Morningside gets Burger Tap, ATL’s latest artery clogger

Burger Tap ~ what now atlanta
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Photo courtesy of Burger Tap’s website

Burger joint to open in former Caramba Cafe space.

UPDATE (Oct. 28): UPDATE: Burger Tap reveals its menu, PR cheerleaders say its not like other burger joints flooding the market

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The Morningside neighborhood will soon offer Atlantans another option for their burger craze fix.

Burger Tap is replacing the now shuttered Caramba Cafe at 1409 N. Highland Avenue. Caramba closed in June 2010 and has since reopened at the Pencil Factory Lofts Downtown.

The burger joint filed a permit with City of Atlanta Tuesday for tenant improvements to the space formerly utilized as a Mexican restaurant for 22 years.

Construction totals out at an estimated $90,000.00, according to the permit.

Burger Tap was contacted on several occasions but was not immediately available for comment. The only information available on the burger joint’s concept comes from its Facebook page:

Juicy 100 percent all beef burgers made from fresh premium ingredients. Crispy fresh hand cut fries, thick and crunchy onion rings, and ice cold beers straight out of the kegs.



  • I’m almost wondering if this is a joke because we already have at least 14 high-end / specialty burgers places within a 3 mile radius!

    Five Napkin Burger
    Yeah Burger (2 locations)
    George’s – A Burger Joint
    Five Guys Burgers (2 locations)
    Farm Burger
    Flip Burger (2 locations)
    Grindhouse Burger (2 locations)
    Burger Joe’s
    Fuze Burger
    Farm Burger

  • Fuze is long out of business. As is Burger Joe’s. George’s is a bar. 5Guys is fast food. Truly the only one I would consider the same neighborhood is Yeah in VaHi. Regardless, yes there are lots of burger places. However, we all vote with our wallet. If this place has good food, I bet it does well because of the neighborhood. Morningside is the type of “loyal” neighborhood that will support its businesses, especially if the food is good and at a fair price.

  • I agree with AJ. If it’s good, the neighborhood will support it. Morningside has really missed Caramba–not only because it was great, but because the neighborhood needs more restaurants that are family friendly and within walking distance. Rosebud and the Family Dog are great for adults, but Doc Chey’s is really the only family friendly restaurant in the immediate area. I do agree that Yeah! may be comparable and close by, but I expect this spot will be looking for the neighborhood crowd more than the “gourmet burger” crowd.

  • Don’t get me wrong… having these retail spaces occupied is a great thing!

    I’m just amazed at how often these high-end burger places keep popping up (and apparently shutting down).

    People definitely do vote with their wallets – so true. I just wish we saw something different every once in a while. Instead, it just seems like the same thing, over and over. Burgers.

  • …Updated list of specialty burger restaurants…

    Five Napkin Burger
    Yeah Burger (2 locations)
    George’s – A Burger Joint
    Five Guys Burgers (2 locations)
    Farm Burger
    Flip Burger (2 locations)
    Grindhouse Burger (2 locations)
    Farm Burger
    Vortex (2 locations)

    15 specialty burger places within a 3 mile radius

    (Leaving George’s and 5 guys because they are primarily burger places; after all, they have ‘burger’ in their name. Although hats-off to George’s for being the original.)

  • “It just seems like the same thing over and over”. Isn’t that Atlanta’s motto?

    “We all vote with our wallets”. Yes, we do, and our spending habits speak volumes about our personalities…

  • @Urbanist:

    What does it say besides “Atlantans like one of the most quintessential American foods”?

    So if a person eats a burger Monday for lunch and Thursday for dinner, what does that make him?

    What if it’s 3x/week? 4? At what point is a “personality” affected by the number of burgers/tacos/yogurt/cupcakes a person eats? What do they need to eat to be “sophisticated”? What if they eat both?

    I know I enjoy a good hamburger. And a fried chicken taco. And pomegranate yogurt. And a red velvet cupcake. But I also enjoy a meal at any number of restaurants whether they serve ethnic food on Buford Highway or in a fancy space in Buckhead. I also enjoy many of the “local” options from “nicer” options like Rathbuns, JCT Kitchen, Cakes & Ale, Sotto Sotto to casual like Highland Bakery, Six Feet Under, La Fonda.

