IV Infusion Therapy Coming to Brighten Park By Way of The DRIPBaR

Owned by entrepreneur Dr. Cedrick Spears, this will be the first location for the chain in the Atlanta area.
Dr. Cedrick Spears founded Quality Personal Care in 2006. (Photo courtsey of Cedrick Spears)
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Dr. Cedrick Spears has devoted much of his life and career to helping people. The Air Force veteran turned entrepreneur opened Quality Personal Care Inc. in 2006, providing non-medical, in-home care to elderly and disabled patients around Clarksville, Tennessee, where he grew up. He expanded his business in 2016, opening in Killeen, Texas, and Atlanta. 

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Continuing his mission to provide care, Spears is now opening a DRIPBaR location in the Brighten Park shopping mall. Expecting to open at the beginning of October, Spears said that opening a DRIPBaR allows him to try something new while sticking to healthcare. “After 15 years and three locations, I wanted to enter into something new, but something that could still relate to home healthcare,” Spears said. “I thought of IV infusion therapy for new clients and my current clients that can benefit from healthy alternatives to keep their immune systems up.”

The Rhode Island-based wellness clinic uses IV infusion therapy to deliver “drip cocktails,” a mixture of vitamins and nutrients, to their patients. These cocktails are divided into three categories: IV Lifestyle Drips, IV Health Support Drips, and IM Quick Shots. Benefits range from healing support to immune system boosts.

“I know that now people are afraid to start new ventures, but this is something that certainly can help people fight against COVID by boosting the immune system through the high dose vitamin C fusion,” Spears said. “So that’s what caused me to really sign the dotted line in March.”

For Spears, DRIPBaR is an opportunity to widen the range of people he can help, from the elderly to the millennials. 

“I’m most excited about helping more people, always want to find ways to broaden my reach in helping people,” he said. “They can have a better quality of life and enjoy the things that God has blessed them with.”

Paul Kim

Paul Kim is a senior at NYU studying Journalism and Public Policy with a minor in Food Studies. A Korean-Taiwanese American born and raised in Atlanta, Paul holds a special appreciation for the diverse food city that Atlanta has become in the last few years. Paul especially loves Korean food because they don't use cilantro in their dishes. Paul hates cilantro.
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5 months ago

Wow, I thought this fad died out years ago.
Nobody except a hospital, or EMT is putting me on an IV drip.
If you think it’s smart to go to a shopping center and be put on an IV drip, you should really examine your lifestyle/nutrition choices. With a proper diet, etc, there is absolutely no need for a healthy
person to be shooting-up vitamins and nutrients. Good grief!
Waiting for the (Un)Healthy episode on this…

Bill Richards
4 months ago

Now I can ditch the mask, I’ll just boost my immune system here to help fight COVID.

4 months ago

100% agree with I.P.30307since1987!, there is zero demonstrable medical benefit from intravenous infusions unless treating a specific disease. The immediacy and potential severity of allergic reactions to infusions should be reason enough to never offer “lifestyle” IV treatments. Complications related to simple peripheral IV catheter placement may be relatively rare, but you balance that against potential benefit. The trivial benefit to be had from the “therapy” (which becomes essentially zero benefit compared to swallowing the same substances or their precursors), makes offering this to the general public irresponsible at best and arguably malpractice on the part of Dr. Spears. The… Read more »

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