Ponce City Market Developer Jamestown Announces Acquisition of The Shops Buckhead Atlanta

Jamestown will host a series of town hall meetings where members of the community are invited to join in discussions on the property and its place in Buckhead.
Jamestown - The Shops Buckhead Atlanta
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Jamestown, the Atlanta-based real estate investment and management company behind Ponce City Market and Westside Provisions District, Thursday announced the acquisition of The Shops Buckhead Atlanta.

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The 356,000-square-foot retail and office portfolio, which includes two development parcels totaling 2.7 acres, was built in 2014 by OliverMcMillan and is situated across six blocks in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.

It was originally meant to open as The Streets of Buckhead under developer Ben Carter.

The property is home to brands such as Hermès, Spanx’s Global Headquarters, health and wellness studios and a variety of dining options.

Jamestown will host a series of town hall meetings where members of the community are invited to join in discussions on the property and its place in Buckhead.

“As local Atlantans, the intersection of West Paces Ferry and Peachtree has always been a centerpiece of Buckhead and we are excited to be incoming stewards of this community asset,” Michael Phillips, President of Jamestown, said in Thursday’s announcement.

Jamestown will host the first town hall on Tuesday, July 23 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, Suite B200.

Participants can RSVP here.

The company has a portfolio of retail properties across the U.S. including Fourth Street in Berkeley, CA, The San Luis Obispo Collection in San Luis Obispo, CA, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, CA and Chelsea Market in New York, NY.

This transaction was brokered by JLL Capital Markets.

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

7 Responses

  1. I was at the shops of Buckhead block party Sunday. It was a very nice event. I took some awesome photos .The pink and purple floral setting was beautiful.The photos that I-took in front of it is awesome .

  2. What Atlanta really needs and is lacking would be an upscale jazz bar. Dress code required – keep it classy. This would go great in the new shops of Buckhead taken over by Jamestown.

    1. Yes I agree a nice jazz bar would be nice, like the winery in ponce city market has. Let’s keep the valet parking going and some of the Top brand name stores

  3. The shops at Buckhead are a tad bit boujee for the every day person. Maybe bring it down a notch? There’s only one spot to get lunch under $20-$25.

  4. I am a resident of Sandy Springs and we were hoping for a City Center that was beautiful and enticing to visit. Instead we ended up with an apartment complex with a performing arts center attached and not much beautiful green space at all. There are two shopping complexes that are
    what we had hoped for…The Avenues and even better, The Forum. Both have lots of plantings, water features, beautiful brickwork and garden ornaments, yet are shopping centers as well. I would suggest that they might be an example of what the community of Buckhead would love and would use frequently for shopping as well as entertainment. Where are the public meetings advertised so that I might attend one of them. Thank you – we look forward to a much more welcoming development in Buckhead where we shop as well.

  5. I just hope the new owners don’t turn this beautiful place into some regular ole mall if Ga/ Greenbrier type Bs. It’s Buckhead , it’s supposed to be upscale and have nice high end restaurants, clothing stores that are high end, valet parking, celebrities out and about there, Bentley’s, Rolls, Lamborghinis and Escalades, Etc, It’s a clean place and very well designed, good restaurants and shops that are just fitting for what it is now. It’s a upscale ritzy area, beautiful layout so why make it plane Jane when Atlanta has many of those types of places All around the city. A Jazz club would be nice, a well dress up type of place to go for entertainment, let’s keep it classy and nice as it is now, well lit area, nice condominiums and office towers, next thing you will see a tj max there or Target, Pizza Hut subway, no jags or bugoti’s just a Nissan or ford pick up truck in there. I’m just saying, Dont take something that’s at the top and drop it down to the bottom of the scale just to make it like a regular place. KFC or some off brand name store no ones ever heard of. Let’s keep it Dior Gucci Versace Etc, it’s Buckhead, it’s supposed to be Upscale, fine wine and dine. Imo

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