What Now Atlanta gets new look for 2013, more changes coming

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What Now Atlanta gets new look for 2013, more changes coming

Welcome to the all-new WNA.

Like our new look?

It’s ever changing, so settle in but don’t get too comfortable.

As for the content? That’s not going anywhere. As a matter of fact, content is why What Now Atlanta (WNA) is and will continue making changes. We’re beefing up and have a few major projects in the works.

WNA will continue to be Atlanta’s one-stop-shop for breaking news in openings, closings, expansions and renovations in restaurants, retail and real estate (without the relentless cheerleading that you see in other sites).

But while we have your attention (and now that WNA is coming up on its three year anniversary), in the comments, please give us some feedback on your experience as a reader/commenter this far: likes, dislikes, wants, needs, etc. -- we look forward to hearing your thoughts!

For more mouthwatering restaurant and retail news as it breaks, don’t forget to subscribe to our news alerts, find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!


Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Atlanta (WNA). He was featured in The New York Times, Creative Loafing's "20 People to Watch," named "Lifestyle Blogger You Need To Know" by Rolling Out Magazine and highlighted as Atlanta's Metropolitan Male in fashion magazine, 944. WNA has been named "Best of Atlanta" by Creative Loafing, and Atlanta and Jezebel Magazines.

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15 responses to “What Now Atlanta gets new look for 2013, more changes coming

  1. First?!? 🙂

    I truly love the "breaking news" aspect of your site (and social media). It's the kind of news that I personally find valuable and helps me better understand an Atlanta niche that I value.

    If I had one complaint (and it's minor), is that I loved the consistency you broke news in the first year. I know it's a ton of research and hard work, and now mixed with a full-time job ..... just to me I miss getting that daily news that told me about a closing or opening or new business coming to town.

    For the record, I STILL love your site and social media followings. Hands down the best news in town.

  2. The site looks nice, but is unusable in Firefox, try loading it in FF, takes upwards of a minute or more. Works fine in IE and Chrome though.

  3. The square images on the main page should be crop-boxes on the images rather than boundary boxes. Most of the images are pinched to fit the square- which looks terrible,

  4. Love the new look, and as always the useful information about what's going on in the Atlanta retail and hospitality scene. I agree about the cropped images, but that's details.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks! As for the newsletter, we have two options: News Alerts (daily) or Leisurely Ledger (weekly roundup). If you email me your subscribed email address, I'll update your preferences: calebwhatnowatlantacom.


  5. New look is great. I am glad you don't use the "copy this unintelligible swirly word" option to guarantee that people are not bots. Keep up the great work.

    By the way, have you looked into what is going into the ViewPoint building? All of the bottom retail is undergoing renovation, and they just started working on the 6th street side of the building as well.

  6. Hey Caleb -

    I haven't commented in quite a while but enjoy reading the updates. Today, on my iPhone, I happened to click on the "miscellaneous" tab and I'm glad I did, because I found this feed and I've been grumbling (to myself) about a couple of problematic components of your mobile site. So now I am taking the time to share...

    1. It bothers me that the map moves with your finger while you are trying to scroll down the page. I get that this is how many maps are on websites, but if you are still trying to read the story and/or comments, when you get to the map, it pretty much takes up the whole screen so you get "stuck" only scrolling the map. If you want to continue reading, you have to take a "running swipe" to make sure you quickly get below the map so you can continue scrolling to read. I think it would be better for those few that might be interested in viewing the map, that if you want to see the map in greater detail that you have to click on it and open it up, but that it stays static for scrolling purposes.

    2. I've noticed that the rendering of your mobile site cuts off quite a good deal of many aspects of the page, outside of the story. For example, on the date of the story I can't read past January 1, 2 (followed by 1/2 of the 0 from 2013. In the comments, they are chopped, too. In the first comment for an example, by KenBud, it reads:

    line 1: I truly love the "breaking news" a
    Line 2: site (and social media). It's the ki
    Line 3. personally find valuable and hel (half of the p)
    Line 4. understand an Atlanta niche tha

    I have a couple of websites that don't render will as a mobile version, so I have the mobile option turned off. I definitely think you need a mobile version, since text is the majority of your site, but something is causing things to get cut, consistently on all pages. Start with the comments parameters, that may address other areas that are cut as well, because those are consistently this way, in my experience. For reference, I use an iPhone 5, but this occurred on my 4s as well.

    Keep up the good news work!

    1. Hello Steve! Thank you SO much for this thoughtful comment. You've provide a ton of valuable insights to things that need to be fixed/worked though. I'm looking into these today. Thanks again!


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