Crocs to open storefront at Lenox Square Mall

crocs to open storefront at lenox square mall ~ what now, atlanta?
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Clown shoe retailer to close mall kiosk and open permanent space

Crocs, a footwear retailer, will close their kiosk at Lenox Square Mall to open a storefront.

An employee at the current kiosk location, located at 3393 Peachtree Road, confirmed that Crocs will open their new retail space later this year.

Crocs will open in space 4051, replacing United Colors of Benetton, which closed their longtime Lenox Square location on Jan. 19. Benetton also has a Phipps Plaza location which will remain open.

Founded in Colorado, Crocs footwear can be found across the globe and in more than 120 styles for men, women and children.

That’s a lot of petroleum-derived resin foam.

But hey, these odor-resistant shoes might aid in hiding the stench of what Lenox is becoming, tenant wise.

Crocs Footwear — Lenox Square Mall
Space 4051, 3393 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Media Group, Inc., the publisher of What Now Atlanta and What Now Los Angeles.
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9 years ago

“But hey, these odor-resistant shoes might aid in hiding the stench of what Lenox is becoming, tenant wise.”

You can’t be serious… really dude?

9 years ago

As much I don’t care for some of the Lenox retainers, it’s not super high-end, it’s a super-regional, they’re goin to have flagship stores like gap, skechers, and American eagle that can afford the rent and make the sales. I take those over Pure Denim and Gold Teeth R Us any day. And it’s better than empty stores that produce no rent or desirability!

9 years ago

Clown shoes! LOL!

9 years ago

Lenox has the reputation, the trade area, and the tourist draw that it DOES NOT HAVE to lease a premium in-line space to a retailer whose five minutes of fame have long sense passed.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Put it over by Man Alive and Ed Hardy in the food court area – that’s fine. But don’t waste a premium space on Crocs. I’m pretty sure Prada does not want to be across from them.

We still don’t have a Chanel boutique. That would have been more appropriate.

9 years ago

But they are so comfortable?!

Randy H.
9 years ago

Prada is going in the luxuury wing, Crocs will be going along the same walk as Skechers and Gap, hardly different! Chanel will never go to Lenox! Much better suited for Phipps.

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