Eat My Biscuits To Debut Mid-August in East Point

Central to the menu are fried biscuits, a specialty brought from Chicago, according to Owner Vanetta Roy.
Owner Vanetta Roy | Photo: Official

Eat My Biscuits, a new breakfast and brunch bar coming to 2881 Main St. in East Point, is set to open its doors in mid-August 2023, according to a press release from terra alma, the real estate firm that worked with Eat My Biscuits to secure the restaurant’s space.

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Owner Vanetta Roy, a seasoned restaurateur from Chicago and Special Education teacher for over 20 years, brings her culinary expertise from her Chicago restaurant, Surf’s Up, to her new venture.

“Eat My Biscuits is a journey of empowerment and celebration of exquisite breakfast and brunch offerings,” Roy said in the release. “We believe in the transformative power of food and the joy it brings to our lives.”

Central to the menu is a specialty brought from Chicago, according to Roy — fried biscuits.

“People call them beignets, but they’re better than beignets. They are light, fluffy, and quite unlike anything else. In Atlanta, we’re taking them a step further with various toppings such as strawberry shortcake, blueberry lemon ricotta, peach dream, and more,” Roy said.

Roy collaborated on the menu with Eat My Biscuits chefs Zerrod Wilks and Zerrick-Rafael Solece, which includes buttermilk biscuit sandwiches filled with short rib, seafood, and chicken. Moreover, the menu features another of Roy’s signature creations — Hennessey wings. Hennessey sauce is Roy’s special tangy blend that started as a sauce and soon found its way onto everything from wings to fries due to its immense popularity.

“Working with terra alma has been an empowering journey,” Roy said. “Michaela Boone and Edie Weintraub helped bring my Eat My Biscuits concept to life. They believed in it, saw its potential, and helped me find the perfect location in East Point. They were proactive and invaluable in this process, which took three years and much determination but was worth every moment. I choose East Point because of its rich, authentic history and because it’s on the precipice of becoming one of the most diverse and hottest areas in Atlanta. I’m thrilled to contribute to this community with a unique dining experience.”

Michaela Boone, with terra alma, who helped Roy secure the location said “Vanetta is a force! The passion and drive she brings to Eat My Biscuits is contagious. terra alma is excited to have played a part in her Atlanta journey.”

The restaurant will host a full-service bar focusing on martinis made with everything from vodka, cognac, rum and whiskey. Plans also call for tableside cocktails.

Roy has always had a fondness for East Point, seeing it as a city where her culinary dreams could materialize, the release notes. After her children became adults, she found the courage to materialize this new concept.

Eat My Biscuits brings a “modern, feminine touch to its décor, with walnut work and lush ink accents providing a warm and inviting ambiance.”

“It’s sexy, soft, feminine, and the greenery adds a refreshing element. It has taken three years and a complete gutting of the previous auto parts store, but it’s worth it to be on Main Street,” explains Roy.

Roy hopes Eat My Biscuits will bring people together. “Food is an amazing place,” Roy said. “We all come together to eat. The core of Eat My Biscuits is about my journey and perseverance as a woman. Our guests should feel uplifted and empowered when they walk out.”

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Eat My Biscuit’s Chicago-inspired fried biscuits | Photo: Official
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak