[Update] Plans filed for La Hacienda in Midtown

Silver Grill to be demolished making way for Mexican Restaurant.

After nearly a year of permitting with City of Atlanta, La Hacienda is making headway toward opening in Midtown.

A building permit for the Mexican restaurant was filed this week with City of Atlanta, to erect a new structure where Midtown's Silver Grill currently stands.

Originally, the Mexican restaurant was going to spend $100,000 making commercial alterations to the space, and then open in Silver Grill's place.

The new 2,000-square-foot La Hacienda Mexican restaurant will cost an estimated $150,000 to construct.

An additional $25,000 will be spent demolishing the 1,339-square-foot Silver Grill building, according to permits filed earlier this year.

La Hacienda's reason for building its Midtown location from the ground up instead of occupying the Silver Grill space as planned, has not been confirmed.

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant - Rendering courtesy of YSM Design
Rendering courtesy of YSM Design