Geisha House to close at Atlantic Station

geisha house closes at atlantic station ~ what now, atlanta?

New Developer shutters
Ashton Kutcher's restaurant in Midtown

No, Kutcher's not being punk'd.

Geisha House at Atlantic Station will close Sunday, March 6, according to developer Mark Toro.

"We plan to close [Geisha Hosue] on Sunday for good," Mark Toro told What Now Atlanta in an email Friday morning.

Geisha House is owned by Los Angeles-based Dolce Group, the restaurant group backed by celebrities that include Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, Chris Masterson, Danny Masterson, Laura Prepon, Dule Hill, Jamie Kennedy and more.

Other Dolce Group businesses include Dolce restaurant and Ten Pin Alley, both of which are also located at Atlantic Station.

Geisha was the second of these three concepts to open at Midtown's Atlantic Station in 2007 and has been on What Now Atlanta's DeathMarch since January 2010 (story here).

But don't think it's a coincidence they're closing. New developer, Mark Toro, has been taking steps to "evolve" Atlantic Station and Geisha House's closure is part of this plan.

Geisha House closing is "the first part of our commitment to shut down the night club operations," said Toro.

We are collecting feedback from the community on Atlantic Station here-- make sure and leave your opinion on the developments direction as Toro is actively listening and responding.

Geisha House-- Atlantic Station
1380 Atlantic Dr NW # 14175
Atlanta, GA 30363