Cream Bar And Bistro Beelines For The Beltline

cream bar & bistro opening in the city life restaurant and bar space ~ what now, atlanta?
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A Restaurant For Strays Or Gone Astray?

Cream Bar & Bistro, a sports bar and grill, is under construction at 1919 B Metropolitan Parkway.

Located along the Atlanta Beltline project, Cream Bar plans on opening in the shuttered City Life Restaurant & Bar space.

We use ‘plan’ strategically as they’ve been taking their sweet time in opening– to the extent that we’ve gotten so tired of researching when they’d open that we about slopped the cows and milked the hogs by accident.

Cream Bar did launch a Facebook page back in May with little to no information and has recently registered this domain.

Of course, there isn’t even a coming soon on their hosting supported template and no additional information. However, building permits were filled with the city in September.

But whether or not they are opening put aside, we just want to know what a ‘cream bar’ is? Possibly a cover up for smuggling catnip into Atlanta? Maybe just a watering hole for the neighborhood felines?

Here’s what we do know from their Facebook page:

The newest Sports Bar & Grill to hit Atlanta, Located in the heart of the Belt Line at 1919 Metropolitan Parkway we are the only upscale Sports Bar in the area.

Using full and legible sentences on a business Facebook page is clearly not a qualifier for the makings of a cream of the crop restaurant, but it does add to our skepticism about their delay in opening.

Cream Bar & Bistro
1919 B Metropolitan Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30315

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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James Woods
9 years ago

I went to Cream, it is a nice looking Restaurant. I think it maybe a good place to visit. We need something like this in that area.

9 years ago

Well we went by there (sunday) and it was open for business, we ordered Herb Roasted chicken with rice pilaf and collard greens it was wonderful

9 years ago

I received an email invitation : Community Night (Tuesday) at Creams Bistro Metropoliatan Parkway. “The management at Creams would like for the NPU [X] to come out and see what they are all about. That will be this Tuesday, November 16th at 6:30.”

9 years ago

The bartender’s main job is to be able to mix drinks quickly and accurately that’s not the case at Cream Bar & Bistro on Metropolitan Parkway. That was the worst bartender I ever seen I ordered a Drink on the Rocks and he has two cups both with ice poring the drink from one cup into the next trying not to have the ice from one cup spill into the next which it did and trashed half the drink in the cup with less ice and more drink and gave me the cup full of ice and little to nothing… Read more »

9 years ago

i heard drug dealers own it. so i wont be visiting it. I also heard that one of the dealers has done time for drugs got out and back doing it again. he also had a car shop on that same street yrs ago which was busted. so the bar is a cover to wash there drug money.

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