Exclusive: ‘The Flatiron On Main Street’ Mixed-Use Set To Rise in Woodstock

Dotan Zuckerman—North American Properties, Fuqua Development, Columbia Development Group—is behind the four-story mid-rise.

Dotan Zuckerman, a hospitality leasing veteran turned developer, has plans to build The Flatiron on Main Street in downtown Woodstock.

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The new mixed-use building, at 205 E Main Street, will offer ground-level and rooftop dining, plus three floors of Class-A loft office space.

Situated where Rope Mill Road and Main Street converge, The Flatiron on Main Street will replace a produce stand and STR Transmission.

“This will be the most significant project downtown Woodstock has seen in over a decade,” Zuckerman in an interview this week told What Now Atlanta.

Two street-level restaurant spaces—4,239 square feet and 3,716 square feet—will be complete with a wraparound patio and the 3,500-square-foot rooftop restaurant space will offer views of historic downtown Woodstock.

Three floors of office space—8,500 square feet each—will sit sandwiched between the restaurants below and above.

Zuckerman, whose resume includes hospitality leasing for the likes of North American Properties (Atlantic Station, Avalon, Colony Square) is “working with a medical office tenant and a bad-ass in-town restaurant group” for The Flatiron on Main Street.

It’s “too early to announce” those tenants as lease negotiations are underway, but Zuckerman has built connections with the metro area’s key restauranteurs over the years, securing leases for some of the state’s most prominent developments.

He also co-owns several Atlanta restaurant buildings including the space that houses The Lawrence in Midtown and Amara in Inman Park.

“I typically invest in in-town properties but when I discovered downtown Woodstock I fell in love with the high-street feel, walkability, and charm of the historic downtown Main Street.”

The Flatiron on Main Street Rendering 1
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Rendering: Dotan Zuckerman
The Flatiron on Main Street Rendering 1
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Rendering: Dotan Zuckerman
The Flatiron on Main Street - Site Plan
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Site Plan: Dotan Zuckerman
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

47 Responses

  1. Soo stupid Woodstock . Adding to the charm? What charm now . How many more new homes , stores and buildings can we cram into what was a beautiful , quaint , historic town. And whats the plan for traffic now? It already backs up over there at the busy times of day. Parking? Where’s that taking place? We have no parking as it is.

    1. Debbie, it’s not on the rendering but we are adding new parking spots on site behind the building and along the street that will serve the office and restaurant. Keep in mind the project it’s mostly office which is 9am to 5pm then gone.

      Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss your concern 404-790-1234.

  2. There road system in that area cant handle the flow as it is. There is not enough room on that plan to allow for parking. That building is to large to fit in with surrounding “charm” of woodstock. Stop trying to be the next alpharetta and go back to the old country town we moved out here to live in!!!

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Let’s chat. I’d love to hear more about your concerns. The goal is to keep the charm but fill a void for daytime office population which I believe will help support the existing businesses.

      Call me 404-790-1234

      1. Office space in downtown is desperately needed. Dotan, is this project still viable and progressing?

  3. WORST IDEA EVER!! Anyone can see from the arial photograph there is no parking. I would love a traffic study to show the number of patrons on average nights and then the number of parking spaces available. A trolley is not the answer as in inclement weather conditions, no one wants to wait long times in the cold and rain. Traffic congestion through there on peak times is astronomical as it is right now. They are building additional homes and bigger neighborhoods in the area that will only add to the traffic issues and now this. Where is the long term plan for roads expansion? Parking garage? There is a TON of property all along 92 that has not been developed and used. The restaurant selection in those areas is abysmal. Try to fill up the many empty strip malls and offices we already have. Not everything has to be clumped up in one small traffic ridden section of Woodstock. There is more to the city than the small already crowded downtown. I would love if the planners actually took these ideas to a public vote!!

    1. Hi Kim

      I hear you load and clear. We see Office trends moving towards places where there are walkable amenities which is why be believe we are filling a void for new Office in downtown.

      Call me to discuss. I’d like to hear more about your thoughts!

      1. What are they doing about Arnold Mill and the funnel that it has become. So we can take Uber, so we will have a parking garage, but still a nightmare to get anywhere due to traffic congestion. All I see is more construction on Arnold mill and no widening to help.

  4. Woodstock can’t say no to development. This idea is horrible! There’s no parking now let alone streets that can handle the increased congestion. I live 2 miles from downtown and only go there when I go to get my haircut. Woodstock is losing it’s charm to greed.

    1. Hi Katheryn

      I don’t agree that new development always equates to “greed”. I am determined to make this project a great addition and compliment the community.

      I’d love to hear more from you. Can we chat?


  5. There will be plenty of parking onsite. The building is mostly Office which will only need day time parking. Office employees will help all the businesses in downtown thrive.

    Plus I heard the city is building a huge parking deck.

    Regardless, Uber and autonomous cars is the future….parking is becoming more and more irrelevant! Live in the future….not the past!

  6. Building looks amazing! Flatiron design perfect. I live downtown. Are we really worried about parking? It’s about time this town attracted new restaurants. Office space too. Why is all change considered bad? I Can’t wait. Let’s go!

  7. I think this will help formulate a true downtown that lacks any true quality office product to attract solid businesses. Helps drive business to the retailers, increases foot traffic, and at least avoids the bland suburban office product you see in most suburban markets. Hope it happen

  8. Great addition to the neighborhood. Can’t wait to see who these tenants are. Dotan always did a good job caring about who went into these developments.

  9. This looks awesome! I think this will fill a great need in the market. So much ground up development is cookie cutter these days, it’s nice to see someone do something that hadn’t been done in over 100 years.

