[Rendering] Alliance Residential Acquires 12 Acres For Broadstone Upper Westside Development

Construction on 314-unit apartment mixed-use will begin this year and is set to welcome residents in fall 2021.

National multifamily developer Alliance Residential has acquired 12 acres, at 2167 Bolton Drive NW, for the development of Broadstone Upper Westside and on Thursday unveiled the project’s first rendering (shown above). Broadstone Upper Westside will be part of Alliance Residential’s The Broadstone Collection which has communities across the United States.

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Construction on the 314-unit apartment mixed-use will begin this year and is set to welcome residents in fall 2021. Renderings were not available at the time of publication.

Designed by architect Dynamik Design, Broadstone Upper Westside will offer studio, one-, and two-bedroom apartment units. Amenities will include a demonstrator kitchen, lounge areas, workspaces, “retro-inspired” clubroom, “old-school” recording library, a fitness center, and a two-tier courtyard with a saltwater pool and grilling cabana.

“As the Upper Westside has seen significant growth driven by local retail, Broadstone Upper Westside will be a wonderful and welcomed addition to the thriving community,” Noah Randall, Alliance Residential’s development director, said in a prepared statement. “Residents will live comfortably in the luxurious units, have access to community-driven amenities, and will be around the corner from the many local retailers fueling the growth of this unique neighborhood.”

Alliance Residential has four other active developments throughout the Atlanta-area. In January, the company delivered 277 studio, one-, and two-bedroom units at The Irby. In September of 2019, construction began at Broadstone Summerhill and Broadstone Junction, just two blocks south of downtown Norcross, and Broadstone Sugar Hill, located in Sugar Hill Town Center in Gwinnett County, are expected to open for residents later this year.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

8 Responses

  1. Isn’t that the only natural greenspace in that development that was left. I looked to move in there on the initial GaPower involvement but thought that the planning lacked a quality feel. Way too many units without a quality exterior nature interaction. More clear cut, scrape, and build. Now reading this I am sure I made the right choice. For those that dont know the area it is a peak that had beautiful old growth trees and super views of the city. Not one of the builds took advantage of the views and in fact look into on another. I invite anyone to go look at the site and see that my assessment is spot on. Sorry Westside is going to look like a concrete car centric stacked high density moneymaking machine for developers. Sorry City Of Atlanta this is NOT how smart growth looks!

    1. There is actually a lot of trees at this development with an actual park. This also wasnt some green space before. Having looked into 10-20 other developments the greenspace here is huge.

      That said I dont understand how a 300 unit building is going into the middle of a townhouse community. Is the address correct? Or am I missing something?

      1. I think the address is slightly off. On Google maps I think it’s the wooded track slightly to the right of where the pin drops (not the field which is the townhomes). Fulton GIS property maps viewer seems to confirm this although it’s a little unclear…

    2. The main thing I don’t get about that area is that between a couple different developments including this new multi-family there appear to be 500+ residential units and no one thought to include any commercial, retail or office space? Not even a convenience store or a sandwich shop?
      Anyone that wonders why our traffic is so bad can just look here. Despite being in a fairly dense area, every single one of these 1000+ residents will have to hop in a car for every single necessity.
      I don’t even understand how suburban garbage like Pulte’s plans for the area get permitted:

      1. there is nothing on this exact road but you dont need to drive to get to retail. westside village at moores mill is a new development and is just on the other side of marietta blvd. the warehouse next to the agape building (basically directly across the street from this on marietta blvd) is being torn down and a different apartment with retail is being put in there too. then a relatively short walk to the right of these complexes brings you to publix and the retail that is there (and more being put there).
        why is there no retail on actual bolton drive? probably because it would be hidden. these apartments and townhomes arent visible from marietta blvd. if i was a business, i would rather be on the main road to increase visibility.

  2. Another Apartment complex? The development of the Upper West side is becoming less and less appealing every day. How many apartment complexes do we need with nothing else to go with them. Oh yea- we will have a car wash right in the middle of them all, a few nail salons and an Aqua-tots…
    So much for making this area anything like a Krog Street Market or Ponce City Market.

    1. Right? Dont forget the new self storage by Adams Drive/Marietta and another new bank next to Henris… Feel like it has been slow for good development to stretch up to the corner of Upper West side. There are still many positives for the area circulating in the rumor mill so hopefully some come true. There have been talks of turning a portion of the site where the warehouses along Marietta (see the Mikart, bobby dodd institute etc on the map above for rough idea) into mixed use development(s). Note sure of what happened with the NPU vote regarding zoning change for it. There are some good restaurants in the queue in westside village and the Novel apartments next to publix are supposed to be adding some stand alone retail/restaurant component. The connect the comet latest route is to meet up with the Wheatstone creek trail. And tilford yards is still for sale last I checked so one can only dream of what may go in there. I agree though, it seems that everything that has opened is lack-luster thusfar.

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