Currently in planning by retired architect Winston Taylor Jr., the bar is one of the many businesses Taylor is hoping to move into his building in the neighborhood he grew up in.
Opening in the One Moreland building, Feminine Funk sells t-shirts that promote self-empowerment and body positivity.
Local on North's buyer in Duluth will keep the restaurant’s name while the new owner in Downtown Roswell will be rebranding to Canton St. Social.
This will be the fourth location of the growing quick-service chain for Hermant Suri, Curry Up Now’s Atlanta franchisee.
SkyBar at SkyView will be managed by Complete Beverage Systems, Inc, serving drinks within the confines of the SkyView’s fenced area.
Redevelopment of an elementary school will include acoustically-treated studio production spaces, a virtual reality center, and a screening theatre for Atlanta creatives looking to start a career in the arts industry.
Opening in the Pleasant Hill Square shopping mall, this will be the Atlanta area’s third location of the Chicago-born eatery.
After announcing a three-location deal in early-2020, Etanya Lucas has signed the first lease for the franchise agreement.
The Maryland-based Jamaican restaurant is opening in a space that used to house Theze Bonez.
Mixed-use development opened earlier this year and is now home to Knuckies Hoggies, Elan Beauty, White Windmill, Wings N Burgers, with a Jinya Ramen on the way as well.