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Artist Renderings For The All New Ansley Mall

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Artist Renderings For The All New Ansley Mall

Something Ansley Mall Tenants Have Yet To See

ansley mall renovation ~ what now, atlanta?

The image above shows the completed portion of the Ansley Mall remodel at the Cook's Warehouse entrance. The copper paneling and copper borders comprise most of the new features of the "updated" look.

Our panelists are very disappointed with the remodel. Ansley Mall is going from late 80's to early 80's and the work being done is of low quality-- they don't know crap from Crisco.

We did snag two black and white artist renderings of what the facade of Ansley Mall will look like, post renovations: View 1 and View 2.

Interestingly enough, the very tenants who occupy Ansley Mall have not seen these renderings nor do they know what to expect as a final product.

Selig Enterprises, Inc. owns the Ansley Mall property and has hired Earth Station Architecture to design the remodel.

Ansley Mall
1544 Piedmont Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30324

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Caleb Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak (CJS) is the Founder of What Now Atlanta (WNA). He was featured in The New York Times, Creative Loafing's "20 People to Watch," named "Lifestyle Blogger You Need To Know" by Rolling Out Magazine and highlighted as Atlanta's Metropolitan Male in fashion magazine, 944. WNA has been named "Best of Atlanta" by Creative Loafing, and Atlanta and Jezebel Magazines.

6 responses to “Artist Renderings For The All New Ansley Mall

  1. I'm of two minds about this. Ansley Mall can certainly use a redesign of the facade to update the 80s blandness. But, even with a new facade, this is basically a suburban-style strip mall in the center of the city and I'd prefer to see Atlanta grow up and leave this suburbs-in-the-city kinda shopping experience behind.

  2. Lipstic on the pig. Even the renderings look awful - so much visual noise..

    The last time Ansly Mall was anything of a destination for me was when they had the charcoal fire hotdog/hamburger shop of the left entrance corner.
    I would get a Saturday hotdog, swing by Ace Hardware, Maybe Chapter 11 (never name a store that) and pick up a case of wine - It all worked out to a nice weekend errand least to me.

    Its the mix of stores that's most relevant, and I'm sure it's not too tempting if you're opening a location to throw your fortune in with a tacky and foundering strip mall, but the area really does deserve more.

    I'm sure the Walmart agents have a secret file on this property already.

  3. I frequent Ansley Mall almost daily, since I typically go to L.A. Fitness after work. When the construction fences started going up, I must confess I was a bit excited to see what was in store. However, as time progressed I quickly started piecing the puzzle together - the less-than-stellar appearance of the Cook's Warehouse part is nothing to write home about and the idea of plastering the whole complex with that tacky copper is beyond me - especially in some morbid shingle-esque fashion. Not to mention, they dug up all of the brick groundwork and poured simple, unattractive concrete in its place. Where is the decorative inlay? Where is the spark, the wow-factor, the pizazz? It's gone from bad to worse...and it's tragic. Yet another renovation with an upset ending...

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