNA earlier this month for an update on the project, a representative for Landmark confirmed the renovations were moving forward but did not have any new details to share.

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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc. Check out our publications in your city: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, and Tampa.

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  1. Interesting, looks like that back drive becomes a pedestrian plaza? Seems like they’d still have to keep delivery access to TJs. Then those back spaces like Tuesday Morning and Richards becomes more Beltline oriented with beltline facing patios. I wish they’d do another beltline access on the theater end. Or even another line of shops at that back parking lot right on the Beltline. I keep hoping at some point they’re finally connect those drives between the two developments.

  2. Happy to see them making the center more Beltline friendly. But, Richards Variety Store is a treasure. I know there will still be one at Peachtree Battle but losing this one stings.

    1. I say good riddance! Do a quick google search to find out the people who run this place are so terrible, from their racist rants to the way they treat their customers like criminals.

      1. Love the store but the owner embarrasses himself with his attitude. He’s very rude and like another said another said, treats you like a criminal, running his store like Angie’s Wigs in West end. No tact, only his superior “eyeballing”. He should check that face in the mirror before he walks out the door in the morning. Ugly is still ugly, but a better attitude will get you further.

  3. I doubt the guy is a Racist… Most would think your comments are terrible. I’m sure you give off the “better watch me” vibe in every store you step foot in. Besides all of us readers realizing that your life sucks so bad that you need to add your valuable “two cents,” you have shown us that people of your same ilk like to pile on like your buddy William Rizzuto. What a class act he is… High school insults.. this is why things are the way they are. BTW, I’m sad to see both Richard’s and Tuesday morning gone!

    1. Peachtree Battle store is the one you are referencing. The Monroe store is separately owned.

  4. Sad to see Richard’s go, but excited for the revamping and future beltline friendliness of this shopping center. The parking situation is dire, so they definitely NEED the beltline and non-car traffic to improve the center — pedestrian friendliness is a must. I wish FROGS would be replaced with a restaurant that actually served decent food as well as some of the restaurants in the back portion of the center. Better food options are definitely needed (other than MetroFresh which is amazing).

  5. Glad to see Richard’s Variety store leaving. If you search their reviews you will see that both of their locations have a history of racial profiling. It is quite an oppressive environment.

  6. how can shopping be an oppressive environment? I find the butcher section in any super market offensive!

  7. The UPS store is not confirmed leaving. Before you publish false information, why not confirm with the business owners first?

  8. I shop TJ a lot, Richard’s and TM some, will miss both, it looks as if one of the stores is womens apparel, not a good fit. Connecting Home Depot and Promenade parking would be GREAT, it will never happen, too much cut-thru traffic, it would be a lot more convenient for me and add much needed parking.
    What is the prognosis on Colony Square? They are still removing rubble from the two-story building torn down ages ago. There have been at least six high rise buildings constructed around Spring St. since CS started their revamping. They will need to revamp their parking fees before I ever go there again.

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