Scoop: Ben & Jerry’s closes in Virginia-Highland

Ben & Jerry's ~ What Now Atlanta
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Photo courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

UPDATE (January 29, 2015): Ben and Jerry’s To Reopen as Marco’s Pizza.

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Ice cream shop shutters after 15 years.

Ben & Jerry’s has shuttered its Virgina-Highland location.

The ice cream shop, at 800 N. Highland Avenue, had its last service on Oct. 31.

A sign posted to the entrance of Ben & Jerry’s announced it would close.

“After 15 wonderful years, Ben & Jerry’s Highland will be closing its doors on October 31,” according to the sign. “We want to thank you for all your support. We are very thankful and grateful in having you as our customer.”

What Now Atlanta called the ice cream shop’s Virginia-Highland location Sunday and reached a recording notifying dialers, the number had been disconnected.

There are six remaining Ben & Jerry’s location in Georgia, according to its website: two at Six Flags Over Georgia, three at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and one in Athens.

Ben & Jerry’s was not immediately available for comment. No word on what will open in the ice cream shop’s place.


Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

Caleb J. Spivak

9 Responses

  1. the space that was the old ritz camera is leased and has brown paper up on the windows. hopefully it will be something cool that will attract more tenets to that stretch of n. highland.

  2. Maybe something cool will take their spot and the old Starbucks next door. It’s alwayam utter me that when Starbucks moved out years ago, they and the landlord just left the old wires from the sign hanging on the front of the building. Not appealing to a new tenant at all let alone those of us who have to see it everyday. That’s a really cool space there with the rooftop patio. Wasn’t that space a theater decades ago?

  3. I could go to an ice cream place like Morelli’s and pay $5 or whatever it costs and not give it a second thought. I’d even do it at a place like ColdStone who has far inferior ice cream to just about everyone. But I couldn’t do the same at Ben & Jerry’s when I knew I could go to Publix and buy literally the same product for less money and get more of it. I know it’s the convenience of getting a cone if I’m out walking around VaHi. Stupid, I know!

  4. Wow, that southern end of the Highlands is getting sad. I realize that section of N. Highland has always been the stepchild compared to the actual Va/Highland intersection, but all of those simultaneous vacancies will only make it worse.

  5. This is so disappointing. I’ve spent countless dates with my husband and afternoons with friends at B&Js. I will miss it a lot.

  6. probably a good thing = as nobody was going to take the old starbucks space with the bizarre other half given to BJs. I would place a bet that the space is leased in pretty short order. The Ritz space like had a tough time as it was just too big for many smaller type tenants that would be interested in the area. But then, that might apply to the now defunct BJ/Starbucks spot….

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