Waffle House To Erect Location at Fuqua’s Glenwood Place Development

The breakfast-all-day restaurant is the first known eatery for the Kroger-anchored project.

The breakfast-all-day eatery is the first known restaurant for the Kroger-anchored project.

Norcross, Ga-based Waffle House is looking to open its newest location in Fuqua Development’s forthcoming Glenwood Place mixed-use project, at 800 Glenwood Avenue.

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The breakfast-all-day diner last week filed plans with City of Atlanta to erect a 1,743-square-foot restaurant at the Grant Park site.

An estimated $293,113 will be spent building the Waffle House from the ground up, according to the plans.

Glenwood Place broke ground April, 2015. The mixed-use project will consist of 216 apartments, 24,000-square-feet of commercial space for restaurants and shops, and a 118,000-square-foot Kroger.

Here’s the latest Glenwood Place site plan:

Glenwood Place Site Plan
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The Atlanta Business Chronicle earlier this year reported that Fuqua secured deals with Chick-fil-A, Starbucks and Chipotle at the mixed-use project, but no official plans have been filed.

Glenwood Place is expected to open spring 2016.

What restaurants and retail shops should Fuqua open in Glenwood Place? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Ah, another “F.U.” from Fuqua! Sorry, I would rather go to Homegrown or EAV to support the local restaurants instead!

    1. Republicans don’t love Seattle-based, uber-liberal Starbucks or the locally sourced and ethical Chipotle. Do you mean that you object to large corporations?

        1. @RebeccaHill, please explain in a rational way why you oppose WH and Chick FilA. Heck, there is even a WH in downtown Decatur now. Is it because both companies train their employees to treat their customers with respect that you don’t like? Is it that both companies give their employees opportunities to participate in ESOP’s?

          Please, explain your opposition to local, successful restaurants that actually give people opportunities to have a better life.

    2. For Pete’s sake, “Republican”? Do you ever dine at the WH? It’s an Obama-voter paradise.

      Free yourself from the hate. It’s good for you.

    1. Ask the beltline what they truly support as they are allowing this & several other developments that the local neighborhood’s don’t won’t. They need the tax base to get more funding so if yuh think the beltline has your back think again.

  2. This is insane. WHy does Waffle House make sense? Glenwood Park was built to keep chains OUT!! Horrible. Destroying the neighborhood. If these Yo-yos continue to ignore the overall feel of the neighborhood then the locals will not support these chains.Please continue to support Perk Coffee and the local restaurants.

  3. @LPT seriously? Waffle House is a local restaurant. It is a successful, local restaurant. If you want to support Home Grown have at it. I like it too. But, I love WH! I think you people just have a case of anything Fuqua is bad. I don’t recollect protests when Jamestown brought in every chain imaginable at PCM. Now, you are protesting because a local chain is too successful to be in the neighborhood. KSM has chains in it too, but, not a Fuqua development so that’s ok.

    @Amyb – Glenwood Park was not built to keep chains out. Glenwood Park was built by someone with really deep pockets (Charlie Brewer) who only wanted to rent to locals. How has that worked out? Ten years of empty store fronts and failed attempts at businesses (Salon Red etc.). Heck, Even GunShow and The Shed are “chains’. So is the fitness place on the corner. Go protest them!

    You people amaze me. More traffic in the area means more people to support the local places you love.

    BTW you do realize that Chick Fil A is also a local restaurant? So, successful, local restaurants are bad but struggling ones are good?

    1. More traffic on a street with one Lane in each direction is good for the neighborhood? I don’t think so

  4. Although I don’t prefer WH, I want breakfast after 3:00pm.Closer than The Majestic. Looking forward to the proposed 23-hour diner at Atlanta Dairies development.

  5. This is making me move out if the area. More chains? What is the traffic going to be like with Glenwood being only 1 Lane in each direction? And a 24 hour Waffle House? And all these places across from a high school? Will there be a truancy office there too? People moved to this part of town to avoid these types of malls you find in the suburbs. We want small businesses, unique restaurants, not more chain stores – and not a 3rd Kroger in a 5 Mike radius. Thank God real estate prices have finally turned around so I can get our if the neighborhood before it turns into he’ll. Look at the traffic at Edgewood and Moreland has multiple lanes. This goes against everything this area was supposed to be.

    1. Lol. I don’t think the city “planned” the neighborhood to be a certain way. In fact, EAV holds the grit that it is from no planning at all. What you are seeing is a the area bursting with real estate and value, so make what you want of it. It’s not going to lose its character, but it will become more diverse

  6. A LA Fitness would be ideal. I would love to not have to fight downtown/midtown traffic just to go to the gym.

  7. How about a Sprouts Food Market for healthy eating and a Marshalls or Home goods store.
    Fitness Center with dance classes.
    Organic food eatery

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