Midtown To Get Atlanta’s First Starbucks Reserve

Outpost under construction at Peachtree & 7th.

Outpost at Peachtree & 7th will be all about getting back to the basics of coffee.

Something is a little different on the corner of Peachtree and 7th this week.

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The Midtown corner has been outfitted recently with new signage, and is headlining as a Starbucks Reserve store.

There was once a free standing Starbucks at this location, which was demolished to make way for the condominiums in which the new outpost will reside.

A manager at the store – which moved to a temporary location at 855 Peachtree Road in the Viewpoint Highrise – told What Now Atlanta in a phone conversation Thursday that the Starbucks Reserve cafe will use Clover Press and Black Eagle coffee machines, and that the Starbucks Reserve outpost will be “all about coffee and getting back to the basics of coffee.”

The location will also sell baked goods.

When the original Starbucks at the location moved to make way for the new one, it was not announced that the forthcoming coffee shop would headline as Starbucks Reserve.

Last year, Starbucks Corp. announced it would add 500 “reserve bars” to units worldwide. There is currently one Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in Seattle, the company’s home city.

Starbucks corporate was not immediately available for comment.


UPDATE 3/25/2016: Tipsters have been noticing that the signage has been removed and is being replaced by simple “Starbucks” signage. Starbucks corporate told What Now Atlanta Friday that the location will still be a Reserve store.

Image via What Now Atlanta
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Image via What Now Atlanta

Do you think the concept will do well in this market? Have you had Starbucks coffee from a Reserve Bar, or from a Clover Press or Black Eagle machine? Tell us your thoughts below…

Julia Sirb

Julia studied Urban Planning and Economic Development at GSU's School of Policy Studies. She is interested in the way a city's built environment, policy decisions, and economy work together to shape its culture. When not typing, she's writing calligraphy or looking for the next great shot through the lens of her medium format film camera.
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Sheila Bersch Ball
4 years ago

Starbucks has great coffee

4 years ago

Yes, I have had the Reserve coffees from Starbucks. I also have had Clover brewed coffee by Starbucks since they first started in Boston. The Black Eagle itself is a semi automatic espresso machine. I believe that Starbucks is hoping to compete. Does anyone know if this Starbucks will be serving the Evening wine and beer?
Please, also open a Starbucks Reserve in San Francisco.

4 years ago

The initial launch will not include evenings but that may come to the store later in the year

4 years ago

They took the “reserve” off the sign! Any tipsters know if this is indicative of the store type we’ll be getting?

Matt Midtown
4 years ago

The ‘Starbucks Reserve’ signage how now been removed and a shorter sign, currently covered in plastic, on the Peachtree side is in its place. Have they changed their mind about this concept?

Sylvia King
4 years ago

Yes, the Brazil reserve and it was surprisingly delicious. I tried it at the PeachTreeCity location.
I wanted a second cup. Unfortunately all location does have this offer. Thank you!

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