Here Are The Top 5 Potential Restaurant Ideas For 905 Juniper – Now YOU Select The Winner!

what should open in the shuttered 905 juniper space in midtown? help us decide! ~ what now, atlanta?
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The New Owner At 905 Juniper Has Selected The Top 5 Potential Restaurant Tenants From YOUR Entries

It’s Up To YOU To Vote On The Best. Entries Are At The Top Of The Sidebar

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The new owner at 905 Juniper in Midtown asked YOU what should open in the space that was most recently the restaurant concept Lupe and Cuerno before that.

Thanks to everyone who participated! We received an overwhelming response of 121 thought provoking entries (click here to read those).

DZ Developments, the new owner at 905 Juniper, has selected the top five but it’s up to YOU to select who’s is number one and more importantly what YOU want to see open in that space. Click here to read about the prizes that are up for grabs and to learn more about the contest.

Here are the top five finalists but you have to vote on them in the sidebar:

Michael says:
October 30, 2010 at 9:50 am

Something for the neighborhood! Local, sustainable, fresh – like Rosebud with carryout options. A chain will not succeed here nor a gimick (e.g., EVOS, or even a cocktail lounge). A strong wine list and an accomplished/award winning chef are keys to success.

Dee says:
November 1, 2010 at 3:02 pm

A gastropub like Leon’s Full Service with good food, interesting beer, and cocktails, the kind of place you could see yourself going to more than once a week without feeling like you have to get dressed up, and could go for a meal or just a good drink and some nibbles. Everyone has their own idea of what kind of place feels comfortable for dropping by on a random night, but my two cents is that Holeman & Finch and TAP take themselves a shade too seriously for me to just drop in in my jeans and sandals–but maybe it’s just their clientele.

K-Dogg says:
November 1, 2010 at 5:00 pm

I live in 805 Peachtree Lofts, about a block away from this development. I think the neighborhood is seriously lacking a high-end market like the SAVI Market in Inman Park… something with a nice selection of craft beers & wine for sale.

I also like the idea of place where I could pick up prepared meals (my wife & I never have time to fix dinner as it is, and with a kid on the way our time is going to be stretched even thinner).

Thanks for taking neighbors’ input! I’m looking forward to whatever ends up going into that space, because I know that you are already putting a lot of thought and consideration into it.

Carole says:
November 3, 2010 at 12:34 pm

I love the idea of a cozy neighborhood bar/wine bar with tasty, fresh, quality tapas (think along the lines of the bar scene at Ecco). Consider the price points as many neighbors are very conscious of their spending. If handled properly, this could be a gold mine~~~forget the parking. You are surrounded by many, many condos where people live in small spaces and need to get out and about. A quick glass of wine or two and some small bites, mixed with social interaction could be the “best”.

Doug says:
October 31, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Well, there are a few issues with this space. Mainly – PARKING. the lack of frequent and constant open spaces leads to valet. And having valet kills the idea of “cheap, fast meals”. The whole process of valet giving you a ticket and disappearing with your car. Then having some cash on hand, to tip the valet after you have waited in line to get you car can be a REAL buzz kill. Only “Fine Dining” lends itself to this headache. OR SOMETHING SPECIAL…

My vote is for a Star Provision like deli during the day that transforms into a very special venue that has a “chef of the week”. With a different menu every WEEK you will rarely be able to have the same thing twice. Special celebrity chefs, local chefs, and new talent would be on deck.

The space should feel a little classic “NYC upscale deli’ish. I would hire Freshmaker Design to handle the design of Tiled walls, burlap padded seating, and hexagon tile floors. Magazines and newspapers from around the world. Music that fit each weeks locale. This space needs the constant energy of change and excitement. It would attract Atlanta’s Travel set. It MUST FEEL GLOBAL.

All of the winners from the various Food channels shows could be the lineup. I would call it Puddle Jumpers. BBQ one week, Sushi the next. French one week, East African the next. The website would have the destination for the week. (you would get a PJ passport, upon each visit, it would get stamped..upon your 10th country/dinner, your meal is on the house!) It would be GRAND!

Click here to see all of the entries!

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

All good selections, but two comments-

Don’t lose focus on the price point. We’re in a recession, and even those not directly affected by the economy aren’t in the mood to spend lots of cash on dinner.

I love the take-out concept, but I’m not going to spend $40 for dinner for two people– for take out. I live less than one block from this spot. I would go there several times a week, if the food was good and the price point was reasonable.

Joe Levmar
9 years ago

I think knowing the space is tight there and the kitchen is not huge I think a prepared foods place that you can use for fresh prepared lunches and Dinners you can either take home or eat there. Like Metro-Fresh or like “Eatsies” or like “Harry’s in a Hurry” then pop over to Chocolate Pink to take home some delicious deserts with Dinner. Something that the owner can keep going and the local residents will afford to pay on a daily basis local being the key since parking in the building is limited or you park on the street. No… Read more »

9 years ago

If parking isn’t easy and plentiful and free then this will not work. As much as everyone loves to romanticize about getting Atlantans out of their cars this isn’t the current reality.

9 years ago

I realize this is late, but these ideas don’t sound like they’re going to succeed. They’re all riffs on the same concept that has been tried and failed there. Why not do something unique, instead of “another Ecco” or “another gastropub”? If I want something like Ecco’s bar scene, I’ll just go to Ecco. A good deli seems to be what we’re missing. Something that would provide quick, cheap eats for lunch and dinner. Cut the meats on premises, sell some beer and wine out of a cooler, set out the cafe tables during the summer, and let me grab… Read more »

9 years ago

I live within walking distance and I would like to see something like la Madeleine there. There is a good variety of hot and cold food, fit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It has a special, cozy atmosphere, and the prices are reasonable enough to go multiple times per week.

9 years ago

I don’t live or work in that right in that area (I live more in the VA-HI area) but if I did, a quick place like K-Dogg suggested would be great. As much as another gastro-pub would be good, the parking situation would keep me away.

al p
9 years ago

so make sure that the business does not require LATE NIGHT this is a residentail neighborhood and the building requires quiet hours to begin at 10PM any one in there will have to end outdoor dining at 10PM so make your decision with that in mind.. BREAKFAST REAL BREAKFAST LIKE OLD HIGHLAND BAKERY. OR REAL LUNCH. SOMETHING THAT WILL BRING THE LOCAL BUSINESS FOLKS IN TO SUPPORT IT IS ESSENTIAL.. the previous owners had no concept for locals everyone was forced to DRIVE to the place. make it a place that is fornts and the day time traffic and you… Read more »

9 years ago

I didn’t get a chance to read through ALL of the entries but I keep seeing the “in and out” concept over and over. This will never work in this location due to having no parking. Several mentioned “limited parking” however I don’t believe there was ANY restaurant parking allowed for Lupe and Beleza, valet only. I never saw that as a problem as I rather prefer that valet do my parking, but it was a huge complaint, even for sit down diners. Also, it seemed the residents of this building were determined to squash out any life downstairs, so… Read more »

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