Midtown’s TEN Atlanta Slated for ‘Slight Refresh’ [Update]

Owner James Nelson is also planning a speakeasy called Hidden Dragon.

TEN Atlanta will soon undergo a “slight refresh” in Midtown.

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Owner James Nelson when reached by What Now Atlanta (WNA) Monday via email would not comment directly on what a “refresh” would entail, however.

After signage was taken down at TEN over the weekend and the popular gay bar’s website, Facebook, and Instagram went dark, WNA shared some theories for what could be in store for the space, including a possible rebranding.

“…There is absolutely nothing factual about this article we simply removed the sign off the building for a slight refresh,” Nelson wrote in the article’s comment section.

“Get your facts straight before you publish such damaging information.”

Nelson is also planning a Midtown speakeasy called Hidden Dragon at an undisclosed address, so naturally, the craft bar replacing TEN was also floated as an option.

Nelson would not comment on Hidden Dragon plans.

While details surrounding TEN’s “refresh” are unclear, a source familiar with the project said to expect a new name, interior redo, tiki bar, and “even more rainbows then before.”


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

5 Responses

  1. What a jack ass response. He could have handled that with some class but that would be out of character for him, so no real surprise.

  2. So he commented in the comments section but wouldn’t discuss it direct when WNA reached out to him? Lol

  3. Completely agree with West. What kind of ridiculous statement is that?! Clearly the man has no sense of branding nor marketing. His response should have been, “Wink, wink, stay tuned for what’s to come,” Now THAT is an appropriate and well thought out marketing/PR statement.

    Makes me very glad to say that I have never set foot in that bar.

  4. Agree with the others. Such a strange response. I remain shocked at the number of people who congregated in that parking lot during ‘stay at home’– it was still happening this past Sunday. When Caleb posted the photo a couple weeks ago, some people were defending the bar/restaurant’s actions. The FB page for Ten had negative comments, and the owner removed them all. This guy seems weird.

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