Irwin Street Market's 'Bob' Closes

Fast food restaurant announces on Facebook it will reopen as new concept.

UPDATE (July 30, 2014): Irwin Street Market's 'Bob' to reopen as The Georgia Cafe

Bob, the restaurant that replaced Bell Street Burritos in Irwin Street Market this past November, closed its doors over the weekend.

"..A new and exciting concept is coming in and we will no longer be Bob," the restaurant said in a recent Facebook post.

"We hope you will remember us fondly as we will remember all of you. It's been a wonderful experience and we thank all of you for your support. We'll be taking this page down shortly, but wanted to make sure we at least sent our love first!"

Eater Atlanta was first to raise suspicion that Bob might have closed when its website was taken offline, and the signage removed from the restaurant's storefront.

The restaurant, at 660 Irwin St., was founded by Jake Rothschild of Jake’s Ice Cream.


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