Owner of Chicago’s Surf’s Up To Open Eat My Biscuits in East Point

Vanetta Roy will celebrate all things brunch in her feminine eatery that centers around the restaurateur's beignet-style biscuits, midwest breakfast — with a side of tongue-in-cheek.
Founder of Chicago's Surf's Up To Open Eat Founder of Chicago's Surf's Up To Open Eat My Biscuits in East PointMy Biscuits in East Point
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East Point in late-fall 2022 will become home to Eat My Biscuits, a breakfast and brunch bar, at 2881 Main St., from Chicago Restaurateur and retired Special Education Teacher Vanetta Roy.

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Roy, who owns Surf’s Up in Chicago, tells What Now Atlanta that Eat My Biscuits aims to fill a void in the neighborhood serving a “homestyle breakfast and brunch menu with a twist.”

“Eat My Biscuits will serve items Atlanta restaurants don’t offer for breakfast and brunch, that’s common in the midwest, like rice and smothered potatoes,” Roy said. Eat My Biscuits’s smothered potatoes will use a Mississippi-style recipe passed down from her grandmother.

At the focus of the restaurant’s menu will be Roy’s deep fried biscuits which are a cross between beignets and southern biscuits, she said. “People call them beignets but they’re really biscuits. It’s a fried biscuit that’s much lighter and fluffier than a beignet.” To build a proper brunch menu, Eat My Biscuits won’t strictly offer breakfast items. “We’re going to do fried crab,” Roy said.

Roy’s Hennessy Sauce, which “you can put on anything,” will offer guests a “sweet and tangy” condiment “that’s a little bit spicy” and “downright delicious.”

Roy said the space will feel feminine with splashes of pink, earth tones, greenery, and “a little seduction,” in the same vein as the restaurant’s logo. “Restaurants are a male-dominated industry,” Roy said. “So being a Black woman, it’s that two strike rule, so I want Eat My Biscuits to feel feminine, but not overdone. Although certain elements will be girly, men will want to come for the women and biscuits. I really want to create a vibe.”

The space, most recently home to an automotive store, has sat empty for awhile, Roy said. “I love the size of the building and the visibility, and that it’s never been a restaurant before.” While converting a retail space into a restaurant will be time consuming and costly, Roy says “it’s worth it to be on Main Street and to have great proximity to Tyler Perry Studios and the airport.” Roy is toying with the idea of “creating a charter service from the airport so when people land they can be taken straight to Eat My Biscuits first thing.”

Aiming for an opening in November 2022, with hours roughly from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, Roy says Atlantans should “get ready to eat my biscuits.”

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Vanetta Roy | Photo: Official
Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

One Response

  1. This is great! However, this is not a category that is lacking in East Point / Tri Cities area. There is already Thumbs Up just a few blocks away, and Breakfast Boys and The Real Milk and Honey in College Park, to name a few.

    That being said, I hope there is enough market to support this place too, and kudos for taking on the abandoned building and putting something good in there!

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