Universal Music Group Bringing ‘Experiential’ Resort Hotel To Atlanta

New UMUSIC Hotel concept coming first to Biloxi, Mississippi — a $1.2 billion project.

Universal Music Group (UMG) in partnership with entertainment investment group Dakia U-Ventures recently unveiled its UMUSIC Hotels brand, a new music-based “experiential” property, set to launch with locations in three markets: Atlanta, Georgia; Biloxi, Mississippi; and Orlando, Florida; with additional cities across the U.S. and around the world to come.

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In Atlanta, the UMUSIC Hotel will include a “holistic entertainment venue.” The location and timing for the property were not disclosed and reps for UMUSIC Hotels on Monday did not immediately respond to What Now Atlanta’s request for comment.

“Every destination holds a great story just waiting to be told through its cultural heritage and its music,” Robert Lavia, chairman at Dakia U-Ventures LLC, said in the announcement. “Through this new concept, we will both help people discover new ways to channel their love for music and the arts and help empower the transformation of communities worldwide through cultural, inspirational, creative and conscious collaboration. And we’re thrilled to work together with Universal Music Group who shares our vision and passion about the powerful role of culture and music for each community we touch.”

UMUSIC Hotels aims to create “immersive experiences for fans, guests and artists alike, with music and entertainment at the forefront of design and guest experience all around the globe.” The UMUSIC Broadwater Hotel in Biloxi is up first and is set to “seamlessly integrate a stunning performance venue and a luxury hotel with an immersive architecture style.” Biloxi’s UMUSIC is a $1.2 billion project and includes a casino.

“Embodying each location’s unique spirit, the hotels will draw inspiration from their respective local culture and serve as creative hubs in communities around the world — promoting positive social change, education, and innovation through the power of music,” according to Friday’s announcement. “Guests will discover the soul of each city through its rich local music heritage.”

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

17 Responses

  1. according to the map this is going in Midtown Promenade? not to be Dark Cloud Carol but tourists swarming that area will be, um, complicated. I didn’t see a mention in the piece about where proposed site will be, unless I missed it.

    1. The location and timing for the property were not disclosed and reps for UMUSIC Hotels on Monday did not immediately respond to What Now Atlanta’s request for comment.

  2. Who would build a hotel based around packing huge crowds into tight spaces right now. I like another venue for Atlanta but seriously this is a terrible investment.

    1. Who? Donald Trump. It looks like the perfect venue for a super-spreader rally.

      Seriously though, I think there are some people that think once we develop a successful vaccine, and have C-19 behind us, we won’t need to worry about another pandemic.

      1. … once we […] have C-19 behind us, we won’t need to worry about another pandemic

        Not that it’s necessarily the smart move, but historically that is exactly what happens. We’ve been through pandemics and gone back to the same behaviors afterwards. People crave social interaction (I’ve never understood why it’s not included along with food, water, and shelter as a basic need). If we do make significant changes to how we live and design spaces after Covid, we need to weigh the pros and cons carefully. A permanently socially-distanced world sounds like a cold and lonely place.

        1. You know, once the initial shock wore off, I don’t find social distancing etc all that unbearable.

          Granted I’m not in the bar/concert demographic, but I’ve been able to adapt pretty well.
          Even my younger friends have formed bubbles with their besties/families, and still
          socialize (within their circle).

          Some people are more adaptable than others. And also, a lot of us are thinking about the safety of everybody, and not just thinking of ourselves.

          Hopefully we can learn from this experience, and it can have a lasting positive impact–maybe we become more intimately connected with those that are important to us (for example).

          I certainly don’t want to live my life in a bubble, and I really want to travel again. But I think we can take some basic ideals away from this C-19 experience– hand washing, don’t touch your face, cough into your arm, wear a mask during flu season, etc.

          However I feel very betrayed by how this has been, and is, being handled in the USA.
          There is absolutely no reason this pandemic should have been politicized and mocked!

          215K– RIP.

          1. I’m in your shoes. I’m settled. Social distancing has actually been kinda… nice. But I think we’re in the minority. It’s also hitting younger folks harder. Those still in the stage of life where frequent social interactions are necessary for building friendships, relationships, finding employment, etc.

      2. Yea lets worry about pandemics for the rest of our lives.. good idea, lets live with fear permanently even when C-19 is behind us.. Pandemics come and go, and we move on. People will always want to gather and be social, and developments around gathering together such as concert venues will continue.

        1. Hey, it’s not my money building this venue– so build baby, build.
          But when the next 6-12 month shutdown happens, I don’t want my tax dollars paying to bail them out because they can’t generate revenue.

        2. Very much agree. Covid hopefully will not change human nature and the desire to give a hug, shake a hand or share in special moments with a group of friends. Hopefully humans will continue to be human.

    2. It’s not opening now! It’s not even built. Probably won’t open until 2022 or later. Hopefully, vaccines will be in play by then.

    3. The project would not be completed for about 3 years. I imagine we would be well past this and people would go back to normal. I think many people forget the day before Covid and how we had functioned for our entire life times.

  3. From the rendering, it looks like they could just buy CNN center after WarnerMedia finally gets done with its 5,000th round of layoffs and pulls out of Atlanta. Wouldn’t even need a new building.

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