Details Revealed For 100 Peachtree Reno Including Ditching ‘Equitable’ Name

174-foot-long digital LED sign will display Georgia’s Own Credit Union’s logo atop the downtown building.

Zeller Realty Group (ZRG) Tuesday detailed plans to realize its vision for 100 Peachtree, the 620,000-square-foot Class A office tower in downtown Atlanta more popularly known as the Equitable building.

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Once renovations are complete, the building will feature “upgraded amenities, the city’s first digital building-top signage, enhanced connectivity and new community activations.”

ZRG has partnered with design firm Gensler to redesign 100 Peachtree’s amenity spaces.

“The lobby will transform into an artful, inviting experience, with new outdoor gathering spaces, soft seating, an interactive screen and public art installations,” according to the announcement.

New amenities include an “interactive conference center, tenant lounge, collaboration spaces and an upgraded fitness center.”

Renovations on the lobby and amenity floor will begin this summer.

ZRG in partnership with its anchor tenant Georgia’s Own Credit Union will provide complimentary Wi-Fi in the neighboring Woodruff Park and a recently appointed activities director will “deliver dynamic tenant events and community programming, such as weekly live music in the outdoor gathering space provided by the Rialto Theatre.”

“Employees are actively searching to work at a ‘go-to’ office building in Downtown Atlanta; that is why Zeller is investing both money and personnel into building amenities and neighborhood activation,” Mark Vollbrecht, principal for ZRG, said in the announcement.

“With new enhancements, combined with a location in the heart of Downtown Atlanta and access to MARTA, 100 Peachtree provides the perfect work environment for tenants to attract and retain a talented workforce.”

Since acquiring 100 Peachtree in May 2017, ZRG has signed several tenants including The Boston Consulting Group, which now occupies two floors, and recently committed to a 3rd floor, for a total occupancy of 60,000 square feet.

Georgia’s Own Credit Union moved its headquarters to 100 Peachtree last year. The not-for-profit organization leases over 100,000 square feet at 100 Peachtree and will celebrate its 85th anniversary in 2019.

As part of the move, Georgia’s Own Credit Union and ZRG will work with Skanska USA, a global construction, and development firm, to bring the “first digital building-top signage” to Atlanta in early 2019.

The 174-foot-long digital sign will display Georgia’s Own Credit Union’s logo on a more energy-efficient LED sign, as well as community-oriented messages promoting local and charitable events.

Amenities package upgrades at 100 Peachtree are expected to be completed in early 2019. The new digital building-top signage is set to be unveiled in time to welcome fans to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII.

100 Peachtree - Georgia's Own
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Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

7 Responses

  1. This will look like terrible visual noise. Why would you want an ultra bright scrolling billboard ruining the sleek design of the building? I thought the equitable building was always a nice lol to the sky line, but now it will stick out like a store thumb – for the wrong reasons!

    1. A bit dramatic don’t you think? Destroying what? Don’t worry the building is still going to stand.. Whats wrong with an LED sign? Almost all major cities have them, they help make a place look colorful and more alive, look at images and videos of Hong Kong for example. Is LED signage bad for Atlanta? Might as well embrace the change, its 2018.

      1. Whether you object to the signage or not, I hate this argument. Embracing changes just to keep pace with what may have recently happened or been allowed elsewhere (i.e., because “its 2018”) is foolish. There are some changes that should be embraced, but changes that produce inferior results, especially where they are replacing something historic and/or exceptional, should not.

        1. It is 2018, and we have great new technology, Its only “foolish” in your opinion. I am huge advocate of preserving historical buildings in Atlanta, and sadly too much of it was destroyed, but we are talking about a sign here and not a building. In my opinion I think an outcry over a signage change is just silly. The company is not even headquartered in Atlanta. There are a lot more serious issues we can raise in the city then a simple signage change. Furthermore I don’t see anything wrong with LED signage, the brighter Atlanta’s skyline, the more attractive.

  2. I believe the Equitable Building was finished in 1968, exactly 50 years ago. The National Register of Historic Places requires buildings to be 50 years old to qualify for historic status. People who oppose this move should lobby their city council representatives to give this building historic landmark protections so that its current owner isn’t able to permanently deface an iconic downtown building.

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