MF Buckhead to close after dinner service tonight

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MF Buckhead to close after dinner service tonight

MF Sushibar ~ What Now Atlanta
Photo courtesy of MF

Sushi bar owners plan to open similar concept nearby.

After filing for bankruptcy in November, the owners of MF Buckhead have been court ordered to a "full liquidation" of the Buckhead restaurant, the Atlanta Journal Constitution's John Kessler first reported.

MF Buckhead will close after dinner service tonight, February 2.

“It was a difficult decision,” Sa Kinjo, co-owner of the sushi restaurant, told Kessler Thursday. “We had filed Chapter 11 and had hoped to work through this, but a judge has just signed the papers on Chapter 7 for a full liquidation.”

According to Kessler's report, MF Buckhead's owners are "working with a new partner and hopes to begin building a sushi bar in a smaller Buckhead space as soon as possible."

MF Sushibar and NAM, two other concepts from the owners of MF Buckhead, both closed last year.


MF Buckhead

280 Peachtree Rd Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30305
Caleb J. Spivak
Caleb Spivak

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20 responses to “MF Buckhead to close after dinner service tonight

  1. Smart move to shoot for a smaller space (a la taka). Talent is there, aspirations just too high. Less space can be filled consistently if they watch the pricing and market well. I hope they can remain in Buckhead and make it work successfully on the food and finance sides equally.

  2. Hahah...this is long overdue. Not only was the food mediocre, the space bland, but the owners were quite possibly the biggest douchebags this city has seen in years.

  3. Interesting how many restaurants have folded in the past year or so along that mighty stretch of Peachtree through the heart of Buckhead. Let's see, that would include AquaKnox, MFSushi, Craft, Morton's, BluePoint........and two of those were pretty good.

  4. I loved Nam & MF Sushi! The food was so incredible at both restaurants & reeked with elegance! The Kinjos' will come back with something equally as wonderful, I'm sure.
    Small & more intimate would be nice and cost effective. I can't wait to see what the future holds for them! Godspeed Guys!

  5. @ Melanie:

    Are you serious? "so incredible"? Their food was medicore, at best. Their atmosphere was transparent and cheap, and was only saleable to someone who has nothing better than Ruby Tuesday's to compare it to. Why do you think that the people that were all over the MF-Bandwagon are the same people that think posing like dbags in front of some random photographer in a nightclub, makes them a celebrity.

    You know how there's that saying "Only in America" - which is meant to convey the amazing things that can happen in this country? I think there needs to be a saying "Only in Atlanta" to describe the complete lack of relativity people seem to assign to virtually every aspect of life here. Point in case:

    "The food is so incredible at MF" - Yeah, relative to a stale pile of pig slop

    "Both restaurants reeked with elegance" - Yeah, relative to an Outback Steakhouse.

    "I load up on Van Heusen shirts and wear suits to nightclubs, so I'm stylish" - Yeah, compared to an indigenous tribal member whose only article of clothing is a loincloth.

  6. yeah, the food was just great, the best sushi place I know in many cities.
    "urbanist" is a hater and obviously has a beef with them. True the owners could be,hmm difficult at times, but I am personally very saddened by the news. I will miss that place, and it's food, A LOT.

  7. If I stop paying my mortgage... my house gets foreclosed...
    If I stop paying my car loan... my car gets repo'ed...

    If a business doesn't pay rent... they get evicted...
    If a business doesn't pay their taxes... the IRS comes knocking...
    If a business files bankruptcy to avoid their debtors... the banks no longer simply agree.

    This is a clear case of someone getting too big too fast and unable to pay their bills.

    What developer or investor would EVER give these brothers money again or do business with them? If the do... they deserve to get to get taken to the cleaners.

    Once a cheat... always a cheat...

  8. Not a single one of you have what it takes to open a restaurant anywhere near as good as this one, including the attention whore slUrpanist. Any business that fails is tragic. Many peoples' lives are disrupted. To gloat that you knew sooooo much better when you do nothing more than punch a timeclock is mentally ill.

  9. @ sdf - I've actually operated a lounge, successfully, in a much more competitive city than Atlanta before, so nice try. Any business that fails is tragic...except when the owners are tax evaders and douchebags to they were here. And, again, this place as mediocre - at best...

  10. Urbanist, you're dead on. Superior Human Being = wears fancy clothes, has refined culinary pallet, and an urban real estate connoisseur. Inferior Human Being = happy with cheap clothes, isn't picky when it comes to food, and lives in a cheap/affordable apartment.

  11. @ James, not at all what I was implying. Try this one out....Respectable Human Being = One who does not evade taxes to prop up a failing business, while running around town posing in front of random photographers in mediocre nightclubs like they're somebody special.

    Not sure where you even got the barb about living in a cheap/affordable apartment either. I've advocated for not only rental housing, but affordable rental housing, all over this site...

    @ Ed - No, not from Paducah, or anywhere near KY. Clicker is little more than random commentary with no factual basis, or value add, to the conversations at hand.

  12. So i have not been here and upon hearing about 100.00 sushi plates it became obvious that they did not want my business...they made quite a statement with that..."come here if you have lots of money or get the f*ck out"

    So to hear that this place went down in flames made me smile on the inside. I have never had a high opinion of the 2 brothers as I really do not know why everyone in atlanta is supposed to automatically love them...the main issue i saw was that - and it seems to me - that the owners would have rather had a glorious place to party and appear ATL famous rather than focus on current customers, getting new customers in the door and the quality of their food.

  13. Not to mention the fact that they changed their name to Kinjo and told everyone that they were Japanese..........Ok Alex Nguyen........................

  14. How in the heck could MF go out of Business or file bankruptcy? Seems impossible to file bankruptcy when your food was so expensive. I loved eating there, and never had a smaller than $200 bill for 2 of us so they use have been snorting the profits up their noses and not paying their rent. While it was a big place it was always sold out on the weekends with a wait.

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