Top FLR and Dinner Party Atlanta owners to open restaurant in Midtown at 905 Juniper

top flr owners lease 905 juniper space for new concept ~ what now, atlanta?

Unnamed restaurant slated for Lupe Taqueria space, formerly Cuerno

Can the restaurateurs behind Top FLR and Dinner Party Atlanta succeed where Riccardo Ullio of Fritti and Sotto Sotto failed TWICE?

God, let's hope so.

Patrick La Bouff, lead owner of Dinner Party Atlanta and Darren Carr, co-owner of Top FLR and The Sound Table, leased restaurant space at 905 Juniper Wednesday, according to La Bouff.

Unsure of what the restaurant at 905 Juniper Street will be at this time, La Bouff told What Now Atlanta Friday his newest venture will open "sometime this summer," taking space where two restaurants (Lupe Taqueria and Cuerno before that) failed (story here).

Shane Devereux, executive chef for Top FLR, The Sound Table and Dinner Party Atlanta, will act as executive chef for the new Midtown Restaurant as well.

Devereux will continue cooking for all three restaurants in addition to the unnamed restaurant, according to La Bouff, who said the new concept will be "unique unto itself," separate from Top FLR, The Sound Table and Dinner Party Atlanta.

As for the new concept, La Bouff said it would be "disingenuous" to talk about at this early stage.

"If [What Now Atlanta] wrote about the concept and it changed between now and sometime this summer, people would be confused," La Bouff said.


Unnamed Restaurant
905 Juniper Street
Atlanta, GA 30309