    In the utopian city that is Urbanistville, what do people eat?

    I really am curious to see your response. I’m not trying to be a smarta$$ or anything. You are not alone in your feelings about the restaurants popping up. I for one, am a proponent of any business opening even if repetitive because this city is large enough for the repetitiveness without me losing the ability to eat what I want to eat when I want to eat it. When the diversity is lost, then, and only then, will I have an issue with the repetitive restaurants popping up.

  • “Ice cold beers straight out of the kegs” is a strange phrase. Perhaps they should also point out that they will provide “bar stools right next to the bar”… But seriously though, I’m glad they won’t be filling their pitchers in advance of customer orders.

  • @ AJ – Yes, Atlantans like one of the most quintessential foods. They like them so much that they have come to dominate the landscape of Atlanta’s dining trends, with little competition. How many great burger joints do we have? I dont know the number, but it’s a lot. How many great sushi places do we have? Maybe 1 or 2. How many molecular restaurants do we have? Zero. How many Peruvian restaurants do we have? How many Greek restaurants do we have?

    The point is, that we have an absurd amount of one type of restaurant, and more of these are opening up, what seems like daily. They do little to distinguish themselves, a lot of them are the by-products of chains, and they’re kind of the back-office of restaurant dining: boring, simple, unimaginative, and yet they are loved. We vote with our wallets, and we vote for an over-abundance of boring options.

  • Urbanist – I just can’t agree with what you’re saying. We have plenty of good sushi places. Not sure of your definition of “great” so I’m using the term “good”. Are there a lot of Peruvian restaurants in any city (outside of Peru)? A quick search on Yelp turns up 4. In DC, 16. OK, Atlanta is lacking. Greek restaurants: 50 in Atlanta; 40 in DC. Thai: 144 in Atlanta; 81 in DC. Russian Food: 3 in Atlanta; 2 in DC.

    I assume you just pulled those cuisines out of the air and I added the 1st 2 that popped into my head. But I just can’t agree with your claim that “they have come to dominate the landscape of Atlanta’s dining trends, with little competition.” Unless you simply mean that it’s dominating the food news such as on websites like this one. But do burgers dominate Atlanta in general, in my opinion, no.

  • @ AJ – I understand what you’re trying to say, but the point you tried to make is highly misleading. A Yelp search for Greek restaurants reveals a number of restaurants that are clearly mis-classified. Like Chris’ Pizza and Great Wraps qualifying as Greek food. Not to mention that a lot of what’s listed as greek falls far outside of the actual city.

  • @Urbanist,

    I completely agree with you on this topic. Your comment that high end burger place have come to dominate the landscape of Atlanta’s dining trends is spot on and was my original intention in listing them out. I would venture to say that more than half of the 15 burger places on that list opened within the last few years.

    Didn’t this also happen with thai restaurants 10-15 years ago too?

  • Uh, NO, AJ.

    If you are going to dismiss Five Guys as “fast food” then THE REST OF THOSE PLACES ARE FAST FOOD TOO.

    Please tell me the difference between five guys, who makes their patties fresh by hand and cuts their own potatoes to make the fries somewhat lesser than the other places you list? I’m really interested in your answer.

  • As opposed to paying at the counter and getting a number on your table for someone to run it to you? That’s the case at Grindhouse, Boardwalk, Yeah Burger, and probably most of the burger joints named in this thread except Flip and Vortex. If you get your food to go at any of the former places, you’ll get it at the counter, I did this at Boardwalk yesterday!

    I very much think the FOOD at Five Guys is definitely in the same league as the other burger joints named (aside from maybe Flip only because they have a lot of different takes on the “burger”).

    Five Guys may not focus on local ingredients or be backed by a well-known chef, but simply the fact their burgers are fresh and cooked after you order them, and they post the name of the farm that supplied the potatoes being used that day puts them light years ahead of “fast food”.

  • Vanilla – This post is light years better than your previous. We all are entitled to our opinion. I consider 5 Guys and Boardwalk both fast food. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them, but that’s what I consider them. You don’t. That’s fine. But your first post was rather bitchy with the “Uh, NO, AJ.” And the ALL CAPS. I have no problem having a conversation on here, but really, make it a conversation.

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