  10. Such an exciting project with beautiful design! I love that this developer chose to do something unique and outside the box! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  11. Looks amazing! In and outside Atlanta continues to boom which is a good thing! Dotan does an amazing job with anything he touches and will be sure to bring in killer restaurants. This only help Woodstock!

  12. Oh, man, this looks amazing! I’ve been living in Woodstock for years and have been waiting for something like this! Exactly what this area needs.

  13. Looks awesome! Always looking for fun, walkable attractions to add some verve to the neighborhood. Sooooo tired of the same old old olddddddd stuff. Looking forward to this.

  14. Haters are gonna hate.

    I’ve lived in downtown Woodstock for 6 years. I’ve enjoyed watching the development and the growth of a true downtown community. While this may be different from the norm, it means more money being spent on the community which brings more business and fun opportunities.

    Thanks for investing in our community!

  15. Project looks awesome! I have no doubt that Dotan will put together an amazing and unique mix. Woodstock should be excited for what’s to come! Can’t wait to visit once it’s complete!

  16. This development is fantastic for downtown Woodstock. The design looks great and fits the neighborhood. Looking forward to seeing this project come to fruition.

  17. What a wonderfully unique concept for downtown. This is just what this area needs and can’t wait to see what tenants fill the space. Dotan has always done such a great job attracting top – notch restaurants and retailers to his developments. Just what this area needs!! Well done!

  18. I am thrilled about the prospect of new retail and new restaurant spaces in this area!! I live in Woodstock and think that having new retail opportunities is fantastic, and also helps support other businesses in the surrounding area.

  19. I own a restaurant in downtown Woodstock and more office employees is music to my ears!

    Bring it on!!!

  20. Can’t wait for Woodstock to get some great new local restaurants! I will be excited to watch this come out of the ground.

  21. I’ve dreamed about just this kind of building on this site for years. Looks great! The more downtown fills in the better it gets! Here’s to the future.

  22. How will traffic be managed for adding this type of building in the location? There are times even mid-day it takes 15 – 20 minutes to get from 92 to the elementary school – a 2-mile drive. Woodstock needs to work on infrastructure and traffic plans before adding additional burden to the already stressed infrastructure.

  23. Historic downtown? All of the places that made up Historic Woodstock are being razed. The building that will be torn down to be replaced with your flat iron building may not be on the historical list, but its part of my 42 year history in Woodstock as well as many other locals. I bet you know nothing of its history and you only see dollar signs. Downtown Woodstock is not the best choice for this type of business, traffic is already unbearable as it is. Thanks for trying to turn a cherry into a turd.

    1. So u prefer a decrepit transmission shop with a bunch of broken down cars laying around in the middle of our downtown?

  24. I used to love the downtown area. Now I can’t stand to go through there. It does not feel safe anymore. How about fixing traffic flow throughout the area. Most neighborhoods do not have through roads. A lot of dead ends. We need better through roads to eleveate some of the congestion. When you funnel everything into one area you get gridlock. Fix the roads.

  25. Ahhh! Exciting!!! We love downtown and have always hoped someone would see the potential for this sweet corner!!! Would love to know when we can expect to see the project begin? Can’t wait!

    1. Thanks for the support, Lindsay!

      We will begin in the next few months. Targeting an early 2019 opening.

      …I would love to get your thoughts on potential tenants for the project.

  26. Mixed-use development is the future. Live in downtown Woodstock and be able to walk to your office, restaurants, etc without needing to drive anywhere. Adding office use to downtown Woodstock will benefit local restaurants and businesses and increase sales tax revenue and property taxes – which go to fund our schools and improve roads. Otherwise, we have a transmission shop that adds no energy to downtown. This is smart growth. Bad growth is the sprawl along highway 92. I would like to see more creativity in the architecture and potentially a rooftop bar – hopefully the plan will continue to evolve.

  27. Living in Downtown Woodstock and being able to walk to your office, restaurants, etc without needing to drive anywhere is absolutely awesome. Adding office use to downtown Woodstock is imperative to our future, and will benefit local restaurants and businesses. Cherokee County’s Office of Economic Development has identified Class “A” Office space as the number one real estate priority for the county. We would like to keep more of our residents working in the county rather than commuting, and for that we have to attract professional services and the jobs that come with them: good paying jobs. Mixed-use development is the future: it’s green, social, diverse, and cuts our dependence on the soul sucking automobile! Let’s get our society out walking, mingling, and communicating.

    The city already has five million SPLOST dollars for a 500 car parking deck and the building will also provide for it’s own parking. There’s plenty of parking as long as your willing to walk a couple of blocks, and hey the fresh air is good for both your body and mind. And this building and others planned will bring much needed tax revenue to complete the road grid that has been planned for years!

    Otherwise, we have an abandoned transmission shop that adds nothing to downtown. We have plenty of historic buildings downtown, and just because somethings is fifty years old doesn’t make it historic, some times it’s just an old, abandoned, dilapidated eyesore. Not to mention that this building is exactly what our building code calls for and will need little to no variances; this fits the master plan for our downtown perfectly. This smartly designed and beautiful building is good growth, and I would agree that bad growth is the sprawl along highway 92. I would also love to see more creativity in the architecture, and a rooftop bar with a spectacular view. Would love to see the plan continue to evolve.

    1. Totally agree! We just moved to Downtown Woodstock and we think this would be an awesome addition. Plus place for people to work (office space) is desperately needed in downtown. People working in an area actually decreases traffic (reduces # of trips)

      My question is this development still moving forward?

  28. Love the idea, that end of downtown needs this type of development. Going to be a great addition to downtown

  29. So when is construction going to begin. I seen one post that said early March 2019, it would be completed but so far nothing has been done at that site.

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